Top 10 free games to play on the web without downloading

Until now, players who want to play any game have been hesitant to think about downloading or not downloading because it is limited by the capacity of the computer and takes a long time to wait for the download. So now, the manufacturer has supported allowing players to try it out before downloading it. And if you are a lover of online games but have no need to download, you should not ignore this article. The following will be the top 10 free online games on the web that do not need to be downloaded that Canhrau would like to recommend to you. – Snakes of prey

Slither is one of the games that do not need to be downloaded but still online completely free and without downloading, players will be able to experience with a completely new upgraded version of After being released, Snakes of Prey has received many positive praises from critics as well as from players.

At first, new players will be able to control a snake that is both short and small. And your task is to make this little snake able to eat many bait dots to make it longer and bigger, the longer it is, the more points you get. The special thing in this game is that the small snake moves non-stop, you don't need to care if it can stab itself or not, but just care about avoiding other snakes appearing on the screen. If you hit another snake, your snake will be broken into small pieces, and the game will be over. is a game with simple graphic design, but the interface is quite beautiful, the built characters are also extremely lovely and very interesting. What are you waiting for without trying to experience.

Cut the Rope – Frog eats candy

Cut the Rope one of the free puzzle games on the web with no download or fun that you should not miss. With a game with cute characters and combined with clever gameplay, the player has the task of cutting the ropes attached to the candy and hanging on the map to make the candies fall into place. of frogs. 

Before this cute frog can eat the candy, the player calculates that the candy will touch the stars, and then the frog's mouth. The game looks simple, just use the mouse to cut the ropes and meet the feeding of the frogs and get all the stars, but it needs the meticulous ingenuity of the player.

Gold Miner – Gold Miner

 Digging for gold is a legendary offline PC game that players can play online without downloading. True to its name, the player's task is simply to dig for gold, the amount of money exchanged will be equivalent to each gold you dig. With each level, there will be a corresponding amount of money that you need to collect with enough gold to be able to pass, and there will also be a certain time for each level. The difficulty of each level will also increase gradually and require players to be more skillful and avoid obstacles such as rocks and explosive barrels.

Super Mario – Plumber

This is one of the games with a large number of players, Super Mario has extremely interesting 3D gameplay. Although it has been around for a long time, Super Mario game still attracts extremely fastidious gamers. There have been many versions released but Super Mario 64 version became a pinnacle and became a monument in the world of early 3D games.

Your task is to control the main character how to collect money and stars along the way, you use the mouse to make the character can overcome obstacles such as carnivorous plants, walls and animals. dangerous, ... and help the character to jump up to collect more coins located above. The number of coins will accumulate points and the higher the score, the better you can be at the top, let's try the game now.

Chasing Pictures Catching Letters

This is a pretty good and meaningful TV game, although it is no longer new to you who play games, it is not outdated. This game is simple as the player can use the given hints to answer the questions of the game from time to time, combinations of many difficult questions that need to use the right to help hints. letter.

Players require a great deal of knowledge and a rich imagination to find the correct answer as quickly as possible. To conquer this game, the player must concentrate highly to deduce the answer. However, there will still be many difficult puzzles that make you extremely bored, try your intelligence with Chasing pictures to catch words.

Flappy Bird – The bird that flaps its wings

Flappy Bird a free online game that is great for entertainment at home or at work. The task of the game is to control a bird flying between the pipes, if the bird touches the obstacle, the game will end. Each time the bird passes a pair of pipes, the player will receive a point. In general, Flappy Bird uses cute graphics, the control system is extremely simple, but the game has a high level of difficulty that has made a series of players want to go crazy and smash the machine. When it was just released, a series of gamers competed with each other to achieve the highest score. Flappy Bird was very popular after its release and created a fever because of the game's difficulty.

Angry Birds - Angry birds

Angry Bird is a pretty famous game that everyone knows, with the battle against the green pigs to get back the robbed bird eggs. The game is produced and developed on the basis of the animated movie of the same name Angry Bird. The mission in the game revolves around finding the stolen eggs of the birds. Players will use 5 different types of birds, in each species will have a special move to help destroy the structures of the green pigs and destroy them.

To play Angry Birds, you just need to use mainly the mouse control, the gameplay is quite simple. In each level, the player will be provided with a certain number of birds, and you just need to put those birds on the slingshot and align the shot force, the direction of the shot to be able to break the structures due to the green pig. create and destroy them. When you destroy the structures and the more green pigs, the higher the score and pass the level.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a classic PC strategy game from PopCap. Players of the game Plants vs Zombies will have to grow plants and mushrooms to stop the crazy zombies from attacking their house. These Zombies will continuously attack along the horizontal lanes of the home field, players will have to focus on collecting falling suns and planting sunflowers to accumulate points and plant more trees and buy more productive plants. Various support functions such as shooting, detonating bombs, slowing down ... aim to prevent zombies from eating brains. You will have to use all the inherent resources to destroy all enemies and win. The game has brought players new attractive game screens.

Kingdom of Loathing – Stickman Adventure

Kingdom of Loathing is a popular game today and is being chosen by many players recently, the game has an extremely simple gameplay, a fancy interface, the graphics are also monotonous with a stick figure but will equally interesting and will surely entertain you extremely effectively.

With Kingdom of Loathing, players will have the task of spraying plastic particles at each other, it sounds ridiculous and quite stupid, but if you are not skillful, you can hardly become a winner. At the same time, do not forget to collect for yourself many other items and bones of those who previously created teams to interact together.

Transformice – The little mice

This will be one of the free games on the web without downloading that we send to you in this article. Transformice is a team game, players will become mice with the task of collecting cheese and bringing them back to the cave. In the game, players will have to answer questions such as cooperation or disruption? Build or destroy? For everyone else or just for myself? 

All these questions will play a decisive role for your victory in the game Transformice.

This will be a fun and lively game with background music. The game requires quick manipulation skills, which will be suitable for you to be entertained in your free time.

Above is a collection of free games on the web without downloading that I want to send to you, hope you can choose for yourself a suitable game to have moments of fun entertainment. Follow the website to know more interesting things.

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