Top 7 games for children's brain development that parents should download

The era is more and more modern, technology has crept into every smallest area. In which, we cannot ignore the field of education for young children, which is of great interest to many parents today. 

Children can absolutely be smarter when exposed to modern things. The title game infant also developed a lot on the app store. So what are the best baby names? Let's take a look at in this article!

Play and Learn Science

The first name on the list of good games for kids today is Play and Learn Science. From the name alone, you know that your baby will both play and explore science through this game. 

Coming to Play and Learn Science, children will discover the world around us. This game for kids also invests a lot in graphics to make it clearest and easiest to understand.

In Play and Learn Science there are many different levels for everyone to experience. Parents can also note questions for children to answer when passing the level. In addition to playing, your baby can do experiments and face a lot of challenges. 

Children need to do assignments, answer questions and put them into practice. In addition, Play and Learn Science also has Spanish, parents can switch to this language if they want their children to learn the language.

Pet Bingo

Another children's game to mention is Pet Bingo. This is an extremely excellent simulation game created by Duck Duck Moose. It includes math games, petting and puzzles. According to scientists, the most appropriate age for children to be exposed to Pet Bingo is from 5 to 10 years old. Because the longer you play, the higher the math numbers are that not all children know and recognize.

Participating in Pet Bingo, children can play with pets, practice puzzles. At the same time, if the child is eager to learn, let him do the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Parents can also monitor the development of their children through notifications sent directly to the device. Pet Bingo is the most comprehensive study of early childhood development. Children will be more interested in learning, playing and interacting with math. So if you are looking for a good game for your baby , don't miss Pet Bingo!

Astronomy for Kids

Astronomy for Kids is a game for kids researched and developed by today's leading scientists. If the Star Walk app is for adults, it's a game for kids. 
Children will explore the vast vast universe in a small application. Learn about the solar system, constellations, asteroids. If your kid loves science, this is a great app.

While playing Astronomy for Kids, children can participate in trivia questions to learn more about the solar system. Along with that are very wonderful facts about astronomy. 

Children can watch interesting videos related to space education and win when they answer the questions correctly. Let children learn while playing, it will be easier to absorb these knowledge. So it can be said that this is an interesting enough application for parents and children.

Chess for Kids – Play & Learn

Chess is a sport that helps develop young minds very well. That's why Chess for Kids - Play & Learn was born to help children think better. 

Currently, there are also many domestic and international chess tournaments, large and small. 

Through this, children will meet friends who have the same interests and compete with them. So if any mother is looking for a good children's game, download Chess for Kids - Play & Learn right away!

When they start playing, children will be exposed and gradually learn the rules of chess. After that, the game gradually upgraded to more levels so that the baby's thinking was formed. 

In order to attract more children, the game's graphics have been developed in a cute and funny way. Parents can be the ones who directly guide the child to play or fight head-to-head. Through this good game for children, you will know how your child's tactical thinking is.

Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is a game for kids to connect with friends around. Because most children will not be able to meet and play with friends when the epidemic occurs. If you are afraid that your child is inactive and has no friends to play with, try downloading this game immediately to your smart device. Sago Mini Friends has the feature of connecting friends and relatives to play with children.

Joining Sago Mini Friends, children will transform into 5 characters and experience many activities. Along with that are accompanying stories to see the reactions and handling of young children. 

Thereby, teaching children to show empathy and love between friends and family. Therefore, this is a very appropriate and heavily downloaded game during this epidemic season.

Prodigy: Kids Math Game

Prodigy: Kids Math Game is a version specifically for children developed by Prodigy Education Inc. In fact, this game even has an adult version. 

Learning math with your baby will become even more fun and engaging with Prodigy: Kids Math Game. According to statistics, worldwide, more than 1 million teachers and 50 million students love this application.

Logic Land Puzzles & IQ Training Adventures

The last name  on Canhrau's list of good games for kids is Logic Land Puzzles & IQ Training Adventures. As the name implies, this is a game about logos, puzzles and IQ boosting for kids. Baby needs to help Jack and Alice find where the treasure is. Each destination has certain questions and tasks.

In the game Logic Land Puzzles & IQ Training Adventures, there are more than 20 different missions. Children need not only quick hands, but also quick eyes, and good logical thinking. The difficulty of the quests also increases as they get higher. Mothers can use this game to supplement their children who are studying in grades 1 and 2 very well.

Above are the best baby games that parents should try to install. Developing children's thinking and emotions is very important. With today's technological life, it will be easier for parents to help their baby's brain develop through the above games.

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