What is a female venus fissure?

What is the crater of Venus ? What is Venus's depression in women? How to get the Venus hollow? 

Please read the article below to get the answer and better understand this special point on this person's body.

What is the crater of Venus?

Venus hole - or Venus hole (Venus hole) is the name for two very clear and symmetrical depressions in the lumbar part, at the joint between the pelvic bones. Or to put it simply, Venus's depression is located on the back, a few centimeters above the waist. 

Is the depression of Venus only found in women?

The crater of Venus is not only found in women but also in men and is known as "Apollo's crater".

The crater of Venus and Apollo is a term that dates back to ancient Rome. According to the concept at that time, they were considered as one of the features and deadly charm.

The real meaning of "Venus crater"

The results of many studies show that the crater of Venus is strangely associated with a healthy circulatory system. 

Accordingly, if you own a Venus cavity, it means you are fortunate to have a better health and blood circulation system than the average person. In addition, women with 2 deep and clear Venus holes are easier to orgasm than the average person.

Who gets the "Venus hollow"?

Venus and Apollo depressions are inherited or congenital because they have ligaments of the right size. So there's no exercise to get them.

There are some cases that are born with this feature but are covered by excess fat. Therefore, if that excess fat is removed, the Venus hollow will be exposed.

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