Mindfulness: the secret to eliminate stress

Mindfulness is a mindfulness- based stress reduction technique and has been practiced for more than 2,500 years in Buddhist philosophy.

Benefits of practicing mindfulness

It is proven that practicing Mindfulnees or Mindfulness, improves attention and concentration. Personal and professional performance, coexistence with other people generating empathy, emotional and social intelligence.

Mindfulness, which is the same as self-conscious listening, has been shown to increase concentration, improve self-control of emotions, thoughts and our way of acting.

The daily practice of this method changes the cellular structure of our brain, reestablishing the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain and balancing us.

Mindfulness is part of a very basic concept: we must remove the automatic pilot to live our present. The conscious being of our present allows us to live in the present and change our lives. Living in the past produces depression and living in the future produces anxiety.

Living our present is the same as savoring every action we do. The smell of soap, the pleasure of the shower, the pleasure that rest gives us, the relaxation that music gives us, the chirping of birds, savoring food, the company of family or friends, walking in silence observing nature.

The way he does this is by daily use of concentration, breathing, body awareness, and active and passive meditation. If you are lucky enough to do it with a very experienced professional, they will mix other compatible therapies with this one to speed up the process.

All this allows us to analyze ourselves, accept ourselves as we are, find the causes of our stress without judging, recognize that our mind directly influences our body, generate empathy and compassion and learn to manage our emotions.

If you practice Mindfulness, you will be able to be aware of your surroundings, eliminate stress, lose fear and anxiety, raise your defenses, get rid of the fear of losing control over your life, synchronize body and mind, modify the cellular and neurological structure of the brain.

With the practice of Mindfulness, you can treat pain points with different exercises until they disappear. At home, through visualization and breathing, you will treat pain in a relaxed and easy way.

Assuming that stress lowers our defenses, we conclude that if we get rid of stress and learn to manage our emotions,  our defenses will rise and we will not get sick  because our cortisol levels will not decrease. Mindfulness is the best tool to keep us healthy and balanced.

The secret is to accept that we have a problem, analyze it without feeling guilty, be determined to eliminate that stress that it causes us using a series of tools that will restore our health and balance.

My first advice: look for an excellent professional who will introduce you properly to the philosophy, technique and practice of each exercise, so that later it will not be difficult for you to do it alone at home.

My second tip is to make it as intensive as possible so that you can quickly check its effectiveness.

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