45 leading questions with an answer (logic and thinking)

There are a series of questions that may seem easy to answer, but that we end up answering badly because they are formulated with a certain trick and are misleading.

They are known as leading questions and they often lead to wrong answers or to make us doubt their answer. These trick questions can lead us to think that the answer is in the same sentence or that your answer will be somewhat more complicated than it really is.

In this article we give you 45 examples of leading questions with answers, to have a fun time with your family or friends.

Below is a selection of trick questions and their answers, which you can use to defy logic or rake your brain.

1. What color are the 'black boxes' on airplanes?

This is one of the most popular trick questions, as the name of the box is misleading. Although they are called black boxes, they are usually orange, so they can be seen and found more easily in the event of an accident.

2. If there are 12 fish in a tank and 5 of them drown, how many fish are left?

This is a trick question, since when we focus on solving the mathematical calculation, we forget that fish do not drown in water. Therefore, the answer is 12, since they remain the same.

3. What happened yesterday in Paris from 6 to 7?

How can we know what happened if we have not been? It is not necessary, because the only data we need is given by the same statement: what happened from 6 to 7 was an hour.

4. If a baby is born in Colombia, but goes to Ecuador after two years, where do its teeth grow?

To answer this trick question, you don't need to know when children's teeth grow or do any calculations. Teeth grow in mouth.

5. You are running in a race and you pass the person who is in second place, what position do you happen to be in?

This trick question may make you think that you would be in first place, but if you overtake the one who is second, you stay in his position: second place.

6. The word Paris begins with "P" and ends with "T", true or false?

It is true. The truth is that the word "Paris" begins with the letter "P" and the word "ends" begins with "T" too. A trick question with a lot of trap because of the way it is formulated.

7. If an electric train is moving north at 100 km / h and the wind is blowing west at 10 km / h, where will the smoke go?

This is another question tricked into your wording. It is an electric train, which does not smoke.

8. What is the question that no one can answer in the affirmative?

The answer is "Are you asleep?" Since if you are really asleep, you cannot answer the question.

9. In what month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

Many people will answer in the wrong way that it is celebrated in October, given the name of the revolution, but the truth is that it is celebrated in the month of November. When the revolution occurred, the Russians used the Julian calendar, in which that date was placed in October.

10. A father and son are on the road until their car crashes in an accident. The father dies and the son is taken to the hospital for surgery. It is a complicated operation, so they call a medical eminence of surgery to operate it. When he goes into the operating room he says: "I can't operate on him, he's my son." Why is this happening?

This question was recently used to raise awareness about the prevailing machismo in our society. One of the answers to this trick question is that the medical eminence is the mother of the child, but many people associate "medical eminence" with a man, so they do not consider that this person could be the mother.

11. A is the father of B. But B is not the son of A. How is it possible?

This is another trick question similar to the one above. B cannot be A's son because he is actually a girl and he is her daughter.

12. What goes up and down, but is still in the same place?

This is a difficult and thought-provoking question to answer, but the answer is easier than it sounds: it's the stairs.

13. What word would you use to describe a man who doesn't have all his fingers on one hand?

This other question also makes you think, but it is tricky because of how it is formulated. The answer is that he is a normal man, since no one has all the fingers on one hand.

14. What are camel hair brushes made of?

Although they receive this name, camel hair brushes are not really made of this material. They are usually made of squirrel, sable, goat hair or they can be simply synthetic hair.

15. How many months of the year have 28 days?

It might appear that the answer is February, which is only 28 days old. But the truth is that in reality every month they reach 28 days.

16. In which country are Panama hats manufactured?

This is another trick question because it makes us think that the answer is in the statement, but the truth is that these types of hats are made in Ecuador.

18. A truck driver is going down a street in the opposite direction, and he passes at least ten policemen on the road. Why don't they stop it?

This is a misleading question, since many would think that a truck is traveling on a street in the opposite direction. But no one thinks that the truck driver is on foot.

19. Why has a forty-two-year-old man only been able to celebrate ten birthdays?

The answer is that this man was born on February 29 of a leap year.

20. Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?

The highest mountain in the world was still Everest, they just hadn't discovered it yet.

21. What does it take to light a candle?

A candle can be lit in many ways, but what is surely needed is that it is extinguished in the first place.

22. If a plane crashes on the border between the United States and Canada, where are the survivors buried?

As much as you think about the answer, you may not realize that the survivors cannot be buried, since they are alive.

23. What do you sit on, sleep on and brush your teeth?

With this trick question you can spend a while thinking that it is a single object, but the truth is that its answer is: a chair, a bed and a toothbrush.

24. How long did the 100 Years War last?

This trick question has caused a lot of havoc in classrooms. This famous war lasted 116 years.

25. In what place is Thursday before Wednesday?

This is another trick question to rack your brains, but the answer is very simple: the dictionary is where Thursday goes before Wednesday.

26. I was going to Villa Vieja when I came across seven shepherds. Each shepherd with a sack, each sack with three sheep. How many shepherds went to Villa Vieja?

If the person was the one who was going to Villa Vieja, the shepherds he came across were leaving, therefore the answer is none. However, it is a trick question because it leaves you feeling like you have to do some kind of calculation.

27. It has cat ears and it is not a cat, it has a cat tail and it is not a cat, it has cat eyes and it is not a cat, then what is it?

Another question with a trap in the answer, because it is nothing more and nothing less than a cat, with the appearance of a cat but that is not a cat.

28. Do you know what children are called in Italy?

It is not necessary to know languages ​​to answer, because children in Italy are called as everywhere, by name.

29. Is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister?

We do not know if it is legal, but we doubt that it was possible, since a man must be dead to have a widow.

30. What is the longest day of the week?

In theory, all the days of the week have the same duration, but there is only one answer. If we put them in writing, the longest is Wednesday, since it has 9 letters.

31. What was the first name of King George VI?

Many people would rush to answer that the name is Jorge, but then they would fail the answer to this trick question, since it was very common to change the name when being named kings. The correct answer is Alberto.

32. What does it take for five people with a single umbrella not to get wet?

Many might think that the answer is elaborate, but the answer is as simple as that all it would take is for it not to rain.

33. Do you know what they call the elevator in Sweden?

Another trick question for which it is not necessary to know languages: elevators in Sweden are also called by pressing the button.

34. Two soldier friends go to war, one to Afghanistan and the other to Israel. What are the soldiers called?

Many will think that soldiers have to have a specific name, but the truth is that soldiers can be called by phone.

35. A girl is sitting in a place where even if she gets up and leaves, you will not be able to sit. Where are you sitting?

A question with a trick to think, but whose answer is very simple: the girl is sitting on her knees.

36. What year of the 20th century does not change if you turn the numbers around?

Nor does it take much thought when answering this question. It is about the year 1961.

37. Why does a giraffe drink more water in March than in February?

Giraffe expert? It is not necessary to be. A giraffe will probably drink more water in March because that month has more days than February.

38. In general, how many buttons should a shirt have to be considered elegant?

You also don't have to be an expert in etiquette to answer this trick question. It is enough for the shirt to have the same number of buttons as it has buttonholes.

39. What does a starving cow give?

The answer is grief. Many might answer that the starving cow will give little or bad milk, but the truth is that the cow will really hurt.

40. A person is approaching a field. If you don't open your backpack before you arrive, you will die. What do you carry in your backpack?

In this trick question, many people think of very intricate answers, but it is as simple as that the person is falling from the sky and what they carry in their backpack is a parachute.

41. If you only had one match and you walked into a dark room containing an oil lamp, burning wood, and a newspaper, which one would you light first?

You can spend a while thinking about which object would be better to light, but the truth is that in any case the first thing you would light would be the match.

42. If you have a bowl with six apples and you take four, how many do you have?

This is a tricky logic question, since it would be very easy to subtract and answer that there are two apples left. But the truth is that you have what you have are the four apples that you have taken.

43. What is it that if you have, you want to share it, and if you share it, you no longer have it?

It could be many things and you can rake your brain with the possibilities, but the answer is as simple as it is a secret.

44. What is it that always comes but never comes?

The answer is "tomorrow", because when it comes it happens to be today.

45. How much soil is in a hole 3 meters deep, 6 meters long, and 4 meters wide?

No matter how many calculations you do, you will not get the answer to this trick question. The correct answer is that there is no dirt because then it would no longer be a hole.

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