Know the meaning of the 10 most common dreams

Although we do not always remember it, we all dream! It happens that sometimes we do not understand the meaning of them. In this note we help you understand the exciting world of dreams.

Throughout our lives we will dream more than 100,000 times, and some of them will be repeated. If we translate it into numbers, we will be 25 years of our lives sleeping, and 6 of them dreaming. Incredible! We have 3 to 5 dreams per night, but 90% of them forget them.

A curious fact about dreams is that in them we cannot read or know the time. Furthermore, we cannot dream of people that we do not know, or that we have not seen before. For their part, people are not the only ones with the ability to dream, but animals do too!

Dreams are the way our brain gives meaning to life, and that is why they are often connected to what happens while we are awake. That is the reason why its interpretation connects with our experiences.

Although there is disagreement in the scientific community regarding how to interpret our dreams, the truth is that some possible explanations have been raised that allow us to understand this fascinating phenomenon.


It may be the reflection of a problem or someone that you are avoiding in real life. You probably have a problem in your life, and are unconsciously avoiding it instead of facing it. 

These types of dreams can also be inspired by our fear of failure. Sometimes we have to confront those who persecute us to prevent the same from happening to us indefinitely.


You may have seen something of yourself in a particular famous person. This can be interpreted as seeking recognition for your own talents or abilities. 

Additionally, if the face of a famous person keeps appearing in your dreams, it could be a sign that you spend too much time obsessed with this person.


Dreaming about an exam can reflect the stress you feel in real life, or a lack of confidence in some of your abilities. If you dream of cheating on an exam, it can be interpreted as the way you approach problems in real life, whereas if you are caught cheating, it can expose the fear you may feel.


This can be interpreted as a kind of nocturnal escape from the problems you are experiencing during the day, or it could reflect the freedom you feel in your everyday life. The feeling of euphoria when flying can be connected to the creative or artistic freedom that you experience in your work or during a hobby.

If you are afraid of flying in this dream, it could suggest that something in your life is out of control, and you feel powerless to stop it.


Having dreams related to death does not mean that something bad is coming your way. Dreaming of death can be interpreted as something that ends or changes your life. Experiencing your own death may be related to failures in your real life or the end of relationships.

If you dream of a person who has already passed away, it may mean that you wanted to say something to that person or that you wanted to clarify something. If you witness the death of "bad" people in your dreams, it can be interpreted as a confrontation with negative areas of your life.


This is one of the most recurrent and most unpleasant dreams since when you dream it it seems that you are really suffering from it. In general, it is more common in women than in men. This dream can have different meanings.

It is likely to refer to a feeling of lack of confidence or helplessness , or it has to do with communication problems - something that perhaps you should have talked about, but did not. It could also be interpreted as a feeling of loss, either due to aging or appearance. It can also be related to the feeling of losing money or a job.


This dream is very common and its meaning is related to the feeling of vulnerability and insecurity and possible shame . Maybe you have a secret in your life and you are afraid of the reactions of others when they discover it. However, a dream in which you enjoy the sensation of nakedness can mean that you have confidence in yourself and you are in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.


The dreams that you fall into can be interpreted as the insecurities you feel in life. Maybe there is something in your life that you have been waiting a long time for, and it is time to let it go. 

We can also interpret this as a loss of control, which can mean that there are events in your life that are overwhelming you. Possibly, you did not achieve a goal, or you feel empty because of too many responsibilities that demand your time.


Driving a car in your dreams can have several interpretations, but in general the meaning of this dream is related to the feeling of control and how you feel about the future. Driving on a sunny day suggests that you are in control of your life, while a runaway vehicle refers to a lack of control over your life.

Driving fast can be related to risky decisions that you have made in your life, and if you drive in the dark, it can be interpreted as a kind of unhappiness regarding the current direction of your life. If you dream of being the passenger of the car, it may mean that someone else is deciding which way your life is going.

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