Tips to recycle used clothes and give them a second chance

We all have a disused garment or accessory, which can be fixed or transformed into something different. We tell you how to recycle them!

Tips to recycle used clothes and give them a second chance

Did you know that 800,000 tons of clothes go to waste every year? This is due to the consequences of fast fashion. 

That is why sustainable fashion, a growing trend, proposes us to reduce, reuse and recycle our clothes. Thus, we will give you a second chance and help reduce pollution caused by textile waste.

Do you have disused clothes in your closet? If the answer is yes, stay and read, as we will give you some tricks to give them a new chance and transform them. Whether it's an old t-shirt, ripped pants, or a stained sweater, everything has a solution!


If the clothing looks dyed or has accidentally faded, a simple technique to cover it up is dyeing. Thus, you can give it the color you want , obtaining totally different garments. There are excellent alternatives to chemicals, such as tea or fruits and vegetables.

You will get, for example, a purple color using red cabbage. The batik technique is ideal for generating contrasts and giving a psychedelic style. You just need to tie the garment during the dyeing process.


Excellent for hiding breaks or stains, giving it an original and personal touch. You can embroider flowers, leaves or whatever you want. 

There is a Japanese technique called sashiko, based on very simple patterns, that you can do at home. You just have to draw it on the garment and then embroider with the thread that you like the most. This will also give the fabric strength.


They are sold in haberdasheries and you have a wide variety to choose from. You can also create them yourself with another disused garment or fabric that you have on hand. 

They perfectly cover all kinds of imperfections, and they look great! Go ahead and combine different textures and colors.


Creativity comes into play here. Why not turn a pair of pants into a skirt, or a T-shirt into a reusable shopping bag? 

You can also transform an old towel into small makeup remover pads. By choosing this option, you not only recycle but also get something practically new.


An alternative for clothes that you will not reuse is to turn them into rags for cleaning your home. In this way, you will avoid using disposable paper and you will get reusable cloths. 

If you dare, you can make other objects: from rugs, braiding the pieces, to cushions for your bed. The idea is to recycle every inch! Thus, you will give a new life to the garments and you will gain space.

What are the benefits of second-hand fashion?

Ecological fashion is gaining more and more prominence. Second-hand clothing is of great benefit to our economy and the planet. Industry leaders propose this alternative as a trend that allows us to extend the useful life of our wardrobe.

The consequences of fast fashion are increasingly questioned and, as a consequence, sustainable proposals emerge, which generate less impact on the environment. Thus, these garments become an excellent alternative to dress.


They are usually offered at vintage stores or yard sales. However, due to confinement by the coronavirus, some of these activities may be affected. Thanks to technology we have the opportunity to buy and sell our clothes through social networks, as long as this is allowed.

You will find numerous groups based on exchanging or trading garments. It's a simple way to earn extra money or to get unique and original pieces - one of the advantages of second-hand fashion.

Alternatively, you can advertise your sales in the messaging groups, sending the photos of your items to all your friends. Of course, we must take into account the current context and do so responsibly only if it is allowed .


To reduce is to stay only with what we use. To give a new opportunity to a garment that, we know, we are not going to use, is to allow another person to enjoy it.

Reusing is nothing more than extending the useful life of what we have. Perhaps you have a coat that you have worn so many times that you no longer know how to combine it. It's just a matter of changing a button, clasp, or adding an accessory to make it look like new.

Finally, recycling is about turning, for example, an old T-shirt into a cloth bag for your purchases . Sometimes it's just a matter of being creative. You will save money and at the same time help the planet, due to the reduction of textile waste.


As a synonym for minimalism, the capsule wardrobe allows us to reduce the amount of garments we have to bring us numerous benefits. 
On the one hand, we let go of those clothes that we don't use and we give them a new opportunity. We allow it to recirculate, leaving space for other objects that we do need.

We also save time. It is easier to choose combinations because, by selecting them strategically, we will create different combinations for each day. 

Thus, we will always wear something different. The trick is to choose basic clothes that adapt to any circumstance. Lastly, we use fewer resources: we avoid the excessive use of water and chemicals, reducing washing cycles.

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