Only Fans, what is it and how does it work?

It's a content subscription platform that's been talked about a lot lately. But why?

The internet has become a tool used daily - almost all hours - by tens of thousands of people. 

Therefore, it is normal that content of any type can be found: from that innocent and fun intended for infants to that which can only be seen during adult hours. 

What is Only Fan?

In addition, there are social networks and web portals with an infinite number of purposes, among which OnlyFans can be mentioned. But what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

In a simple and summarized way, OnlyFans is a web portal as a content subscription service. That is, those who create products and upload them to the platform, can earn money from users who pay to view that content and subscribe to their profile. 

Here, subscribers enjoy images and videos uploaded by their favorite creators. One of the biggest attractions of the platform, and possibly an important part of why it is so popular, is that there is no censorship. Therefore, adult entertainment is very common on OnlyFans. 

However, it is necessary to clarify that, although it is a portal that has become popular for material related to sex and adult content, it is also possible to find other types of topics and products such as exercise routines or recipes and tips for a healthy diet.

OnlyFans subscriptions have different prices that vary depending on the creator of the content; fees typically start at $ 5. These payments are monthly and there is no limit on how many accounts a person can follow; As long as it has the necessary funds, the platform will allow them access to their favorite creators and materials (be it artistic, gaming or erotic, for example). 

Anyway, and although you can find a wide range of topics, the most popular are those with explicit content, erotic and adult entertainment. Although there are actors and film producers for over 18 years, there are also amateur models and people who offer content of this type (such as intimate photos and videos).

How does it work

Those interested in enjoying the content on OnlyFans should bear in mind that they will have to pay a monthly fee and remember that they are free to purchase unlimited subscriptions (as long as their portfolio allows them). 

To use OnlyFans, and even if they are not going to create content, the platform will ask them to register with an account. Then, they will have to enter the necessary bank information from where the payments for the subscriptions will be made. One of the easiest ways to subscribe to a profile is to search directly for the person who owns the content, click the subscribe button and add the card information, which can be Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro. It is important to mention that the web portal does not accept payments with PayPal . After entering this information, users will be able to access the desired content. 

Those who want to use the platform to upload content must also create their account. After having read the terms and conditions, OnlyFans will ask for bank information (where the payments will be made). It will also ask the creators to confirm their legal age and country of residence (in addition to an identity document to confirm the personal data provided). 

After doing the above, creators will need to determine the prices for subscribing to their account. In addition, they will have to describe what type of content they offer to their subscribers. Content uploads keep 80% of the profits, while OnlyFans will retain 20% of the proceeds to cover service costs. 

Although the most popular are explicit and erotic materials, any creator can take advantage of the platform to monetize their content. The secret is to upload quality material to keep your subscribers satisfied. Likewise, it is common to see artists, gamers, bloggers or creators, build a community of followers on platforms such as Twitter and from there, provide their OnlyFans profile. 

At the moment, OnlyFans only operates through the website, it does not have a mobile application for Android or iOS. According to their FAQ page, this is because this allows them to update the platform "without having to continually ask for the app to be updated." 

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