The 80 best phrases of Loyalty

This personal virtue is a sign of critical conscience and companionship. Loyalty is a really interesting personal characteristic, because this great quality shows the personal recognition and esteem that we have towards someone.

The 80 best phrases of Loyalty
The 80 best phrases of Loyalty

During our life, loyalty to us will normally be professed by our closest family and friends, letting us glimpse which people around us really care about our safety and future.

Knowing how to surround ourselves with people who have great loyalty to us will be an essential requirement to achieve our goals in the future, because only the people most faithful to us will truly help us on our path to personal success.

Great phrases about loyalty and nobility
Would you like to know the most interesting phrases that speak about this magnificent quality?

Then you can enjoy the 80 best phrases of Loyalty , an enviable characteristic that only the noblest people possess.

1. When the battle rages, the soldier's loyalty is tested. ( Martin Luther )
In the most difficult situations we demonstrate our true way of being.

2. Loyalty and devotion lead to courage. Courage leads to the spirit of sacrifice. The spirit of sacrifice builds trust in the power of love. (Morihei Ueshiba)
When a person shows loyalty, he will normally also possess other great qualities.

3. The ways of loyalty are always straight. ([Charles Dickens] (Charles Dickens))
Being clear and concise will teach others that we are legit.

4. The fidelity that has been bought with money can be overcome by money. ( Seneca )
Money can buy social relationships, but you can never buy true loyalty.

5. Loyalty does not depend on circumstances because it is the permanence of principles. (Francisco Garzón Céspedes)
Our personal principles and values ​​will tell us to whom we must keep loyalty.

6. A promise is a vague concept until the moment the concept of loyalty comes into play. (Yukio Mishima)
It is our values ​​that will compel us to keep our promises.

7. I belong to the people I love and belong to me; they, and the love and loyalty that I give them, form my identity much more than any word or group could ever do. (Veronica Roth)
Loyalty is usually given by the love we have for that person, this is perhaps a small sample of the great affection we have.

8. Loyalty means giving me your honest opinion, whether you think I will like it or not. (General Colin Powell)
If we are loyal to someone we must also be sincere, since without sincerity there is no type of loyalty.

9. The scholar does not consider gold as a precious treasure, but loyalty and good faith. ( Confucius )
People's values ​​are much more important than any material good.

10. No friend is as loyal as a book. ( Ernest Hemingway )
Books can be very powerful allies, they will always be there for us.

11. Change the world with hard work and loyalty, not with your words and dreams. (Jarman Sandhu)
Acts are much more important than words, because words are mere promises and acts are irrefutable.

12. Loyalty cannot be printed. It cannot be produced on an assembly line because its origin is in the human heart, the center of self-respect and human dignity. (Maurice R. Franks)
Those most valuable values ​​that we possess as individuals cannot be artificially manipulated. These values ​​will only be born in us if we really feel them.

13. Within men's hearts, loyalty and consideration are appreciated more than success. (Bryant H. McGill)
Our work successes do not determine who we really are, but our emotions do.

14. Total loyalty is possible only when fidelity is devoid of any concrete content from which changes of opinion naturally arise. (Hannah Arendt)
We must not allow third parties to manipulate our feelings, we must be very clear about our ideas.

15. Loyalty is a decision, a resolution of the soul. (Pascal Mercier)
Many times we do not choose our loyalties, those people simply earn it freehand.

16. Love is, without a doubt, the most intense of feelings because it is the sum of many; In love, as I understand it, the necessary chemistry between two people converges, eroticism, loyalty and the most absolute sincerity. (Luis Sepúlveda)
Love can awaken in us other emotions just as valuable; This is, without a doubt, the most valuable emotion that a human being can feel.

17. Geniuses conceive and structure a great cause and carry it out but they do not serve or take advantage of it for themselves. The great satisfaction is in having faithfully and loyally interpreted the hopes and hopes of the people. (Hipólito Yrigoyen)
Being true to ourselves will be something that will help us pursue those dreams that we once had.

18. It is not only interesting but profoundly important that students perceive the differences in understanding the facts, the sometimes antagonistic positions among teachers in the appreciation of problems and in the formulation of solutions. But it is essential that they perceive the respect and loyalty with which a teacher analyzes and criticizes the positions of others. (Paulo Freire)
When we hold a position of power, we are compelled to earn the respect and loyalty of those below us.

19. Showing genuine interest in others will not only bring you friends, but can also create customer loyalty to the company. (Dale Carnegie)
The attitude we have towards others will awaken in them negative or positive emotions. Being positive will help us to get positive reactions to us.

20. It is easier to desire and get the attention of tens of millions of total strangers than to accept the affection and loyalty of those closest to you. (William Gibson)
The people closest to us are the engine of our lives, we must always keep great affection and respect for them.

21. I have never had a moment in my career where I have betrayed my instincts. I have never shot a movie for money. I have not changed in the selection process and my loyalty to the job is the same from the beginning. (Johnny Depp)
In this quote we can see how the great Johnny Depp has always been faithful to his principles.

22. Loyalty is something that everyone talks about and very few practice it, for the simple reason that it is not a spiritual position available to everyone, nor is everyone prepared to be loyal. (Ramón Carrillo)
The great emotions are only reserved for people capable of feeling them, not all of us are in contact with our most emotional side.

23. Loyalty has as consequences the security of walking on a straight path, without instability or disturbances; and the affirmation of this certainty: that good sense and happiness exist. (Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer)
Staying true to our principles will help us chart a straighter path in our lives.

24. Loyalty is the shortest path between two hearts. ( José Ortega y Gasset )
A really poetic and sincere phrase, love will always need our loyalty.

25. Loyalty has a calm heart. (William Shakespeare)
Knowing a person perfectly will help us to trust him or her.

26. Loyalty to the revolutionary program, irreconcilable hostility to the bourgeoisie, decisive break with the social patriots, deep confidence in the revolutionary force of the masses: these are the main lessons of October. (Leon Trotsky)
The great revolutions have always required the absolute loyalty of their participants, otherwise they could never have been conceived.

27. The rebellion was, however, finally put down, but this was perhaps only made possible by the unconditional loyalty of the Marines and the voluntary resumption of that loyalty by influential sections of the crew. (Herman Melville)
The military have always kept great loyalty to their homeland, as this is a totally necessary condition to be able to serve in any military body.

28. The game is my wife. It demands loyalty and responsibility, and it makes me feel fulfilled and at peace. (Michael Jordan)
Being faithful and constant in our training will give us the opportunity to achieve our best version as athletes.

29. Work and consecrate your loyalty to the man who reports on your effectiveness and to whoever approves it. If you don't, you'll never make it to general. (Andrew Clarke)
The highest military ranks will always be reserved for those people who have demonstrated their blind loyalty to their nation.

30. Kindness in the father, filial piety in the son; gentleness in the older brother, humility and respect in the younger; fair behavior in the husband, obedience in the wife; human consideration in the elderly, respect in the minors; benevolence in the rulers, loyalty in the ministers and the subjects. (Confucius)
In this quote, Confucius talks about the qualities most necessary to create a happy society. We must be the best version of ourselves.

31. There is something that does not give the social class, nor the money, nor the power nor the intelligence; it is something that is carried within, that is born with it: loyalty.
Our values ​​and principles must always be above any monetary value, these qualities must never be sold. If we sell them, we can never get them back.

32. Only those who can prove their loyalty to consumer behavior find admission in the most select circles of the consumer society. For the young man who climbs the social ladder (or even the young man who simply does not want to go down the social ladder), conspicuous consumption is not so much the prize as the price of success. (Marvin Harris)
Knowing to whom we must give our loyalties is essential, making mistakes can be very expensive.

33. I accuse myself of candor, of always having preferred intelligence to loyalty, of having been seduced by the brilliance of the intelligent, of not taking care of the faithful fidelity of the faithful. (Leopoldo Calvo-Sotelo)
Guessing which people are worth it can be really complicated, we must know a person a lot in order to get a realistic idea about him or her.

34. Such a man thinks that fear can win loyalties. Many masters with a whip can attest that it works. No loyalty is earned, only obedience, and only while the whip is present. (Orson Scott Card)
Bad attitudes will take its toll on us in the future, we can be totally sure of that.

35. A letter is always sacred, because it is or because it can be the expression of the intimacy of a few moments of our soul, whose fleetingness is entrusted to the loyalty of the recipient. (Von Keyserling)
Where were the letters that were sent in the past? Emails have taken their place, but as we all know they do not convey the same.

36. I think I am a person with a single obsession that bets on friendship, loyalty, and fidelity. I have all the letters to a single number. (Alfredo Bryce Echenique)
Trusting too much in a person can be counterproductive, we should not make bets in life too risky.

37. Loyalty can be compared to a store of precious porcelain vases whose key has been entrusted to us by love. (Paulo Coelho)
Love, as Coelho very well tells us, is the key to people's hearts and affection.

38. It is better to remain inactive than to gain a brilliant reputation in the absence of the boss we serve. (William Shakespeare)
Stabbing someone from behind is a very ugly move that we should never make, being honest with others will help us succeed in the future.

39. He who enriches subjects has as many treasures as vassals. (Francisco de Quevedo)

We should all give more to others than we receive; the act of giving makes us bigger as people.

40. Knowing that you meet someone who cares about you, who understands each of the fibers of your own being and that you will not be abandoned even in the most desperate of circumstances, that is the most precious relationship that a person could have . (Christopher Paolini)
Those we love the most will always be the fundamental pillars of our lives, we must let them know how important they are to us.

41. Incompetent persons, although loyal to the regime, received promotions and held positions that they could not hold. (Ken Follet)
Being loyal does not mean that we are necessarily the best for something, it just shows that others can trust us and our possible actions.

42. Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our loyalty. It is also due to justice and humanity. (James Bryce)
Acting honestly will help us unequivocally, to be able to forge in the future a better society than today.

43. I want to die as a slave to principles, not to men. (Emiliano Zapata)
Emiliano Zapata, lived and died being true to his own principles. We should all try to live our lives the same way.

44. The loyal friend laughs at your jokes, even if they are not so good, and is sorry for your problems even if they are not so serious. (Arnold H. Glasow)
Our true friendships will always be there when we need them, in this particular way they can demonstrate their true worth.

45. Loyalty can never be imposed by force, fear, insecurity or intimidation. It is a choice that only strong spirits have the courage to make. (Paulo Coelho)
You will be able to instill fear and control towards a population, but with this you will not earn their loyalty.

46. ​​When everyone abandons you, God stays with you. (Gandhi)
Religion can help us in the most difficult moments of our lives, because when there is no one else to comfort us we can always count on it.

47. Love becomes greater and nobler in calamity. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
Love can be the most notable driving force in our life, we must always value this great source of inspiration.

48. The traitor is always the vanquished and the loyal one is the victor. (Pedro Calderón de la Barca)
Our bad choices in life will take its toll on us in the future, living correctly and intelligently will always be our best choice.

49. It was not time for words. Courage, union and loyalty. That was what they needed. It was a matter of seeing if the enemies had the same courage and the same union and fidelity between them. Everything depended on it. (Santiago Posteguillo)
In moments of life and death our principles and loyalties are tested, being faithful to them will reveal us as the person we really are.

50. Silence is the only friend who never betrays. (Confucius)
Learning not to talk too much will avoid us many problems, silence can be our great ally.

51. We must love our country even if it treats us unfairly. (Voltaire)
The country in which we are born will always be a fundamental part of us, our roots will endow us with our values, principles and beliefs.

52. The true friend is the one who knows everything about you and remains your friend. (Kurt Cobain)
That friend who knows everything about us and continues to be there, demonstrates with this act that he will be our friend forever.

53. In the disinterested love of an animal, in the sacrifice of itself, there is something that goes directly to the heart of the one who has often had occasion to verify the petty friendship and the fragile fidelity of the natural Man. (Edgar Allan Poe)
Animals are pure beings and free from evil, they live their lives always being honest with themselves.

54. The true friend is the one who is by your side when he would rather be elsewhere. (Len Wein)
We can always trust our closest friends, they are the only ones who have proven to be always there for us.

55. You have to be unfaithful, but never unfair. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
Infidelity is temporary, but disloyalty involves a true act of treason.

56. Blood is thicker than water, but loyalty is thicker than blood.
Our loyalties will always be a large part of who we are, we may not have consciously chosen them but they are still here to stay.

57. That is one of the limitations of noble people, incapable of thinking that others can act moved by interests other than those of loyalty and nobility. (Santiago Posteguillo)
People are often moved by personal interests, which are far from true loyalty.

58. No one can avoid crossing paths with those who will betray and slander him. But we can all push evil away before it shows its true nature, because overly gentle behavior is proof of the hidden dagger and ready for use. Loyal men and women are not uncomfortable showing themselves as they are, because other loyal spirits understand their qualities and their flaws. But stay away from someone who tries to please you all the time. (Paulo Coelho)
Knowing how to surround ourselves intelligently will pave the way for us in our lives, always being suspicious of those closest to you.

59. Some people have been cursed with an excessive amount of loyalty, for the day may come when they have nothing left to serve. (John le Carré)
We should not waste our lives with people who are not worth it, always try to establish morally beneficial friendships.

60. Loyalty is based on respect, and respect is the fruit of love. (Paulo Coelho)
Love is the place where all positive emotions come from, without it, no other emotion could flourish.

61. Abra was always ready to go before he called her by name, and although I called someone else, Abra came. (Matthew Prior)
That person who loves us will always be there for us, even if we do not seek it.

62. Being loyal is the greatest courage. (Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla)
Demonstrating what our principles are will teach others what pasta we are made of.

63. It is not our fault if life is arranged in such a way that the loyalty of an action is always in opposition to its advantages. (Máximo Gorki)
Staying true to our thoughts can be hard to do in practice, but we must do it if we want to be happy in the future.

64. He who is loyal looks up with humility, and he who is disloyal, with pride. (Ramón Llull)
The way of acting of a person says a lot about him, as much of his values ​​as of his defects.

65. If I had served my God with half the zeal that my king, I would not have left me, in my years, naked in the midst of my enemies. (William Shakespeare)
We can be betrayed by the one to whom we show more loyalty, we should not waste our time and daily effort on people who are not worth it.

66. Inventing things simply with the precision and loyalty of the immediacy of childhood. (Luis Cardoza Y Aragón)
When we are children we live our time much more intensely, this is something that we should definitely emulate during our maturity.

67. Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family.
Those who have more emotional value for us do not have to be a direct family, faithful friends also deserve to be valued.

68. It requires knowing a lot, and knowing many things, to be loyal; within the group of intelligent men it is where it costs more effort. (Ramón Carrillo)
Knowing how to choose our friends will save us a lot of troubles in the future, be careful when choosing them.

69. Trust often produces loyalty. (Seneca)
In order for someone to demonstrate their loyalty to us, we must give them our trust.

70. Happy is he who in the things of this world is not forced by the fortunes of life to test the loyalty of his neighbor. (Aben Hazm from Córdoba)
Our children must always give us their loyalty to us. For this to happen we will have to have been fair to them.

71. Kindness and loyalty guard the king, they base his throne on goodness. (Solomon)
A leader or head of state must have exceptional emotional qualities, otherwise his reign will not be fruitful in time.

72. Loyalty is a thing that directs men in all their deeds, so that they always do their best. (Alfonso X the Wise)
Our most sacred principles will be those that speak for ourselves to others.

73. My loyalty will not be limited by national borders, or limited by the history of a nation, or limited to the spiritual dimension of a single language or culture. I pledge my loyalty to the accursed human race and my eternal love to the green columns of the Earth, and my hints of glory singing to the stars until the end of space and time. (Edward Abbey)
Our interests are as important as those of others, caring for each other and caring for the environment will be essential for our survival.

74. Morale is a state of mind. It is tenacity, courage and hope. It is trust and loyalty. Team spirit and determination. (George Catlett Marshall)
Leading a life in accordance with our morals will be beneficial for us and for all of society.

75. He had nothing against the Zulus. They had done no harm to the Indians. He had doubts about the rebellion itself. But back then, I believed that the British Empire existed for the welfare of the world. A sincere sense of loyalty kept me from wishing the Empire any harm. Therefore, the justice or right of the rebellion could not affect my decision. (Mahatma Gandhi)
We make mistakes throughout our lives and give our loyalty to the wrong causes, but we must learn from our mistakes as well as improve with them.

76. When one leads with true passion, loyalty, and sincerity, the position of the one who directs is much more difficult than the position of the one who executes, and that is why we must train and prepare our men. (Juan Domingo Perón)
It will be our values ​​that lead us to victory, we must listen to them and value them as they deserve.

77. Placed in a historical transit, I will pay my loyalty to the people with my life. (Salvador Allende)
In this sentence, Allende shows us his firm conviction of being executed if necessary. He would always live and die according to his own ideas.

78. Here, finally, courtesy, good treatment, truth, firmness, loyalty, honor, bizarre, credit, opinion, perseverance, patience, humility and obedience, fame, honor and life are wealth of poor soldiers; that in good or bad fortune the militia is nothing but a religion of honest men. (Pedro Calderón de la Barca)
In the most difficult situations, men demonstrate their true character. What opinion do you want to leave about yourself after your death?

79. Employees must always be treated exactly as we want them to treat our best customers. You can buy a person's work, but you can't buy their heart. His loyalty and enthusiasm are at the heart. You can't buy your brain, either. There is his creativity, his ingenuity, his intellectual resources. (Stephen Covey)
Our subordinates will address others in the same way that we address them. Start by creating a way of acting yourself that others can emulate.

80. Our passion is to touch the vertiginous edge of things. It remains what it has always been: the strict boundary between loyalty and disloyalty, fidelity and infidelity, the contradictions of the soul. (Graham Greene)
The human being is imperfect and will always make mistakes, but we are all free to choose those around us. Who then is to blame for the betrayals we suffer?

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