What is calamari?

What is calamari? Squid or also known as Teutido, belongs to the family of carnivorous cephalopod molluscs, hence it is nothing.

Very similar to their close relatives, the octopuses, these are also made up of 8 elongated arms plus a pair of tentacles completely covered with suction cups which of which have a very curious characteristic and that is that if by any circumstance it loses this type of Suckers naturally or by the struggle of an enemy that has tried to eat it, it is never able to recover it, losing it forever.

It is a truly fascinating animal to see you in its natural habitat for the translucent colors it has covering a wide variety of them.

It has been recognized that approximately squid are grouped into 29 different families, of which they are broken down into more than 300 different species of squid.

If you want to discover how it survives, what type of food it carries and what type of natural animals are its enemies, it goes without saying, if you keep reading you will discover it for yourself.

What is a squid?

Squids are carnivorous cephalopod molluscs, also known as teutids.

They are invertebrate animals that have similarities to octopuses thanks to two tentacles filled with suction cups from top to bottom along with 8 arms.

These aquatic animals are excellent swimmers as are their closest relatives: Nautilus, cuttlefish, and octopuses.

How is a squid?

Squids and a really curious physical appearance in the shape of an elongated cigar and with unique and different colors for each specimen or at least with distinguished variations among them.

Its body is made up of eyes, mouth or beak, and 10 limbs, two of them are tentacles and the other 8 missing are the arms similar to those of octopuses.

And also along their body on their sides, they have a pair of fins that are the cause and control their side and the direction where they want to go.

How long is it that even though they belong to the family of the different animals already mentioned, it has a characteristic and unique feature of which it does not have an external cover like the rest of the mollusks, but they have it internally, helping it to move? Your muscles.

What does squid eat?

If you did not imagine, I will confirm that the squid is a carnivorous and voracious animal like the most, it eats from fish to the odd invertebrate, which once their nets fall, it is very difficult for any to escape.

He uses his most lethal weapons, which are his tentacles and his jaw where a very sharp and very hard beak hides that can turn the prey into a thousand pieces.

The feeding of squids is based on the intake of crabs, shrimp, countless different species of aquatic fish and there are even cases that if hunger squeezes there are cases of cannibalism so they can be eaten between them.

The way to effectively hunt any surviving animal from squid over the thousands of years that it has existed on our planet has been able to adapt in such a way to the seabed that you have wanted many qualities and advantages that allow it Capture their prey with amazing agility and speed, grabbing them with their very strong tentacles to finish the job, destroying them with their beaks.

Where do squids live?

The places where squids live the most are as abundant as in areas of fresh and salt water.

To have a body as revolutionized if not able to adapt completely naturally and without any effort to any aquatic ecosystem, they do not mind living in the deep sea or on the surface, also going through both hot and cold temperatures.

And as a general rule and encompassing all the different types of squid that exist, among them the largest are found in greater depth and the smallest, almost on the surface.

How long they live?

Squid life expectancy is short, they do not exceed 3 years of age in most cases.

This time of age we say in a generic way since most species do not reach even a year of life but if we look for example the giant squid these do reach the life time that we have said.

How is its reproduction?

It is thanks to the female that this species still exists since they have internal organs evolved in such a way that they dedicate themselves exclusively to construction and manufacturing to eat.

In the back of his visceral mass they have located or rather he has only one ovary that has no color, is translucent.

Otherwise, males lack this system but have their own, such as having a bag with spermatophores with the sole function of using it while reproducing with the female in order to fertilize it.

In 99% of cases the female once after spawning, tan to make way for new baby squid to hatch.

How many eggs are the squids able to lay?

The eggs that female squid lay are not found in units but by kilos, being able to deposit up to almost a dozen pounds.

When these eggs hatch, the squid hatchlings, known as baby squid, appear.

How many hearts do squids have?

Squids have three hearts in charge of moving all the blood around their body.

Are they able to spit ink?

Of course yes. Squids have the bag inside their body which contains ink.

The aid is painted in a dark color and allows it to be used for different situations. One of these that is the most common is to use it as a defense system, launching it towards its predatory enemies who want to eat them, making them confused, being able at these moments of confusion to start a perfect life and hide to protect themselves and lengthen their days.

Do squids have enemies and / or are they in danger of extinction?

There is not a single animal in the entire animal kingdom, both terrestrial and marine, that do not have their own enemies and the squid was not going to be the exception.

Sharks, penguins, moray eels, seals, dolphins and sea turtles are his main enemies but he has many more. Marine life is very extensive so we only name the best known and most common squid stalkers.

The sea has always been the fruit of constant food for humans and squid has always been one of their favorite products to include in our diets.

In countries like Mexico, Japan, even Italy, it is that type of invertebrate molluscs have an exquisite fame in terms of gastronomy, we refer to them as they are highly coveted foods for consumption.

Since we can remember, we have always tried to catch and fish squid for our own benefit, but until today this has not led to the conclusion that this animal is in danger. Squids are not endangered.

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