Black Moon: why does this astronomical phenomenon happen?

This event in the universe happens every 32 or 33 months, so it can be seen again until the year 2023.

There is no doubt that the universe does not stop surprising us, because when we believe that something out of the ordinary will not happen, celestial phenomena such as the Black Moon arrive and cause us astonishment.

Last night, around 10 o'clock at night, we were able to witness this event, in which a starry night sky was seen in its maximum splendor, one that will not be repeated until the year 2023.

Why does this astronomical phenomenon occur?

As with all events that occur in the universe, the Black Moon is a celestial phenomenon that occurs when the natural satellite is located between the Earth and the Sun; This causes only the far side to light up, causing the Earth to become almost imperceptible, hence the name of this astronomical phenomenon, in addition to being related to the fact that it is the third of a season of four new moons, a fact that occurs every 32  or 33 months.

The new moons appear when the Moon orbits between the Earth and the Sun, which at the time of rising are perceived as opaque. 

According to the website, each season of the year has three new moons, although this is not necessarily the case every year, since two new moons appeared in the months of June and July, the one in August and it is expected to happen another in September.

Besides having its scientific and astronomical side, the Black Moon also has its astrological side.

The Black Moon is linked to the goddess of life and death Lilith, Adam's first wife, who was created before Eve and who represents the dark and mysterious side of woman's nature.

Another meaning related to this goddess is with a spirit of wind, as well as with an evil connotation.

Astronomical phenomena that you can see in August

A few days after the month of August ends, there are still other astronomical phenomena that can be seen. Some of them are the following:

  • Constellation Aquarius: August 21.
  • Crescent Moon: August 25.
  • Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter: August 29.

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