Biohackers: what is the new Netflix series about?

On August 20, this German science fiction series arrives on the streaming platform.

As the weeks progress, the premieres on Netflix, far from ending, continue during this month, as a proof of this is Biohackers.

Since the end of July, said German series had been announced as part of the launches on said streaming platform, content that has generated curiosity and interest among Netflix users, a series that will be available for viewing from August 20.

What is Biohackers, the new Netflix series about?

If you have no idea what Biohackers is about, here we tell you what this new on demand content is about.

The series of German origin tells the story of a young woman named Mia, played by Luna Wedler, who studies medicine and who over time forms a very trusting relationship with her teacher Lorenz. 

So far the story does not seem to have a major complication; However, as time progresses, Mia realizes that her teacher, played by Jessica Schwarz, keeps a great secret, so great that it could even change the destiny of humanity itself. 

According to some users, if you are looking for something similar to Dark or you are a fan of this series, also German, Biohackers is a good option for those who like this type of content.

For September of this year, series such as the second season of "Las Crónicas del Taco", "Keeping up with the Kardashians", "Baby", are some of the on demand content that make their arrival on Netflix, as well as films such as the Oscar winner for Best Picture, "Parasites", "Crazy Heart", "The Practitioner", "Annabelle II", to name a few.

Review Biohackers

After the success of Dark, Netflix returns to bet on a German suspense series. His name is Biohackers and he puts aside time travel and complicated family ties to focus on a mystery related to genetic research.

His story begins with a quick and confusing scene, where the passengers of a train begin to present discomfort that lead to a heart attack. All while a young woman and her friend desperately try to give them medical help.

That girl is called Mia Akerlund (Luna Wendler) and, with the plot now in the past, we see that two weeks ago she came to study at the Faculty of Medicine in Freiburg, where Dr. Tanja Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), a expert in biotechnology research.

But before introducing the viewer further into Mia's school days, the story introduces her unique roommates: Lotta (Caro Cult), Ole (Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer), and Chen-Lu (Jing Xiang), an expert in biology and plants.

However, there is another person who will be key in what Mia will live later: Jasper (Adrian Julius Tillmann), a student who thanks to his talent became Dr. Lorenz's assistant and now helps her both in the faculty and in your research center.

The same one that the girl will approach for a supposed romantic interest, but that will help her to approach the work of Lorenz, who - as some flashbacks have already revealed - was related to the death of her twin brother a few years ago.

Thus, with the girl getting closer and closer to Jasper and therefore to the mysterious investigator, the series goes even further in the search for the truth of Mia and little by little revealing several secrets about her and those around her.

Soon, in the first of its six chapters, it will be known that her name is not Mia Akerlund but Emma Engels and that together with her brother they were part of Lorenz's first experiments, and that the doctor would also have caused the fatal accident of her parents.

But there is one more piece to this puzzle. His name is Niklas (Thomas Prenn), Jasper's friend and housemate, who knows about the latter's genetic disease and later becomes Mia-Emma's research partner.

Everything will lead the girl to a code name: Homo Deus, the title under which Lorenz has archived both the data on her and her brother, as well as subsequent genetic searches that would serve to rid the world of diseases in the future.

In this way the rhythm of the narrative begins to accelerate, as well as the mystery becoming more and more present. And, as expected, the protagonist and other characters will have to face a danger that will not end with its final chapter.

And although Biohackers does not reach the level of production or uniqueness of the Dark script, it becomes an interesting alternative for all lovers of the suspense genre, and in the confirmation of Netflix as a good source of series that captivates and entertains.

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