What is tang ping? Why is tang ping a scary trend among Asian youth?

Tang ping is a lifestyle that emerged in China in early 2021 pursued by many young people. 

However, this lifestyle has sparked extremely heated debate on online forums. So what is tang ping? Please read the article below to get the answer.

What is tang ping?

Tang ping means lying down in Chinese, used to refer to a lifestyle that instead of having to work for a lifetime to buy a house, pursuing success to have a rich life, one should only pursue one life. live normally.

Or in a simple way, Tang pin is lying flat and ignoring life.

Origins of the tang ping . lifestyle

The term tang ping first appeared in an article posted on a Chinese forum but has now been deleted. The author of the article said that he has been unemployed for the past 2 years but does not see that as a problem. Instead of pursuing success or a better life, he created his own tendency to "lay down" to promote human subjectivity. For him, this is a wise decision.

In China, the "996" culture of work to death (9am to 9pm, 6 days a week) is making many people feel tired. Therefore, right after it was published, the article attracted the attention of netizens and "tang ping" also became a trend pursued by many young people.

This trend also quickly spread to other countries such as Korea, Japan, etc., where young people are also gradually getting tired of trying to work hard but having little to gain.

Should I pursue a tang ping lifestyle?

"Tang ping" is really reflecting a part of young people, who are struggling with life, trying their best for work but the quality of life is still going down. 

“Lying down” is a reasonable choice to relieve yourself of the burden. But only suitable for things that are “spiked”, such as house prices… The “lying down” should not be negative.

The tang ping lifestyle has the potential to threaten the work performance of young people, going against the laws of evolution.

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