What is your favourite movie?

The essay is a literary genre widely used today as a way to encourage you to develop your own and critical thinking about a topic.

It is, by essence, a work of free style and theme.

This article is intended to provide a practical guide for those who wish to write an essay about a movie.

Reading is recommended on how to write an essay, its parts  and its main characteristics.

Analyze the argument

It goes without saying that it is important to attend to the plot of the chosen film. If necessary, watch it again to have an exact vision of the development of the story.

Analyzing the plot implies knowing how events have occurred from the beginning of the film to its outcome.

Character's description

After analyzing the story of the film in a general way, it is important to see the main characters in detail. When talking about their description, reference is made, on the one hand, to the personality and character, and on the other, to the role that this character has in the film. 

The author of the essay usually expresses his opinion about the intervention of the protagonists and the way in which they are related during the development of the plot.

Description of the main conflict

To describe the conflict is to summarize the central argument of the film. The film will always have the intention of transmitting certain messages to the viewer, it is their duty to interpret them and thus have a better understanding of what is happening.

Secondary facts

It should be remembered that the essay is a free and personal style, it is up to the author to talk more or less about some aspect of the film. If you wish, obviously, you can mention some sequences that present secondary events to the main plot.

The final thought

It is the last part of the essay and may contain a summary of what the author thinks about the film. Maybe a last word about a character or interpreting the central message of the film

Example of a short essay on a film: Introduction.

Here is an example of a short essay on a film that is a classic of cinema: "Gone with the wind." In this case it is assumed that everyone knows the plot of the novel and film and therefore can talk about it with total freedom. It is not going to be an essay about whether I liked the film or not, but about a specific aspect of it, the personality of its protagonist Scarlett O'Hara.

Let's see the introduction for this example of a short essay that we can title: "Scarlett O'Hara, movie heroine but good person?"

"If at this point there is someone who has not seen" Gone with the Wind "without a doubt knows very well what this famous classic film is about. Its protagonist, Scarlett O´Hara, has been the prototype of a romantic heroine, but in real life, would she be a heroine or would she be just a bad person incapable of having friends? I have a clear answer, not only would she not have friends but it would be impossible for her to establish a real relationship with anyone and even the kindest Melanie would end up taking her away from her side because, deep down, she is not good "

Example of a short essay on a film: body of the essay.

“In the film we see how the young Scarlett only has an authentic relationship of affection and affection that seems sincere, the one she establishes with her father, whom she cares for and with whom she remains even when everything becomes difficult. Perhaps because she feels reflected in that man, who with his pampering and indulging in every whim created a woman who, deep down, is still a girl unable to bear no for an answer.

Scarlett at times seems to be moved by Melanie's reactions, so good that although she sees the interests that her cousin has in her husband, she still apologizes for her and thanks her for her help. But deep down what she feels is contempt because she mistakes her kindness for weakness and sees in the affection that she professes a weak point that she does not hesitate to use to try to destroy her family.

Scarlett is one of those women who want to have what they consider to be their rival close by, in order to control their movements. She does not care about the feelings of the ambiguous Ashley, nor those of her cousin. She is only moved by the desire to fulfill her youthful whim and seduce a man with whom she could clearly never establish a relationship even if he was free.

She also does not love Reth, even though he is very much like her. He only uses it to achieve what he wants and it is only when he thinks he has lost it that he thinks he wants him by his side.

In short, Scarlett is a woman with a great feeling of frustration, unable to enjoy what she has and always aspiring to chimeras and ideals that basically only exist in her imagination, call yourselves Ashley or Tara. But that makes her so focused on herself and her feelings that those of others are indifferent to her. Her friendship is deceptive and self-serving and uses the people around her to achieve her goals. "

Example of a short essay on a film: conclusion

“How We Have Seen Scarlett is selfish, interested and very little empathic with those around her. She mistakes kindness and affection for weakness and love for possession. It is the center of your world and all the others are pieces ready for the achievement of your goals. Therefore it is evident that although as a film character she has great appeal, in real life Scarlett would be a bad person from whom any similar would turn away to avoid being harmed. "

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