Kekma ga: What is it and what is the origin of this website?

You should only enter if you are over 18 years old and if your stomach is strong enough to withstand this kind of ... things. Here we tell you its origin.

If the memes say it, it's for something. Users on social networks have made a site with quite "peculiar" content a trend. If there's one thing you can't do on Twitter, it 's tell people NOT to do something, and this is precisely what happened with Kekma ga.

"Don't Google kekma (.) Ga!" is what several tweets on the platform say, however many users have ignored it and, without thinking twice, have carried out the search. If you are someone sensitive, we advise you not to do it.

We visit this page for you and here we tell you what we saw: When entering the site, a warning message appears asking you to be over 18 years of age to enter. Once you click on "Enter" there is no going back: in there appears gore content (extreme explicit violence), a dog hanging by its legs in the middle of the skinning process, screams of someone who seems to be suffering a lot and the video of a man who seems to derive sexual pleasure from self-mutilation of his genitals.

What is the origin of Kekma ga?

This is a site from the underworld of Reddit that later became a "meme" in very bad taste. According to Knowyourmeme,  was created on April 23, 2019. Since then, its creator and many more people have been using it as a site to troll internet users.

More recently it has been used for content from people asking to "Don't Googling" certain things. The result is obviously the opposite and many people have chosen to upload their reactions to networks or warn others not to do so. This has been replicated throughout the year.

Kekma Ga: Memes about the horror it causes on social networks

Did you see it too? Thousands of people have discovered on their own why it is that the site has left many traumatized in networks and they exemplify it with memes. We bring you the best.

If you are here reading this it is because perhaps you felt identified as many of us. has become one of the websites that you surely wish you had never visited, but now it is too late for this.

This is demonstrated by hundreds of users on social networks, who for "disobeying" the memes that asked not to visit this site, were traumatized for a long time. But we are sure that some other crazy people visited this place again (as well as the Spiderman meme). We bring you the best memes that portray this situation.

We remind you what is: You should only enter this site if you are 18 years or older and you must do so at your own risk. Once you understand this, which perhaps many pages did not tell you, we will tell you what it is.

When entering the site, a warning message appears; once you click on "Enter" there is no going back: in there is gore content (extreme explicit violence), an animal in the process of skinning, deafening screams of someone being tortured and ... we better not tell you the story other part.

What we can tell you, and that you surely already assumed with what we have written and what you have seen in all the memes, is that it is by no means a site that you should visit, unless you want to be horrified or that your morbid I win.

If you have already seen it like us, perhaps you have already identified with all these images. But it is over. Relax and let that chlorox you thought to pour over your eyes. Now open another tab and see something nice, your mind will thank you.

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