What is mamba? Everything about mamba snakes must know

The Black Mamba snake is considered the largest of all the snakes found around Africa, it is also considered one of the deadliest, it has a very powerful venom and they have many people scared, they are fast and aggressive, they attack at a time of advance notice.

Características. hábitat, reproducción y alimentación de la mamba ...
What is mamba? Everything about mamba snakes must know
These snakes are approximately 14 feet long, however, they are thin, and weigh around 1.5 kilos, despite being thin they are strong and fast.

A person can be confused by the name that this species has, however they are not black, but gray, green or yellow, the color will depend on the natural environment they are in, they combine to find prey, this camouflage will Helps reduce the chances of being noticed by multiple predators.

The color inside its mouth is black and this is very special for any species of snake, many people think that these snakes are bad due to these particular characteristics , it is a myth that has happened in many cultures for hundreds of years, these snakes in particular they are able to move at a speed of up to 12 kilometers per hour when traveling long distances.

Black mamba snake behavior

Although they are aggressive they have the opportunity to run when they can, they are fast and if they are cornered they can be very dangerous, they lay eggs around them, if they are shaken they hit the ground. When they move quickly they take off a third of their body from the ground, seeing this is truly amazing.

black mamba snakeThe behavior of this species of snake is unknown. Due to their speed and since they are always hidden, experts do not know this behavior, they are known to whistle and open their mouths when they feel threatened.

When they bite they will do it consecutively, that is why they are so dangerous to humans, they can attack quickly before a human being sees them, they put their tongues out of their mouths to know what is happening around them, they release large amounts poison when they bite.

Habitat and Distribution of the black mamba snake

They exist in several places in Africa, for example in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, the largest number are in the Republic of the Congo, they can live at approximately a height of 5,900 feet, but they tend to be in the lowlands, however, as their habitat. natura l is running out, their food sources are also being depleted, because of this have adapted to areas where they had never been able to survive.

Snakes will find a good place to live as long as their basic needs are met, they live in swamps, in forests, and even along savannas, they are able to thrive on little food where it is hot and humid, a Once they have a family environment it is almost impossible for them to leave where they are.

Diet and feeding habits of the black mamba snake

In general, this species lives in trees, they can find enough food there, they also have an ideal camouflage to keep well hidden, they are able to sit and wait for different types of prey to come where they are and thus be able to feed, they can also bite and inject poison into prey, or swallow it in one bite.

Reproductionof the black mamba snake

This species takes part in the mating process in the spring or summer, they need warm temperatures, the time may vary depending on the location, the males will come looking for the females, they may have to fight each other, for Both your level of aggressiveness and tensions will increase during this time period.

Females are very selective with their partners, it is not understood why they reject some males, however others are welcome and stay for a short period of time to mate, once the mating is done the female does not want to be close to the male, so she will become extremely aggressive if the male does not leave.

The female black mambas snakes can have 10 to 25 eggs inside their body, it will release them in an area of ​​hot vegetation because the eggs need heat to complete the incubation process, newborns have to be able to take care of themselves from the same time they hatch from the eggs.

A few newborns will reach adulthood, for most of them the first days and weeks are the end of their lives, as they are not fast enough and are not trained to stay away from predators.

Black mamba snake predators

The species of Black Mamba snakes should be concerned with predators that exist in the wild, they are vulnerable to mongooses, they have resistance to bites and the venom of these snakes, they feed on their eggs when they have been deposited and on newly hatched born when they haven't been out of the shells for a long time.

Humans tend to be the biggest problem for these snakes, because they will try by all means to kill them, as well as destroy their eggs, they destroy all the hopes of reproduction of this species of snakes, in some areas these snakes are they consume as a food source for poor populations.

Poisonous bite and danger to humans

Human beings must take precaution with the species of Black Mamba snakes, since these have a very strong venom and on numerous occasions combine it when they strike. 

The largest number of people affected are the workers in the sugar cane fields, since they have to do the work by hand and they do not notice the snakes facially as their colors mix with the color of the cane.

Anti venom must be injected quickly to the person who has been bitten by this snake, with a time span of no more than 20 minutes, workers must have the anti venom in the field, for when these incidents occur, despite Since the bite of these snakes is dangerous, workers have to work in order to take care of their families.

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