Demon Slayer: all the swords and the meaning of their colors

This is the meaning of the Nichirin swords in Kimetsu No Yaiba. The members of the Demon Slayer Demon Slaying Corps have special abilities and an incredible talent for wielding swords. 

These weapons are known as Nichirin and are created exclusively for demon slayers because they are the only artifacts capable of completely eliminating them.

The interesting thing about these swords is that they are all different, as they are made with special materials, and the forger adapts to the techniques and comfort of the demon slayer to get a perfect weapon that represents the bearer. 

However, that's not all, when handed over to their owner, they change color depending on the qualities of the killer and show what kind of person he is, what his Breathing Technique could be, and even predict future events. 

Next, we leave you everything that is known about these weapons of the Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Extermination Corps.

What are the Nichirin swords in Demon Slayer?

Nichirin swords are considered the most deadly weapons for the Demons. 

This is because they are created with minerals such as Scarlet Crimson Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore (Scarlet Crimson Sand and Scarlet Crimson Mineral) found in Sunlight Mountain. 

In addition, these are left in the sunlight for a whole year to absorb the energy and thus be able to hurt the Demons, since it is deadly for them.

What are the types and colors of the Nichirin swords in Demon Slayer?

At the moment, only 11 types of Nichirin swords have been featured in the anime. Each of them has an important meaning for its bearers that represents them in different ways.


It represents the Breath of the Mist that derives from the Breath of the Wind. 

The personality characteristics of the wearers are shown as peaceful, calm and mysterious. The Pillar of the Mist called Muichiro Tokito has this type of sword.


It represents the Breath of the Rock and the design of these weapons usually have very peculiar modifications due to the fact that they are based on techniques with a great range of force. 

In the case of the Stone Pillar, Gyomei Himejima uses a chain with an ax and a spike mallet at its ends. Personality traits are based on being sentimental, loyal, strong, and fighting.

Indigo gray

It represents the Breath of the Beast, which was created by Inosuke Hashibara, one of the few hunters who use two swords at the same time in combat. 

On the other hand, it determines a very erratic, proud, serious and closed personality.


It represents the Breath of Water, used mainly by the Pillar of Water, Giyu Tomioka, who has a fair, calm, kind and empathetic personality. 

This is one of the most common colors seen in the Demon Extermination Corps.

Lavender blue

It represents the Breath of the Insect, created by the Pillar of the Insect, Shinobu Kocho. 

It is a color that reflects very well the combat style that the wearer wanted to achieve, to be fast and lethal. In personality it closely resembles the Light Pink sword bearers.


Represents the Breath of the Wind, the Pillar of the Wind, Sanemi Shinazugawa, carries a green sword. This emphasizes the drastic, solid, rude and direct personality of the wearer, something that is closely related to the techniques of said breathing.


Represents the Breath of Lightning, the best known bearer of this style is Zenitsu Agatsuma, someone with a complicated personality that changes completely every time he faces the Demons. You can reference safe, disciplined, sensible, and lethal people with their enemies, as Zenitsu's grandfather displays these characteristics and was previously the Pillar of Lightning in the Demon Extermination Corps.


It is linked with the Breath of Flames, Kyojuro Rengoku is the Pillar of Flames that carries this type of sword. Color is linked to an energetic, charismatic, and fun personality.


It is linked with the Breath of Love derived from the Breath of Flames. This one was created by Mitsuri Kanroji, and it is in sync with his intense, emotional, persuasive and quiet personality.

Light pink

It represents the Breath of the Flower derived from the Breath of Water, which is linked to the strange and neutral personality of Kanao Tsuyuri and Kanae Kocho.


After many years, Tanjiro Kamado becomes one of the wielders of a black Nichirin sword, a very unusual color among demon hunters. 

Not much is known about this guy, but based on what has been said in the anime, the bearers of the black swords meet a tragic end and die young. 

On the other hand, there are other theories, such as that black refers to the work of the Kamado family to collect coal, or also because it is linked to the blood lineage of the users who used the Breath of the Sun or Dance of the Fire God, the first technique of all.

Because the colors are mostly linked to the techniques of the characters, it is good that you know all the Demon Slayer Breaths, and thus you can understand more about the subject. 

In addition, certain special attack positions of the characters also refer to the type of weapon they use.

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