16 signs that you've finally found your soulmate

Is there a soul mate for each of us? Do you think you have found yours? This idea comes from the myth of the Androgyne, related by Plato in The Banquet. He says that in the beginning there were three sexes: the masculine, the feminine and the androgynous. 

The difference between these three species of men was born from that between its principles: the sun produced the masculine sex, the earth the feminine, and the moon the compound of both, which participated in the earth and the sun.

All men were spheres with four arms, four legs, and two faces on one head. The bodies of these beings were vigorous and robust, which led them to devise a plan to ascend to heaven and attack the gods. 

The implacable Zeus, faithful to his style, punished them by splitting them in two halves. In this way, men would not disappear completely (who would worship the gods if not?), But they would be very weakened, something very convenient for Olympus too. Since then, the souls of these beings travel life after life to meet again and return to being that perfect sphere.

Before and after Plato there have been many stories and theories about soul mates and, although none could be proven until today, a kind of brotherhood of people of all origins and ages claims to have met their soul mate. Perhaps even I am among them and, surely you too, that for some reason you have reached this article... 

Here I share some signs that you have found your soul mate, but never stop paying attention to the most important of all: the one your own heart screams at you.

1. I am warning you

This meeting is not necessarily romantic in nature nor does it involve wedding cake, little children scampering through the flowery field and a Disney movie ending. 

All this is very desirable and very beautiful, but the encounter with the soul mate is, above all, an impulse for the spiritual awakening of those involved. It is the beginning of a journey to the depths of your being, because your soul mate is your mirror and it is going to show you your divinity and your miseries without mercy. 

No one will make you happy if you are not happy and only by accepting and loving yourself will you be able to have a relationship with the other, be it your soul mate or another soul that you choose to accompany you on this path called lifetime.

2. Your relationship with your soul mate is like no other you have ever lived 

You never loved like this. And period. You feel that you love the whole of that person, even (or especially) its darkest and most painful corners, those that she believes make her unworthy of being loved.

Without anyone telling you about it, you know everything about your soul mate. There are no secrets between you, because they can be read with the eyes of the soul. Nothing can be hidden.

3. You are unable to judge her

Even though she has hurt you a lot and even if she hurts herself, your heart cannot judge her. You don't understand where so much compassion comes to you at once, because you weren't like that ... 

But suddenly you meet this person and you understand and accept absolutely everything about him. And not only does this miracle occur, but from this, your compassion for all living beings grows without measure.

4. You are unable to judge her

Even though she has hurt you a lot and even if she hurts herself, your heart cannot judge her. You don't understand where so much compassion comes to you at once, because you weren't like that ... 

But suddenly you meet this person and you understand and accept absolutely everything about him. And not only does this miracle occur, but from this, your compassion for all living beings grows without measure.

5. The physical encounter between soulmates always has movie characteristics

It is surrounded by synchronicities, causalities and mystery. A flight that is canceled and forces us to spend a couple of hours at the airport, a call to the wrong number, a place we went "by chance", because we were actually planning to go somewhere else.

6. And the synchronicities will continue throughout life

Her name appears to you even in the soup, all the radios in the world suddenly decide to play the songs that unite them and you will find yourself floating inexplicably in the perfume of your soul mate. 

You are going to want to stand in the middle of the street and shout: "Enough Universe, I already understood the message!"

7. They may also have several encounters and misunderstandings throughout life, until the two are ready for the intensity and dedication that this union requires

It is even possible that they have unknowingly been in the same places at the same time. 

And that they have gone through the same processes (weddings, births, trips, crises) at the same time or at the same age. It may also happen that, even before meeting in person, they have dreamed of themselves.

8. It seems that the wind is always bringing them a little closer

When they finally meet, they feel very comfortable, as if they've known each other for life. Communication flows "through the mouth of the heart." 

Something is activated in the soul of the two, they begin to remember each other, as if they had returned home after a long journey. The keys are always in the eyes and in the voice of your soulmate, who carry a secret code that only you can recognize.

9. They may resemble each other physically...

And they may also both have physical characteristics that would never have been attractive to someone else, but which they adore in their soulmate!

It is also possible that, after the first meeting, drastic physical changes will occur in both of you or one of you. Weight loss, change of habits, if one smoked, quit smoking or another radically changes the diet. It is as if they are both preparing to be the best version of themselves.

Making love with your soulmate makes you completely change your idea of ​​what it was to make love. Did you ever imagine that you could make love with your whole being, with your hair, with your guts, with your dreams and with your soul? Well that.

10. Sometimes it is also necessary that, after the initial meeting, the two experience long periods of separation

They may be painful, but also the ones with the most learning. This happens so that everyone can focus on whatever needs to heal. If they were together, the focus would naturally be on the couple and personal growth would be neglected. And do not forget that the path of soul mates is a path of self-knowledge and strengthening of love for oneself.

11. But they both know that they will meet again sometime

Although you have not been told and even if nothing is written, you have a new faith that, from now on, will be the guiding force.
It is common that between you there are what would be obstacles to other relationships: that you live in different countries, that there is a great difference in age, that one or both of you are engaged in other relationships. Sometimes this is also a reason for separation between soulmates.

12. It is also possible that one is more spiritually developed than the other

Still, know that you are always in communication because your souls are. They always accompany each other and it is not uncommon for them to communicate by telepathy or through dreams. Pay attention, relax and listen ...
They may even feel the presence of their soulmate, a caress or a kiss.
The magnetism between you is noticeable to those who are fortunate enough to see you together. They emanate love. Those who observe them in a separate social gathering, each on his own, can perceive the energetic thread that unites them.

13.  For a long time, they don't feel the need to talk about this relationship with many people, nor to formalize it or give it a name 

It is something intimate, it is your treasure!
Looking each other in the eye can be too overwhelming an experience. It is entering another dimension, in which time does not exist. In fact, two things usually happen: either they cannot stop looking deeply or they cannot even look each other in the eye.

14. The encounter (or reunion) with the soul mate opens the spiritual path

And part of that path is finding our mission in this life. That is the great challenge of soulmates, to grow each one separately to be able to transform together and provide that loving force to the world.

It is a love that never dies. And perhaps this is the greatest gift that the encounter with our soul mate brings us: discovering that true love is eternal and lives in our hearts. 

That nobody takes it and nobody brings it, but it was always there, waiting to be discovered. And there is no more beautiful way of living than sharing this new love with everything and everyone. If you are separated, remember: this meeting is a gift, live it day by day with all the emotions and the teachings it has to give you.

16. That does not mean that they cannot meet other fellow souls and be very happy

What's more, it is very likely that you will, because now true love, that unconditional and infinite, is part of you. But the love they create with their soulmate will never end. They will continue looking for each other, life after life, to remember it.

Meanwhile, enjoy the love that lives in your heart, because nobody takes love, it belongs to you, so put it where it is needed. Cultivate and grow. Become the best version of yourself, that when one of you is radiant, the other receives that energy as well, even if you are thousands of miles away.

And this is how Robert's handsome man (Clint Eastwood) described it to the beautiful Francesca in The Bridges of Madison: “So here I am, walking around with someone else inside me. Although I think I expressed it better the day we separated, when I said that there is a third person that we have created from the two of us. And now, that other being lies in wait for me ”.

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