What is Sigil? Instructions on how to create Sigil by simple name

Sigil is the most searched word nowadays. However, not everyone knows the meaning of this word. In the article below, iwowplus.com will clearly explain what sigil is, you will be surprised. Let's follow along!

What is Sigil?

Sigil is a symbol used in magic. It is meant to help you change reality to your liking. All sigils are coded with a specific purpose such as: to prosper financially, to heal the soul, to attract an audience…

Today, sigils are used as a method of making your intentions come true. You can create a sigil yourself and attach it to specific intentions and determination to realize it. It can be understood simply, it is realizing your thoughts, motivating you to strive and be determined to make it happen.

Instructions on how to create a simple Sigil name

There are many ways to create sigil according to different aspects, however, the way to create sigil name is the most common. Let's learn how to create a name sigil.

What you need to prepare is white paper, a round cap and a pen. Proceed as follows:

Create a frame of 3 horizontal and 7 vertical rows.

In the small boxes, in the first line write the number from 1 to 9.

Lines 2, 3, 4, please fill in the English alphabet in order from left to right. (same picture)

Next, draw a circle.

In the circle, at the top position, start writing the number 1 followed by the number 4, 6, 2, 9, 5, 8, 3, 7 in the order of the clockwise rotation (notice the even spacing between the digits). ).

Next, write your name on the side.

Eliminate vowels that include the sounds: U - E - A - O - I - Y.

The remaining words, you will write down below.

Looking at the created table (including numbers and letters above), you match the remaining letter in the name (with the vowels removed) according to the number in the table and write the digits below.

Eliminate the same numbers, taking turns from left to right (for example, if you get the number 1 - 0 - 7 - 3 - 7 after removing, you will get the number 1 - 0 - 7 - 3).

At this point, compare with the circle drawn, and connect the numbers together. At the first digit, create a small inner shape to start, when connecting to the next number, make a hook mark (as shown), to the last digit, mark an arrow.

How to activate Sigil?

There are many ways to activate Sigil, here are some common activation ways:

  • Activation by fire
  • Activate water
  • Activation with Meditation and Ultimate Bliss

The information above will hopefully help you know what a sigil is and try to follow the instructions, create a sigil under your name. That will be very interesting. Please regularly visit Ben Computer to update many useful information.

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