How to choose a hosting for your company's website?

The website of your company can be a very important showcase to increase your sales or service demand. However, if you do not have a good page that responds well to your visits, you may even lose customers due to a bad user experience.

One of the main factors that you must take into account when creating your own website is choosing a good hosting. For us it is a fundamental factor and in this article we are going to tell you why.

Why is it important to choose a good hosting?

Having a quality web hosting will allow you to give a good service to your customers with a fast, secure website that is always online.

To achieve all this you must consider some aspects that we mention below and that will help you not to make a mistake in your choice.

Server location

It is very important to know where your visits come from, from which country you are going to get the most clients in order to host your website on a nearby server. 

It is not the same to host your website on a server in Asia when most of your visits come from Latin America than to host your website in a good web host in Mexico for example. Your page will be served much faster in this second option making navigation much easier and faster.

If your visits are spread around the world and you are not clear where to host your website, another option may be to host it on your preferred server but use a CDN.

A CDN is a service that has your website hosted in different data centers distributed throughout the world. In this way, your website will be served to each visitor from the closest datacenter to their location. This way you make sure that your website loads as fast as possible. This, whatever the country the visitor comes from at all times.

If you do not know where to start, Cloudflare offers you a free service and it is also very easy to configure.

Hosting with SSDs

Today it is essential to have a hosting company that offers SSDs. Most quality companies offer them but there are still sites that do not. Look at it since with SSDs your website will load much faster.

To give you an idea, an SSD (solid-state drive, a type of storage device that uses non-volatile memory, like flash memory, instead of magnetic disks like conventional hard drives) is at least double faster than an HDD (hard drive disk). This speed makes the operating system faster. 

This is noticeable not only in programs or games, but also allows faster serving of web pages, which is also very important. In addition, they have a longer duration.

The price of this type of disc is higher than the old HDDs but as they advance in features, their price also decreases more and more.

In our opinion today, all hosting companies should offer SSDs.

Backups and anti-hacking measures

It is essential to hire a web hosting that is safe. For this, we consider it important that the company make regular backup copies of all your content. And, if possible, allow you to retrieve those copies yourself when necessary.

Likewise, it is interesting that your hosting has anti-hacking protection measures to have your site protected. In this sense, it is convenient for you to have a web hosting optimized for the CMS that you are going to use and which provides you with extra protection for your websites. 

An example is using Imunify360, a firewall with community immunity with self-learning capacity, so it improves as new threats emerge.

Likewise, it is very important that your company specifies well how many backups it makes and whether they are daily or not. Also for how long each one of them stores. If you can recover them whenever you want and restore them by yourself or it has an additional cost if you need them.

Many people are surprised when they make a mistake with their website and realize that their hosting is not backing up. Or that they want to charge you a high amount to restore it. It is something that all companies should offer but it is not. For this reason we recommend that you inform yourself before choosing a specific hosting.

Technical support and customer service

As an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, you have enough to manage your business to also worry about the proper functioning of your site. 

To avoid problems when something goes wrong, it is best to have a hosting that offers good support and helps you when you need it. It is something that is not given much importance. But the moment you really need it is when you miss it.

Always check what means of communication your chosen company offers, if it has telephone, chat, ticket, email support ... and if they are available all day or only during reduced hours.

Capacity of your hosting plan and its characteristics

Finally, we recommend you pay close attention to the characteristics of the plan you are going to hire. Take a good look at the fact that it fulfills everything you need, so you won't be surprised later.

See how many sites you can host within the same plan. There are companies that need to host multiple web pages in one place. If this is your case, look at it.

Equally important is seeing the size of your website , if you are going to host a lot of images or heavy content. In this case you may need a plan with a lot of space.

If you expect to have many visits, see that the company does not limit the number of monthly visits you can have. Or that the contracted traffic is sufficient for your site.

Existence of an SLA by the hosting company

An SLA or service level agreement is a document written by the service provider. It explains what the web hosting company is in charge of and what is not.

In this SLA, the company guarantees server response times and availability. Likewise, it is made clear in which cases and conditions the company is responsible for server outages, for example.

In this SLA the conditions and rewards that will be granted to the client in case of not providing a quality service at a certain time will be clear.

Hosting performance: dedicated vs. shared

The difference between having a shared hosting and a dedicated server is very big. A dedicated one will always be better, but it will also be more expensive. In addition to that you must know how to manage it or have someone to manage it for you.

While, in a shared hosting you “share” the characteristics of your server among several users (that's why it is cheaper), a dedicated one is exclusively for you.

Depending on the type of project you have and especially your budget, you must hire one or the other option.

In any case, thanks to the quality offered by various companies today, well-configured shared hosting plans can be achieved that “separate” each space on the shared server for each user. This ensures that what a client does with their websites does not influence your projects at all. They are like having dedicated little ones at shared prices.

How to get the best hosting at the best price?

To finish our article, we want to give you a recommendation so that you can get quality web hosting at the best price.

Choosing a good hosting is not just one that has the best features. You should choose one that has the best value for money . Our goal is to get a company that has good benefits but at an attractive price for us.

If you look, most companies offer juicy promotions when hiring your first web hosting plan. This is because they intend to attract new customers with these promotions.

The best thing you can do is make the most of it by hiring your plan for 2 or more years. As a general rule they allow you to pay up to 3 years on your first contract. 

In this way you take advantage of the reduced price for three years and not just one. Remember that when you renew your hosting plan you must do it at its usual price and not the promotional price.

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