Top 10 best offline PC survival games today

The following article will introduce to you the Top 10 best offline PC survival games today.

In particular, games of the survival genre always attract a large number of players to participate. Are you looking for an offline survival game on your computer for entertainment when there is no internet? 


Minecraft is a famous offline PC survival game with a huge number of participants. This game is built on a unique cube 3D graphics platform. The world in Minecraft is so large that there is a simile: "Walking around the Earth is more feasible than letting the character in the game go all the way through the map".

This game has a simple "sandbox" gameplay mechanism but is extremely unique and attractive. In the game, you can optionally choose 1 of 3 available modes: Survival, Creative and Adventure. 

After that, the player will build a strong fortress to avoid attack from monsters when night falls. In addition, you can also go mining, hunting, logging or making weapons. 

In particular, in Minecraft there are forbidden areas, where the most powerful creatures in the game live. If you are brave enough, explore them, maybe you will receive valuable items.


Subnautica is an  attractive offline PC survival game released by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and Gearbox Software in 2014. 

Subnautica is developed on the Steam platform and has a huge number of plays. Right from the early days of its release, this game has received enthusiastic support from gamers. 

Possessing eye-catching 3D graphics with the context of an astronaut falling on a planet surrounded by the sea will bring interesting experiences.

Starting the game, with only a submersible and few simple equipment, you will have to fight against the harsh nature and the monsters under the sea. After being stable, players can go to exploit resources, make weapons, build bases, .... 

To sustain life, you need to find and store food and fresh water to drink. If the eye is sharp, players can find everything on the bottom of the vast ocean. In particular, pay attention to the amount of oxygen when diving, or you will become a meal for the monsters.


Referring to the list of the most classic offline survival games for PC, it is impossible not to mention SCUM from Gamepries. This is a very interesting survival game where the chances of being the last survivor seem to be zero. 

Coming to the world of SCUM, you must always be ready for a fierce, bloody and calculated war. In the game, the player will transform into a character living in a prison on a deserted island.

In this place, the only thing the prisoners could entertain was violence. Players have the task of turning their character into the strongest. To achieve this, you need to eat food scientifically and exercise to improve fitness. 

The arena for warriors is quite diverse, from abandoned houses to fields, forests, etc. When clashing with other prisoners, players need a combination of cunning and strength to be able to win.

This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine – a popular offline PC survival game from 11 Bit Studios. The background of this game is built and inspired by the Bosnian War. 

At the beginning of the game, you will play the role of the leader of a group of lucky people who survived the rain of bombs and bullets of the enemy. The player's task is to make the right decisions to help the victims survive and avoid dangers. 

The Long Dark

Coming to the offline PC survival game The Long Dark, you will be immersed in a wild world covered with white snow. 

The weather here is extremely harsh, difficult and dangerous lurking everywhere. In the game, there will be two modes for players to choose from: Wintermute and Survival. 

If you want to go the Wintermute way, don't expect much, because the plot has many unfinished places.

And the Survival mechanism will be a real challenge for players. You will have to survive and find yourself a chance to survive in a world covered in snow and ice. 

The first task of the player is to find a safe shelter to avoid the attack of wild animals. Then it's foraging, equipping, crafting traps and attacking weapons. At the same time, you also need to maintain your body temperature and calories every time you go out if you don't want to freeze to death from cold or hunger.


RimWorld is one of the  best and most interesting offline PC survival games available today. 

In this game, you will play as a character trapped on a planet located at the end of the Universe. The main goal of the player is to design and build a space ship to escape from this place. 

To do that, you need to learn how to manage people, do scientific research, etc. In addition, you also have to handle unexpected situations such as natural disasters, looting, civil war, epidemics,....


Valheim is an offline PC survival game released in February 2021 by Coffee Stain Publishing. 

Within just 17 days of its launch, this game reached the top of best-selling on Steam with more than 3 million copies. 

In addition, Valheim also entered the top 10 most streamed games on the Twitch platform, beating Dota 2, Minecraft, with more than 20 million hours watched. This has brought the publisher a lot of compliments along with huge sales numbers.

The Forest

The Forest is a good offline survival game for PC  that combines horror elements not for the faint of heart. Join the game, you transform into a character who got into a plane crash and fell on a deserted island. Here, when night falls, there will be man-eating monsters appear and attack the player.

Your task is to find a way to hide and survive every time you encounter them. Once settled, the player can create traps, craft weapons to attack enemies. In addition, you also need to be very careful with bloodthirsty people with human intelligence. 

They can join forces to surround and defeat you at any time. At the same time, players also have to find food and water to maintain life for themselves and their teammates in the harsh survival journey.


Astroneer is an offline PC survival game with a pretty good storyline and unique gameplay mechanics. The content of the game is about the journey to discover life in a place where humans have never been. 

In this game, you will be able to choose one of the planets and start a new adventure here. Things necessary to serve the player's survival are also moved from Earth.

Here, you will meet people who share the same purpose as you in this place. The player's task is to build, expand the territory and conduct surveys and research. 

In addition, you also need to consider the amount of oxygen, pressure, climate and storms when leaving the base. Although it is said to be a survival game, once participating, players will feel more like a scientific researcher.

Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together is one of the best offline survival games for PC that is suitable for low-profile PCs. 

Launched in 2013 and developed by Klei Entertainment, this game has received enthusiastic support from gamers worldwide. Don't Starve was once voted the best indie game of 2013.

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