The 70 best phrases about chance

Coincidences and randomness, like it or not, have a specific weight in our lives. 

Chance can be one of the most powerful forces that influences our day to day, many times it will be because of it that we end up living great experiences or terrible personal problems.

Being persistent and hardworking will surely help us to prosper as individuals, but if chance does not accompany us, we will most likely never be able to make all those great dreams that we have as our goals in life come true.

Phrases and reflections on chance and chance

We have all felt that by chance our life has taken a major turn, that feeling is very common in the vast majority of people.

Here we show you a brief selection with the 70 best phrases about chance, some quotes with which you will discover the importance that coincidences often have in our lives.

1. The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely open. (Chuck Palahniuk)

Only by taking certain risks will we be happier, because in life nothing is ever achieved without tempting luck.

2. Superficial men believe in luck or circumstances. Strong men believe in cause and effect. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

It is very likely that after certain situations in which we can all find ourselves, in reality there are hidden intentions of third parties, we are clear that bad luck does not have to haunt us.

3. It's hard to believe in coincidence, but it's even harder to believe in anything else. (John Green)

The coincidences usually happen in rare occasions, but although it is in a low probability, they do end up happening.

4. Sometimes the smallest things change the course of our lives, the slightest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteor hitting the earth. Lives have turned and changed direction thanks to a casual comment. (Bryce Courtenay)

You never know for sure where life will take you, because chance can have, in fact, a lot to do with the future we will eventually arrive at.

5. In case you never get a second chance: Don't be afraid! What if you get a second chance? Take it! (C. JoyBell C.)

Second chances should never be wasted, life in its course will rarely give us the opportunity to succeed twice.

6. I have noticed that even those who say that everything is predestined and that we cannot change anything about it, look both ways before crossing the street. (Stephen Hawking)

Fate is for many people a simple fable, our daily actions may actually be the only ones that end up deciding our future.

7. Let me tell you. You must pay attention to the signs. When life approaches a time like this, it's a sin if you don't come back ... I'm telling you. (Matthew Quick)

Luck only favors prepared men. As much as chance helps us, we will never be able to stand out if we have not prepared efficiently for the great future that awaits us.

8. In the space between chaos and form there was another chance. (Leanette Winterson)

Chance is much more powerful than we think, indeed, according to science today we are all alive thanks to it.

9. Every time I read to her, it was like I was courting her, because sometimes, just sometimes, she fell in love with me again, like she had long ago. And that is the most wonderful feeling in the world. How many people have been given that opportunity? That someone you love fall in love with you over and over again? (Nicholas Sparks)

Love is much rarer than some people believe, as we will discover throughout our lives, not every day someone will really fall in love with us.

10. Fear? What does a man have to do with fear? Chance rules our lives and the future is completely unknown. Better to live as we can, day by day. (Sophocles)

Being aware of the weight of chance, many people often decide to live their life from day to day. The future is uncertain so for them it is much better to take advantage of the moment in which they are living right now.

11. If you are afraid to take a risk, do it anyway. What you don't do can generate the same regrets as the mistakes you make. (Iyanla Vanzant)

At the end of our life, the only thing we will regret is all those things that we have not done, so it is very important to live as long as we have very intensely.

12. Life ... For some it is a battle, for others their dance ... For the rich it is a party, for the poor it is a coincidence! (Nino Varsimashvili)

Depending on the family in which we are born, our life will be totally different, since those who are lucky enough to be born into opulence will always have a much greater opportunity to stand out.

13. No soldier survives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in chance and trusts his luck. (Erich Maria Remarque)

War is a frankly complicated situation for all soldiers, in fact the vast majority of them usually end up dying in their defense of the homeland.

14. It is choice, not chance, that determines your destiny. (Jean Nidetch)

Our daily actions have a great weight in our lives, it is probably thanks to them that in the future we will be able to lead the life we ​​all dream of today.

15. Nothing could be more irrational than the idea that something comes from nothing. (RC Sproul)

Indeed, most of the things that happen to us every day usually have a reason. We should be more aware that chance is not always behind all the problems that end up affecting us.

16. If it is necessary to succumb, let us first face chance. (Tacit)

Although a battle seems complicated, luck can allow us to win, so fear on our part is never really justified in these situations.

17. The world is a kaleidoscope. The logic is put by man. The supreme art is that of chance. (Miguel de Unamuno)

The planet we live on is a beautiful place and supposedly, it has been totally a matter of chance that it was created as it is.

18. Chance only favors the prepared mind. (Robert Greene)

It is often thought that some great discoveries have occurred by pure chance, but in reality it has been the discoverer's mind that has been able to take advantage of this particular situation efficiently.

19. You are a prince by chance, by birth; as for me, I am for myself. There are thousands of princes and there will be, but Beethoven there is only one. (Ludwig van Beethoven)

Everything that has happened to us in our lives has made us the person we are today, in fact it is very curious the great impact that luck and chance can have in our life.

20. By maintaining that the gods exist, could it be that we deceive ourselves with lies and unreal dreams, since only chance and change itself control the world? (Euripides)

In this quote, Euripides questioned the possible existence of the gods, without a doubt this was a great Greek thinker far ahead of his time.

21. There is no chance, and what appears to us as chance arises from the deepest sources. (Friedrich Schiller)

As we can see, for Schiller sheer chance simply did not exist, so from his point of view everything that can happen to us in our day-to-day lives actually has a reason.

22. In war we must always count on the blows of chance and the accidents that cannot be foreseen. (Polybius)

No strategist really knows how a war will end up happening, because a series of coincidences can end up deciding in the blink of an eye, which will finally be the winner.

23. I knew then, with humility, with perplexity, in a fit of absolute Mexicanness, that we were governed by chance and that in that storm we would all drown, and I knew that only the most astute, certainly not me, were going to stay afloat. a bit more time. (Roberto Bolaño)

In the most difficult situations, surviving many times will be a matter of chance. A very difficult time for anyone, which nobody wants to have to go through.

24. I discovered that life is a game of chance where the winner loses. (Ricardo Arjona)

Most of us only learn when we are defeated, so winning too often can end up playing a very dirty trick on us.

25. Necessity made him take an old book off the shelf, and chance led him to the pages where the author declares that a man, to be something in life, must be clear about what he wants to be and what his limits are. (Dante Liano)

Only by being clear about our objectives will we be able to meet them; Chance will never lead us to the future we want today if we don't fight for it first.

26. I'm a hard-working guy, who doesn't miss anything. I leave nothing to chance. If they beat my team, it is because the rival plays better. (Ricardo Caruso Lombardi)

If we try our best it will be something very difficult that others can be better than us, the future that we want so much may perhaps be closer than we think.

27. Everything that exists is the result of chance and necessity. (Democritus)

The world was a really unusual place in those years. People, as we can imagine, lived through real calamities in ancient times.

28. Chance offers us its double path, you with your loneliness and I with mine. (Mario Benedetti)

Finding the right person for us is in most cases purely a matter of luck, a commonly desired situation that many people wait for their entire lives.

29. What you are depends on what you read by chance. (Elias Canetti)

Reading is undoubtedly a very beneficial activity, but obviously it also depends on the texts we read, what benefits we will obtain from them.

30. Without solid math, business becomes an expensive game of chance where you bet your own money as well as someone else's. (Steve Kaplan)

The business world is certainly very complicated, a work environment in which very few people manage to thrive.

31. Man has a thousand plans for himself. Chance, only one for each. (Mencius)

Getting what we want so much can be much more complicated than we think, because if luck does not accompany us, our plans will never be the right ones to be successful.

32. The most important things in nature seem to be the result of chance or accident. (Richard Feynman)

Nature is wonderful, thanks to it we can all learn that life is a gift that we have never been in control of.

33. Chance is nothing more than the measure of man's ignorance. (Henri Poincaré)

If we let events run wild, we will seldom make them work for us. Well, only by being prepared for the worst will we achieve the best results.

33. Chance is nothing more than the measure of man's ignorance. (Henri Poincaré)

If we let events run wild, we will seldom make them work for us. Well, only by being prepared for the worst will we achieve the best results.

34. Azar is a word devoid of meaning; nothing can exist without a cause. (Voltaire)

Voltaire was undoubtedly a great thinker and his logic always told him that things rarely happen by chance.

35. The lives of our children should never be left to chance. (Stormie Omartian)

Our children deserve to be able to live in the best possible way, that is why we must leave them a much better world than the one we find when they arrive.

36. Chance sometimes draws impossible paths. (Federico Andahazi)

Sometimes things will not turn out the way we wanted, because you never really know where life will surprise you.

37. Chance is almost always favorable to the prudent man. (Petrus Jacobus Joubert)

If we are cautious it will be much more difficult for them to defeat us, because as it is commonly said: the cautious man is always worth two.

38. That element that cannot be presented either in relation to repetition or variation. Something that has no place in the struggle between these two terms, that rebels to be put or to be reestablished in relation to something else ... The element is chance. (John Cage)

Chance is very capricious and can easily make something that seemed totally safe, end up becoming impossible.

39. Salzman perceived the invasion of another usurping thought: Is chance the name of our ignorance or does the universe contain unpredictable episodes? (Alejandro Dolina)

In the XXI century, the universe still contains many great enigmas for us, as we continue to be largely unaware of a large part of its operation.

40. What we call chance is our ignorance of the complex machinery of causality. (Jorge Luis Borges)

It is true that when human beings do not understand how something works, we tend to think that it simply does it by chance. An idea that in most cases is usually totally or at least partially wrong.

41. Even if there were no chance in this world, our ignorance of the real cause of an event would have the same influence on the understanding and would engender a similar type of belief or opinion. (David Hume)

As we can see, the term "chance" is actually much more linked to ignorance than we might initially think. After all, human beings always seek to be able to explain why everything that happens around us happens.

42. I am always up to chance; to own me I have to be unprepared. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Our life can be wonderful if we let ourselves go, because if we want to, there will always be new experiences within our reach that we can all enjoy.

43. No human activity has a more universal and constant relationship with chance than war. Chance, along with the accidental and good luck, plays a great role in war. (Carl von Clausewitz)

During war conflicts, luck can greatly influence the development of a battle, a concept that all generals tend to know very well and that they always try to have as much control as possible.

44. Free all things from the bondage of an end. In things I find this blissful assurance: That all dance with feet of chance. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

As human beings, we are all totally incapable of knowing where our life will end up taking us, that is why as many know we must never say "from that source I will never drink."

45. If our instincts were limited to hunger, thirst and desire, we would be almost free. But we are moved by each wind that blows, each random word, each image that that same word evokes in us. (Mary Shelley)

The human being is undoubtedly a very emotional animal. To tell the truth, in most cases it is our emotions that actually govern us.

46. ​​Science does not interest me. Ignore the dream, chance, laughter, feeling and contradiction, things that are precious to me. (Luis Buñuel)

Life is too short to waste it doing those things that simply do not interest us, we must try to take advantage of every second of our life as if it were perhaps the last.

47. There are people who cannot count on anything, not even on chance, because there is existence without chance. (Honoré De Balzac)

Some people can be really bland, a bland way of being that will probably end up making them very miserable.

48. I wanted to tell you that chance is like desire. (Joaquín Sabina)

This is undoubtedly a very short and beautiful quote from the famous Spanish singer-songwriter Joquín Sabina, a man who with his songs has taught many people what love really consists of.

49. Mankind unreasonably complains of its nature, that being weak and of short duration, it is governed by chance rather than by virtue. (Sallust)

Life is really ephemeral, everything that one day began as something glorious will most likely end up with a sad and tragic end.

50. Truly, chance has a lot of power over us, since, if we live, it is by chance. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

Today it is often believed that life originated simply by a matter of chance or at least, that is what the famous and reputed scientific theory tells us.

51. There is no chance, God does not play dice. (Albert Einstein)

Nothing in the universe happens by chance, because whenever a star acts in a certain way it is due to a compelling reason.

52. This doctrine goes against the idea of ​​chance and against that of limited ends: for example, that of the preservation of the Jewish people. (Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)

All human beings should undoubtedly have the same rights and obligations, regardless of our race, religion or the social ladder to which we belong.

53. Chance is order in time. (Guillermo Pérez Villalta)

Many people tend to believe that time eventually puts everyone in their place. If we think that this idea is correct, probably for this to happen, chance will also have a lot to contribute to the equation.

54. Luck is chance taken advantage of. (Joaquín Lorente)

When chance acts in a favorable way for us, we usually say that we have been lucky, so this curious quote by Joaquín Lorente could not be more correct.

55. How many times has a kingdom not moved here or there by chance or as a result of a treaty? (Erasmus of Rotterdam)

The future is uncertain even for large countries, a fact that shows us a clear vision of the great fragility that our lives really possess.

56. Here I have come to give by accident to face the existence and chance that the shipwrecked man of his yearnings and the storm lead. (Fernando Delgadillo)

Sometimes life can lead us to live situations that we had never imagined, we can call it "chance" or "chance", but once we are inside them we will have to face them without hesitation.

57. Where the peasant association is powerful, games of chance have been banned and completely disappeared, and banditry has been eliminated. (Mao Zedong)

The Chinese communist regime greatly abhorred gambling, a form of entertainment that was totally banned once this party gained control of the well-known Asian nation.

58. The three things most strictly forbidden are: chip and card games, other games of chance and opium. (Mao Zedong)

Zedong was very clear about how Chinese society should really be and he would not hesitate to put all the resources at his disposal, so that it could become the idyllic society he had always dreamed of.

59. Chance, as I use it, is not something I should control, nor should I control myself. It is not the chance of the physicist. Which does not prevent the chance of the physicist does not exist. (John Cage)

John Cage was a famous American composer and philosopher born in 1912, as we can see in this quote, this famous musician undoubtedly had a really particular way of seeing life.

60. Problems are to be solved, freedom to check it; As long as we keep faith in our dreams, nothing will happen to us by chance. (Richard Bach)

If we are persevering and have faith in ourselves, there will be nothing in our lives that we cannot achieve, we should all bear more in mind in our lives the idea that human beings are capable of performing the greatest acts of courage.

61. I will tell you what true pleasure is and where it comes from: a good conscience, right intentions, good deeds, contempt for random things, the placid air full of security, the life that always tread the same path. (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

A correct and calm life can help us to live in a much more pleasant way, something that over the years all of us end up wishing with great fervor.

62. Chance is a miracle in disguise. (Alejandro Jodorowski)

You never know how luck might surprise you; Sometimes it is even possible that chance brings us the greatest gifts of our life.

63. Although men boast of their great works, they are often not the result of a noble purpose, but the effect of chance. (François de Rochefoucauld)

Some of the greatest achievements of humanity have emerged from the shadows by the purest chance. Some totally fortuitous moments thanks to which, today the world is as we know it.

64. Our wisdom is no less at the mercy of chance than our property. (François de rochefoucauld)

Our knowledge of the world that surrounds us is always limited, as we must bear in mind that all of us, depending on our interests, always investigate more about some issues than others.

65. Nor is chance inscrutable, it is also governed by an order. (Novalis)

Novalis was a famous German philosopher and writer representing early German romanticism, and as we can see from this quote, his personal ideas about chance were certainly very interesting.

66. If Dante, Shakespeare, or Beethoven had died in infancy, humanity would have missed what it owes to them. In this sense we can say that chance plays a role in human affairs. (Ludwig Heinrich Edler Von Ligerz)

Misfortunes can undoubtedly play very bad tricks on humanity, luck actually tends to favor us many more times than we think.

67. He who leaves nothing to chance will do few things wrong, but will do very little. (Lord Halifax)

If we are perfectionists, we will surely be able to do a much better work, but that work will take us so long to finish that it will make it very difficult for us to replicate it.

68. We are ashamed to acknowledge all that we owe to chance. Of all the benefactors he is the one with the most ungrateful. (Goswin Joseph Augustin De Stassart)

It is true that many of us are not grateful enough for coincidences, because they may even allow us to live those most exciting moments of our lives.

69. Don't count on chance that will get you somewhere, because it won't. (Donald Trump)

Success will never come to us without more, if we really want to be able to achieve it we must be brave and dare to go out in search of it.

70. Eating a prickly pear next to a whitewashed wall and knowing intimately that chance is one of the forms that sunlight takes every day, that shapes our happiness. (Manuel Vicent)

Where our life will end up taking us is something that none of us know, that uncertainty is something with which all human beings, sooner or later learn to live together.

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