How to increase the attractiveness of your website? [4 super easy tips]

From the first moment a user arrives at a web page, it forms an immediate opinion of what they see. Depending on what appears on the page, the user will decide to stay or close the tab.

But beyond this there is another obstacle to be overcome by the creator of the page: the challenge of keeping the visitor interested so that they stay browsing the website as much as possible and enjoy the available content. In order to please the reader, a good amount of time is usually spent on the appearance and presentation of the websites.

Among the elements that make a website attractive are:
  • Esthetic
  • Design
  • Ease of navigation
  • Intuitiveness of the page.

When it comes to design, the interface should be simple, but aesthetically beautiful. It better be minimalist. With too many elements on the page users will be distracted and will not know where to look. This can be quite overwhelming.

An example of how to get things done is JackpotCity Casino.  The site uses clear lettering, an eye-catching aesthetic, and an elegant black background. The logo of the organization must also enter through the eyes and must be characterized by its simplicity and memorability.

Beyond the purely aesthetic it can be interesting to show from the beginning and at the top of the page a few central elements that welcome as Airbnb does. Above all, a direct appeal to the target audience may appear with a use of everyday vocabulary that explains what the page can offer the user.

The section that shows the sections to visit on the page (Home, About us, Contact ...) should be just as simple. Here we will try to minimize the number of sections so that this bar does not collide with the other initial contents of the page. Dropbox does this well, with only two sections in the header: "For teams" and "For individuals".

In addition to this, it may be a good idea to include an explanatory video to give the page a more intuitive element. Also link accounts on social networks to give credibility and a feeling of trust to the service.

In general, it is advisable not to welcome the Internet user with long paragraphs, too many moving images or gifs. Although it is essential to include some visual element that attracts attention in an attractive way. It could be precisely this same thing that makes a business successful or not.

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