Presley the Great Dane that some call the real life Scooby Doo

Presley the Great Dane that some call the real life Scooby Doo. It is a "little boy" almost two meters tall and weighing 83 kg called "Presley". Many already call it the "Scooby Doo" of real life.

When the Great Dane confronts a dog, even a tiny one, he runs off in search of a hug and the comfort of his owner Sian Barrett, 47, from Oldbury (United Kingdom).

Presley even has a blanket that she uses as a shelter to stop feeling scared and many times she loves to put it in her mouth.

“Presley is without a doubt the Scooby Doo of real life, he is afraid of everything. He is always scared of smaller dogs and hides from plastic bags. He hates the creaking of plastic and is always scared when he hears it. " "He is such a shy dog ​​that I have to leave the room every time I have plastic bags," explains Mrs. Barrett.

“He was recently walking in the park with Presley and was scared of a West Highland Terrier, which is dwarf compared to him. Presley did not return until the other dog left and was safe. In no way does his temperament match his size, which is two meters high, but he is afraid of everything. ”

But Mrs. Barrett says that the biggest fear of "Scooby Doo" is the vacuum cleaner and the plastic bags.

Without a doubt, be that as it may, this nice dog has conquered us all. We are sure that Scooby Doo or Presley will delight us with many fun moments throughout their lives.

We remember the most famous dog breeds on the planet, those you will never forget because we all loved Lassie, Pancho, Scooby Doo ... Do you know the breed of Rex, the detective dog? At some point in your life did you want to know what breed is Pancho, the dog of the primitive? We will tell you!

Starting today, don't be ashamed of your past dreams again because after researching these celebrities' dog breeds, it would be weird not to want them. At Wamiz, we show you all the hidden details about these movie and television characters who made, do and will make our hearts beat for the work and grace of their movie scenes.

1. The Scooby Doo Race

The most famous detective dog on the small screen is a Great Dane . One of the largest dog breeds that exist since these furry can weigh 80 kilos and measure a meter in height. You imagine?

This type of dog is characterized by being suspicious of strangers to the point of becoming very aggressive. Two points that have nothing to do with our beloved Scooby doo. 

He was somewhat fearful and too loving to belong to this race. Features designed by the creator of the Iwao Takamoto series with the aim of pleasing the little ones. There is no doubt that he succeeded!

2. What race is Lassie?

It is a Collie with long hair. We all have a friend, family member or acquaintance who has a dog like Lassie. 

This furry became so famous thanks to his series that very few people know the name of the breed to which he belongs since for many having the company of a furry like this, it is having their own Lassie at home.

These dogs show the same behavior that the pet showed in the production. Loving, homey and very smart. Characteristics that all Collies have, dogs that for centuries were in charge of caring for flocks of sheep.

3. Pancho

Everyone knew him as Pancho (2000-2016), the famous dog from the Lottery announcement. However, his real name was Cook. 

This cute animal stole several smiles from us thanks to its advertisements on the small screen and its great role in the television series Aqui Hay Hay Quien Viva. He was an active, happy, and insatiable Jack Rusell Terrier who honored each and every one of his breed's characteristics. 

4. Beethoven's race

The Beethoven of the famous film is the best-known Saint Bernard dog breed  in film history. The movie, Beethoven. 

One more in the family, he broke records while showing the world how a furry of such size allowed himself to be loved that way. These dogs have a very special character since their weight and height are left out when it comes to giving love to children and putting adults in a bad mood for some mischief.

5. Rex

Who can forget this agent so special ? Honestly, nobody! This German Shepherd responded from the first minute of each chapter of the series to all the characteristics of his breed. 

Docile, guardian, intelligent, cunning, brilliant ... what more could you ask for if he was in charge of solving Austria's most perfect crimes!

6. Snowy, the dog of Tintin

Everyone knows, in any case fans of Tintin comics, that the reporter's dog responds to the name of Snowy. 

This fictional furry was created by and for the comics of the saga but, his fame was able to cross the pages of his books. Snowy is a Fox Terrie r with hard white fur. These dogs are calm as well as rebellious when they distrust something or someone. A whole character!

7. Frank

There are funny, fearless and adventurous dogs, and then there is Frank. A Carlino dressed in a black suit and loaded with a bad attitude. Do you remember his stellar appearance in Men in Black? 

Dog Frank is actually an alien who works selling information to MIBs. Those canines are very sensitive and melancholic although Frank seems the opposite.

8. Marley

Marley marked a doggy era in today's cinema because this Golden Labrador Retriever stole our hearts (to the point that I am looking for an image of him and my tears fall remembering the moments lived next to John Grogan). 

Fun, faithful, hyperactive, protective and ... adorable on fashion! This is how we saw it on the big screen and there is no doubt that we can adopt one with the same characteristics to accompany us in the most important moments of our lives.

9. Pluto

The best friend Mickey Mouse resembles the breed Bloodhound , some dogs that have an endearing awkwardness. 

His drooping ears and sad look make him a melancholic animal. In short, those who are left to love. This positions him as the ideal dog for children since they give love in abundance while playing with the little ones to find important clues to face unforeseen challenges.

10. Fog

Oh, what would Heidi be without her dog Fog! Or, better yet, who would take care of her grandfather when she leaves with her evil aunt. 

This Saint Bernard who adored eating snails, sleeping and watching the house in the Alps marked the entire generation that enjoyed watching the adventures of this mischievous girl in the middle of nature. 

Fog is the pet that we all want to have for being an unconditional support in sad and happy moments.

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