Who is Selja? What is Selja Kpop Killer?

Who is Selja? What is Selja Kpop Killer? It turns out that Selja Killer is Kim Yeoshin who sent threats to Kpop artists.

Who is Selja? 

Selja is known to have caused a public stir by making a horrendous post that attacked a member of BTS or BangTan Sonyeondan. 

Selja said that she found evidence of a conversation about disgrace carried out by Jungkook. Selja suddenly became excited for disturbing the BTS idol.

Selja is an anti-fan who has a dislike for Jungkook BTS to upload something that makes the public excited. Selja uploaded a fake conversation by saying that Jungkook had committed indecent acts against female fans in Brazil. 

It was also Selja who revealed that these were all just false rumors and the images they were spreading were manipulation. Then an account named @AntiBTSAnti appeared which spread death threats against BTS members.

This anti-BTS account uploaded several pictures such as guns and coffins as a threatening tone. BTS fans who were excited and worried then made the hashtag #ArmysWillProtectJimin and it became a world trending topic on Twitter.

There is a lot of confusion regarding this rumor, even Selja's name is linked as the mastermind behind the Ladies Code member's car accident several years ago.

The second Twitter account of anti-BTS fans is known to have been suspended. But reportedly Selja moved to Instagram and created a new account there with the name @selja_helllover.

BTS fans act quickly to send evidence of tweets from anti-fans to BigHit via email and hope BigHit will take legal action against this terror spreader. 

At that time, the hashtag #ArmysWillProtectJimin was trending on Twitter. Many ARMYs are worried about the safety of their idol.

What is Selja Kpop Killer?

Now, time has passed, it should be grateful because until now, Jimin BTS is still alive and well. What is said by anti-bts also seems to be just the power of fingers on social media alone.

Selja's twitter account is known to have been blocked by twitter. However, Selja is known to have switched to Instagram under the name @selja_hellover. According to the Fact.id team's monitoring, Selja's Instagram account does not have a profile picture with only 17 followers.

There is still confusion about the relationship between the Selja account and the @AntiBTSAnti account. In fact, Selja's own name was also associated with the mastermind behind a car accident by members of the 'Ladies Code' several years ago.

Big Hit Entertainment is also known to have received reports and evidence from fans, ARMY to be able to follow up on this horrendous terror case.

There is no definite news regarding the continuation of this case, but what is certain is that the perpetrator must be properly rewarded to be responsible for what he has done.

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