What do tricolor cats have in special? Discover his legend

Domestic cats with three colors in their fur are quite exotic. Most of the expenses with this appearance are female, as determined by genetics.

Perhaps you have wondered what is special about tricolor cats. Well, discover its legend in the paragraphs of this post. They are animals with a striking appearance: they are usually white, black and orange. However, there are also other combinations.

There are many ideas and legends about these kittens. In this case, we will spin information with two threads: the scientific and genetic version of the trio of colors in felines, as well as a chimerical and magical translation from the Far East.


Ever since the Augustinian friar Gregorio Mendel (1822-1884) discovered the first steps of genetics in the 19th century, it has been known that the phenotype is the consequence of something called genes. What are genes? Let's say they are like little packets of information.

Those little packages combine and cause the physical characteristics of a living being. For example, in cat breeds the color orange corresponds to the X chromosome.

Male have XY chromosomes. By having a single X chromosome, they only have one gene that can be orange.

In contrast, it happens that females have XX chromosomes. Therefore, one of the genes allows orange fur and the other does not. This is how the variety of colors that give rise to the triple of colors is created.

Consequently, three-colored cats are usually female. However, there are some tricolor males. But it is a very low possibility: one in every 3,000 births.


It is said that in the 12th century there was a dispute between Buddhist monasteries. 

To calm things down, three monks decided to do a long fast and meditation. When doing this, a tricolor cat appeared with all her offspring of the same coat with a triple of colors.

The monks interpreted this message: they were three, and the cat with her young were of three colors. 

Therefore, they came to a conclusion: only by joining (three colors) would they be stronger and they would be able to multiply their religion, like the kittens.


Many know the benefits of having a cat as a pet. The ancient Egyptians worshiped them. In addition, the kittens have many anecdotes and sympathetic gossip. For example, say that cats always land on their feet or have seven lives.

Similarly, it happens that cats have a reputation for independence. They certainly seem to be less attentive than dogs. However, as a result, they are no longer pleasant animals and great companions in the home.

What is more interesting: the scientific explanation or the legend of the tricolor cats? They are two visions of the same subject, sweetened with the scientific and with that illustrative air of the legendary.

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