The 17 most anticipated series on Netflix in the remainder of 2020

A few days ago we made a review of the most anticipated movies on Netflix in the remainder of 2020 and now it is time to do it with the television series. 

The platform model has allowed it to have many titles already finished for its launch despite the coronavirus crisis and below you will find the 17 most anticipated series of premieres that we should see before the year comes to an end.

'Wizards: Tales of Arcadia'

Created by Guillermo del Toro, it is the third and last installment of the trilogy started by 'Trollhunters' and continued by '3Below'. In it we will see the trolls, aliens and magicians who live in Arcadia face an apocalyptic battle to rule their magical world.

Premiere August 7


Science fiction series created by Andrew Hinderaker and starring Oscar double winner Hilary Swank, who plays an astronaura preparing to lead an international crew on the first mission to Mars. 

This is coupled with the decision to leave her husband (Josh Charles) and daughter behind when they need her most, also knowing that she may never see them again.

Premiere September 4


Prequel to the acclaimed 'Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' centered on the sadistic nurse then played by Louise Fletcher. 

In this series created by Ryan Murphy and Evan Romansky, it is Sarah Paulson who takes center stage.

Premiere scheduled for September

'The one'

New science fiction series by Howard Overman, creator of the, in its first seasons, very popular 'Misfits' from the novel of the same name by John Marrs. 

In it we will be transferred to a dystopian future in which through a simple DNA test one can find his perfect partner.

Premiere scheduled for October

'Someone has to die'

Mini-series of three episodes for the platform of Manolo Caro, creator of 'La casa de las flores'. 

Here it has a cast led by Armen Maura, Cecilia Suárez, Ernesto Alterio, Alejandro Speitzer, Isaac Hernández, Pilar Castro, Mariola Fuentes, Manuel Morón, Eduardo Casanova, Juan Carlos Vellido, Carlos Cuevas and Ester Expósito to take us back to the 1950s and tell us the story of a young man who returns to Mexico so that his parents can meet his partner. 

There he is presented accompanied by Lázaro, a mysterious ballet dancer.

Premiere in 2020


Spanish Netflix series created by Sergio S. Sánchez, writer of 'The Impossible' and director of 'The Secret of Marrowbone'. 

In it we will see a girl survive a bus accident in which most of her companions lose their lives. However, when she wakes up in the hospital, she does not remember anything that happened or her past.

Premiere in 2020

'Arsène Lupine'

The popular French actor Omar Sy stars in this new adaptation of Arsène Lupine , the elegant thief and master of disguise. 

The enormous success of 'Intocable' shot up its international fame and now Netflix wants to take advantage of it.

Premiere in 2020


First series of the Shonda Rhimes factory for Netflix, although she only works as a producer here. 

The showrunner and creator is Chris Van Dusen, who seeks to offer a feminist point of view to a love story during the Regency Period in the UK. Julie Andrews lends her voice to one of the main characters.

Premiere in 2020

'The mess you leave'

Adaptation of the novel by Carlos Montero, one of the creators of 'Élite', which he himself brings to the small screen with a cast led by Inma Cuesta and Bárbara Lennie, Tamar Novas, Arón Piper and Roberto Enríquez. 

It tells the story of a teacher who accepts a substitution in her husband's town. There the first day she receives a mysterious note that says "And how long will it take you to die?" ...

Premiere in 2020

'The innocent'

Mario Casas, Aura Garrido, Alexandra Jiménez and José Coronado star in this series created by Oriol Paulo - 'Contratiempo' -. 

It revolves around Mateo, a man whose life was forever changed nine years ago when he became a murderer after innocently interceding in a fight. 

He is now an ex-convict and his wife is pregnant, but everything turns upside down when he receives a call from his wife's mobile ...

Premiere in 2020

'Emily in Paris'

Lily Collins stars in this new series by Darren Star, creator of 'Sex in New York' . 

It tells the story of a twenty-year-old who moves to Paris to take advantage of an unexpected job opportunity to bring an American point of view to a French marketing firm.

Premiere in 2020

'Jupiter's Legacy'

Adaptation of the Mark Millar and Frank Quitely superhero comic book that explores whether the children of the first generation of superheroes, who have protected us for almost a century, are up to it or not. 

Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade and Matt Lanter are the protagonists of a series that has Steven S. DeKnight - 'Daredevil' - as showrunner.

Premiere in 2020

'Kid Cosmic'

New animated series by Craig McCracken, creator of such popular works as 'The Powerpuff Girls' or 'Foster, the house of imaginary friends'. 

Rotates around a somewhat peculiar boy who gets super powers after finding five cosmic rings.

Premiere in 2020

'The Curse of Bly Manor'

'The Curse of Hill House' has been one of the most applauded series on Netflix so far and Mike Flanagan, its creator, now returns with another terrifying ghost story inspired by various stories by Henry James, although the main influence will be 'Another return of nut '.

Premiere in 2020

'Idhun's memories'

Animated adaptation of the popular novels by Laura Gallego that will tell us the story of " the day the astral conjunction of the three suns and the three moons occurred in Idhún, Ashran the Necromancer took power and began the reign of terror of the winged serpents. 

The first battle for the freedom of Idhún is fought on Earth, where Jack and Victoria fight to stop Kirtash, the assassin sent by Ashran to end the Idhunites who fled their tyranny. 

However, the protagonists they unknowingly follow the designs of a prophecy that will entwine their destinies in a plot of love and hate that will unleash duels to the death and forge unusual alliances. "

Pacific Rim

Anime that expands the universe created by the two films that will tell us the story of two brothers who decide to pilot an abandoned Jaeger to try to find their missing parents. 

Craig Kyle - 'Thor: Ragnarok' - and Greg Johnson share the role of showrunner.

Premiere in 2020

Young Wallander

Prequel to the popular policeman Kurt Wallander turned 20-year-old in Sweden in the middle of 2020. 

The popular character created by Henning Mankell already had his series with Kenneth Branagh leading the cast a few years ago.

Premiere in 2020

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