Lucifer returns in a season five with more crimes, romance and a special chapter

The seductive Lord of Hell returns in a new cycle of his series, divided into two installments, where he will again face police cases and his complicated relationship with Chloe Decker.

It was in 2016 that the character born in the pages of DC Comics, under the guidance of Neil Gaiman and then Mike Carey, came to the TV screen as the protagonist of his own series simply titled Lucifer.

In this way, after being a secondary in The Sandman and then having his own comic - in addition to being part of the film Constantine (2005) -, Lucifer Morningstar became the protagonist of the space developed by Tom Kapinos for the Fox channel.

In his adventures, played by the British Tom Ellis, he continued to manage the Lux nightclub and also became an advisor to the Los Angeles police, where he met his love interest and investigative partner, Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

They were joined by the demon Mazikeen (Leslie-Ann Brandt), or simply Maze; the angel Amenadiel (DB Woodside), the psychiatrist Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), the detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) and, since season 2, the coroner Ella Lopez (Aimee García).

But Fox hosted the Devil's Wanderings on Earth only until 2018, when it decided to cancel the series in its third season. But the pleas of his fans - via the # SaveLucifer campaign - were heard and Netflix  became his new showcase, from the fourth installment.

And it is through this same platform that its long-awaited fifth season debuts, which will be divided into two installments, of eight episodes each. The first of which begins two months after the known facts at the end of its fourth cycle.

While for Lucifer thousands of years have passed in hell, to where he returned to contain the demons and his plans to seize the son of Amenadiel and Linda, for the inhabitants of Earth only a few weeks have passed.

Time frame in which Maze assisted Chloe in her police cases, including that of a man who was murdered on his yacht and had his hand cut off. A death that might be connected to illegal gambling and some debts.

But while they investigate in the streets of the city of Los Angeles, Lucifer or Luci does the same in hell, neither more nor less than with the victim himself as his guide. What they all ignore is that someone else will unexpectedly join the case.

And although at first it is the Prince of Darkness who returns to the world of humans, soon everyone begins to suspect him for small details; among them that this Luci can now tell lies, something that was not part of his character.

It will soon be discovered that the charming police assistant has been replaced by his twin Michael, who with his lies and some truths put in the minds of several of the protagonists a series of doubts that will be key in the chapters to come.

Among the latter there is a special broadcast where Trixie (Scarlett Estevez), Chloe and Dan's daughter, asks Lucifer, the real one, to tell her a story about his past. The same one that takes the story, in black and white, to a Los Angeles of the 40s.

One of the additional ingredients of the fifth season, which again bets to deliver to the fans what until now have been the keys to the series. Like the constant love affair between the devil and his detective partner.

In addition to knowing a little more about his usual screen companions. With Maze and her search for a truth about her childhood, Dan healing the wound left by the loss of Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and Amenadiel and Linda learning to be parents of a unique child.

A mixture of renewed conflicts and endearing characters, where Tom Ellis again stands out as the seductive Lucifer, who will delight his followers and, surely, will leave them waiting for the remaining eight chapters of this season.

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