5 types of plants ideal for the balcony

Whether to eat them or simply admire your beauty, these plants will breathe new life into your balcony.

Living in the middle of the city, with high incomes and small spaces, can not only be stressful, it can even be depressing. That is why it cannot be left out of the conversation to decorate our home according to our passions, but also to give it life through plants.

If you have a balcony that is the perfect place to fill with color and, why not, a little food, so that your home has a vibrant and happy life. It is there, a space in which light and air allow things to grow better than in any other space in your home, that you can discover the miracle of taking care of something alive and watching it grow with pride .


The lemon has been adapted to grow in small spaces . Remember that depending on the seeds and the soil you use, you will grow a certain type of lemon. And of course, the altitude in the area you are in also affects, but without a doubt this is a plant that you can easily grow and that will always be delicious.


One of the easiest fruits to grow. You only need four slices in a pot to start germinating one of the versatile and delicious plants, remember to give them a lot of water and a lot of sun, especially at the beginning, because that way they will grow with many nutrients that you can later take advantage of to make sauces, cook them or eat them in a salad.


If your thing is not to grow to eat, but to admire, geraniums are attractive flowers thanks to their really vivid colors and they are also really easy to grow . You just need to give them lots of light, not let the cold finish them off, and water them, as well as fertilize them every two weeks.


If geraniums are beautiful, but more than anything their aroma is what stands out, the colors of the begonias will steal your pupils and heart. 

You should leave them moderately in the shade, their land is a little more demanding, so giving them a little humus is the right thing, they need to water up to three times a week and the best way to make them grow as expected is if you do not move them from their place, because they are quite temperamental.

Dwarf orange tree

If you are looking for something that you can consume, but at the same time it is beautiful for the eyes, do not forget the dwarf orange tree. This type of orange is not good to eat raw, but in addition to having a delicious aroma, it serves to create rich jams or put them in refreshing drinks. 

Help her grow up to a meter by guiding her trunks with ties that take her up. Let the light come through a window, but be careful with the magnifying effect, because the last thing you want is to burn it.

These plants will fill your balcony with life and soon you will have so much work that you will not know what to do. But if you grow them from the beginning, you will realize that there are few things that you enjoy as much as growing your beautiful plants on your balcony.

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