13 series similar to 'Dark' to see if you liked the Netflix phenomenon

'Dark', the original Netflix series has ended in its season 3, managing to become one of the most amazing global platform phenomena. 

From Germany, and in German, she explores concepts of time travel weaving a tremendously complex plot that revolves around Einstein's quote, "The distinction between past, present and future is just a stubbornly persistent illusion".

'Dark' is about children disappearing and being found dead in a small town with a nuclear power plant and an abandoned cave. 

The lineage of four families that serve as pivots of history is explored and their complicated time travel circuit between 1953, 1986, 2019 and 2052, interconnected past, present and future that dance as condemned in an endless loop of sinister tones and gloomy that drink from many influences.

Many have already seen 'Dark' in its entirety and, after the grand finale, they may be looking for some series that share their DNA and do their style and tone justice by dealing with similar themes: science fiction, mystery, weird disappearances and of course loops and time travel. 

In this list we give you some ideas to pass the duel for the end of the Netflix series.

'Doctor Who' (2005-)

Among the many plots and different episodes that we can find in ' Doctor Who ' there is almost everything. 

It is an infinite science fiction series in which many fans of 'Dark' will surely find interest, despite the fact that its tone is very different, since there is probably no more mythical series about time travel. 

In episodes like the acclaimed 'Blink', there is a non-linear narrative that connects with the most confusing moments of the intricate Netflix series.

The Perfume (Parfum, 2018)

One of the factors for which many public has found exotic 'Dark' is its origin and German phlegm. 

This other original Netflix miniseries shares its origin and is inspired by Patrick Süskind's film and novel of the same name, but, in its serial version, 'El Perfume' follows the scheme of new criminal thrillers, with the appearance of the body of a woman brutally murdered with her scent glands removed. 

The structure and confusing flashbacks are very reminiscent of those of 'Dark' , and like this, it is convenient to see it with pencil and paper.

12 monkeys (12 Monkeys, 2015-2018)

If the movie '12 monkeys' (12 monkeys, 1995) is one of the inspirations for 'Dark' in its grungy realism and somewhat nihilistic drama tone, the adaptation of the Syfy channel film seems to outline the way in which the plots.

They intertwine in the German series, from the forbidden romance through time and its looped, non-linear narrative that ends one of the most satisfying endings in recent television fiction.

Continuum (2012-2015)

'Continuum' is a science fiction series that, like 'Dark', addresses the duality of good and evil by entering its shades of gray, in it a law enforcement officer in a future corporate dystopian travels through time from 2077 to 2012 and the problems begin to change the future and return to its time.

Over four seasons, the series explores how changes from the past affect the future, with elements common to Netflix fiction, such as creating different timelines and the appearance of lost time travelers. 

Along with this, another undervalued time travel is 'Travelers' (2016-2018).

Twin Peaks (1990-2017)

David Lynch and Mark Frost's magnum opus has left its mark on almost any subsequent mystery series, so it is not difficult to follow its influence on 'Dark', since we have the discovery of a body in a town where its inhabitants hide secrets. 

While there are supernatural, fantasy or science fiction events. Recognized passion of Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, 'Twin Peaks' was a phenomenon of the 90s that has ended up generating a recent third season that managed to turn the concept of television fiction around again.

Fringe (2008-2013)

Like 'Dark', 'Fringe' incorporates mirror realities into its plot with alternate versions of some characters and also explores the complex mechanics of time travel. 

For five seasons, he follows an FBI agent alongside a mad scientist and her son as they investigate inexplicable phenomena in which science always has something to say. 

Although it begins with an episodic structure, its seasonal arches go deeper and deeper into the existence of the parallel universe .

'Stranger Things' (2016-)

Despite the fact that when 'Dark' was launched it showed that there were not many similarities, when it appeared on Netflix it was received as a German cousin of 'Stranger Things'. 

The fact of being an original series from the same platform and having a starting point with a missing child and scenes from the 80s was enough to relate them.

And although they have proven to be two very different animals, they both have small towns with supernatural events, science fiction, and horror, so anyone who likes one should not miss the other.

Glitch (2015-2019)

This Australian series reverses the starting point of most mystery series. 

Instead of strange disappearances, there is an inexplicable return to life of seven people who had recently passed away, but they are not zombies but they are in as good health as normal people. 

The quiz is to understand why it happens, since the seven are connected in some way and seek to find a truth in which science fiction is involved and, as 'Dark' has an enigmatic and dark tone.

The OA (2016-2019)

A young woman who had been missing for 7 years, suddenly returns, and refuses to speak about what happened to her during all those years. 

'The OA' is another serious and serious science fiction mystery that interconnects the drama in its slow development, establishing a strange situation with twists that are not seen to come. 

Searching for other missing people trapped in another dimension gives it an inescapable 'Dark' touch and is not a bad option within Netflix to get hooked on another fantastic puzzle.

'X-File' (1993-)

While 'Dark' has a flap color and tone similar to 'Millenium' (1996-1999), the creation of Chris Carter that influenced the creators of the series of Netflix was 'X - Files' (X-Files, 1993- ), for how he faced the supernatural mysteries, with an eye on science and another on terror and the fantastic pure. 

Furthermore, the recent revival of the series with the already legendary agents Mulder and Scully has made reviewing the series almost obligatory to understand how the genre is presented on television today.

Chernobyl (2019)

Much of what is related to the nuclear power plant in Widen, not only the accident but the many plots that happen in the offices and facilities and the subsequent drawing of a nuclear winter of the apocalypse posed by 'Dark' have a lot in common with the real disaster from Chernobyl, something that in Germany is not only not taken as a joke but marks much of its economic flow around renewables. 

In addition, the HBO series has a science fiction approach and staging, almost more pronounced than Netflix fiction.

The Missing (2014-2016)

One of the best European series of the past decade, and probably partly to blame for the dark and gloomy tone of 'Dark', with which it shares the starting point with the disappearance of a child in France.

When he was traveling around the country with her family and the fact that, despite not having fantastic elements, she is numbered in two moments of time, the past and the present, eight years after the events. His second season is even better.

Counterpart (2017-2019)

'Dark' implemented their time travel plots with alternate realities, so if you were left wanting more explorations of multiple universes, 'Counterpart' is your series.

It only lasted two seasons but her science fiction and espionage proposal between two worlds that reflect and are connected by a secret crossing in Berlin has been gaining followers despite being canceled. 

Two versions of the same characters, existential drama about human nature and how our lives can be changed by our choices are other themes in common with the Netflix phenomenon.

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