The 80 best Euripides phrases

One of the most acclaimed poets of Ancient Greece. We review your reflections.

The 80 best Euripides phrases
Euripides is known to be, along with Sophocles and Aeschylus, one of the three great Greek tragic poets.

His exact birthplace is unknown, as various sources place him in different places and years. This great writer was an avid reader throughout his life and came to have the largest private library in all of Greece. His faithful friend Socrates even said of him that he would not go to the theater if a play by Euripides himself was not performed.

Great famous quotes Euripides

A great poet that, without a doubt, we should all know, but if not, then we will reveal the 80 best Euripides phrases , with which you can begin to discover him.

1. More jealousy gives evil virtue than vice.
Proving that we are better than them is what hurts our enemies the most.

2. How bad is slavery by nature, and how it supports what it should not, subjected by force!
Slavery was a practice that, without a doubt, should be ended; unfortunately it was over with too late.

3. Work is the father of glory and happiness.
Working will give us the opportunity to achieve our own goals.

4. Wealth is the thing most honored by men and the source of the greatest power.
Money and power have been the great causes of the most severe evils that have plagued humanity.

5. The restrained man is enough with enough.
Knowing how to live with what is fair will allow us to become much happier.

6. There is nothing in the world worse than a woman except another woman.
In ancient times women lived a life where society totally underestimated them.

7. It is harmful for superior men that a villain attains prestige for being able to contain the people with his tongue, someone who was previously nobody.
Greek society allowed certain men to gain a foothold within the highest ranks thanks to their own intelligence.

8. All kinds of wisdom are enclosed in goodness.
Wisdom always has an authentic goodness inside, because if we are really wise we will never want to do anything wrong to anyone.

9. Full of torments is human life, and there is no rest in our hardships; and if it is so sweet to live, perhaps the darkness of death envelops us.
Life is a precious asset that we must know how to value and care for, after all, it is the most valuable thing we have.

10. Love is the most fruitful teacher in resources.
For love, men are capable of doing everything and giving everything, perhaps it is even the most powerful force that moves the human being.

11. Genius turns exception into rule.
Geniuses have a way of seeing life and nature that no one else has.

12. What greater pain can there be for mortals than seeing their children dead?
The loss of a child is a tremendously dire experience that no one should have to go through.

13. The opportunist who is useless, always charms the mob.
People who have a great gift for persuasion can be very convincing with those who do not show great intelligence.

14. I hate learned women. I hope that a woman who knows more than a woman should know does not come into my house.
Man has always feared a woman more intelligent than himself, something that in modern times we certainly do not have to emulate.

15. Do not look far, neglecting what is close to you.
That which is closest to us is also what can harm us the most.

16. In mute circumstances the good friend manifests himself.
In the most difficult circumstances is when a true friend shows us his worth.

17. It is said that the gifts still persuade the gods.
A gift can help us achieve our goal, as it will give us a better first impression.

18. A noble man forgets past injuries.
We should not listen to the gossip that is discussed about us, because these, in fact, do not describe us with fidelity.

19. Unhappiness is an evil with no solution.
Unhappiness is something that usually accompanies us throughout life, because there will always be some aspect with which we are not completely satisfied in our life.

20. A good custom is stronger than a law.
Good customs can help us live a much more orderly life.

21. O virtue, I have followed you all my life, and at last I find that you are only a shadow!
We all want to improve as individuals over time, but sometimes we realize that we really don't need it.

22. When a good man is wounded, everyone who considers himself good must suffer with him.
We must help those people who once helped us, or those people who really deserve to be helped.

23. An old man is but a voice and a shadow.
Old age is a stage that we will all go through and being old does not make us less valid or worse people.

24. If you say bad things about us, you will hear many bad and true things.
We must not speak ill of third parties, as this way of acting can do us serious harm.

25. Gifts, which come from an evil man, do not profit.
We should not make friends with people who are not worth it, a bad friendship in the long run will necessarily be negative. As the saying goes "tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are".

26. Never, among men, should language be worth more than action.
A fact is worth much more than a promise. Real friends show their worth with deeds.

27. The noble parents have noble children.
In such a stick, such a splinter, our parents teach us to be the person we will be tomorrow.

28. I maintain, therefore, that mortals who do not know the hymen or the sweetness of parenthood are happier than those who have children.
Fatherhood can be a very difficult task to carry out, this undoubtedly brings us great joys and also great headaches. We must take being a parent very seriously.

29. The king must bear in mind three things: that he governs men, that he must govern them according to the law and that he will not always govern.
Being a king is like everything in life, a temporary charge. Something that many ancient kings did not discover until it was too late.

30. My tongue promises, but my mind has not promised.
Do the words are gone with the wind. A promise from someone without a word is absolutely worthless.

31. Of all the beings that live and think, women are the most unfortunate ... A man, when he is unhappy at home, can go out and free his spirit from weariness in dealing with his friends and those of his age. But we women can only look within our own hearts.
Women in ancient times were not allowed to relate in the way they do today. It was undoubtedly a highly hierarchical society, where the role of women took a back seat.

32. Life is not true life, but only pain.
During our life, we will suffer on many occasions, it depends on us how much we do it and how we overcome it.

33. When calamities fall on a State, the gods are forgotten and nobody cares about honoring them.
In the most catastrophic situations. religion takes a back seat. Who would start to pray while running to save their lives?

34. The man who dies is very necessary to the family; but the woman is worth little.
In ancient times, when a woman of position became a widow, she received the land and wealth from her husband.

35. When there is an excess of love, the man loses his honor and his worth.
For love we are capable of carrying out totally dishonorable acts, even escaping from a battle, something that was punishable by death.

36. Row your own boat.
We must always do our part to be successful.

37. Facing a crowd, the mediocre are the most eloquent.
Liars and phonies are always the most convincing. In order to cheat you don't have to be wise.

38. He who dies neither cries nor feels pain.
In death we all achieve peace. After her, we all stop feeling pain or pain.

39. It is not what the speaker says, but who he is, that gives weight to eloquence.
When we listen to a speaker with a certain reputation, we immediately believe that what he says is true.

40. The wisest men follow their own course.

A great quote that undoubtedly reveals a great truth to us, we must choose our own path and be fully consistent with it.

41. The law of the nature of man is equality.
All of us, men or women, are completely equal among ourselves, deserving the same rights and dignity.

42. There is no absolutely free man. He is a slave to wealth, or to fortune, or to the laws, or else the people prevent him from acting according to his exclusive will.
In the end, there is always some kind of force that, as men, somehow subdues us, we are not 100% free men.

43. The expected does not happen, it is the unexpected that happens.
We must always know how to prevent the unexpected, in this way we will be better prepared for it.

44. Who knows if what we call death is nothing but life; and death, on the other hand, what we judge to be life?
No one knows what really happens when we die, Euripides gives us a ray of hope in this quote, because death may not be what it seems.

45. If we could be young twice and twice old, we would correct all our mistakes.
Something that, without a doubt, we would all like to be able to do, because when we are young we are tremendously immature and when we are mature, we are not physically maximum.

46. ​​As death approaches, old men find that old age is no longer a burden.
Death is something that both young and old we fear and hate throughout our lives.

47. A single man is more worthy of seeing the light than infinite women.
In ancient times, having a male child was a sign of prosperity and a reason for joy.

48. When fortune smiles, what need is there for friends?
When fortune smiles on us, friends emerge from under the stones.

49. Poverty has this defect: it incites man to commit bad actions.
When we are truly poor, we will do whatever it takes to prosper.

50. It is too heavy a burden for one heart to suffer for two.
We all live our own bitter sorrows, we should not have to also suffer the sorrows of third parties.

51. Opulence has its misery: it is cowardly and it is attached to life.
When we live a life of enormous opulence, we often become more cowardly and treacherous. Wealth does not make us a better or worthier person.

52. All things are born from the earth, and all things take them again.
All beings come from their own nature and in the end when we die, we inevitably become part of it.

53. You will find many excuses, because you are a woman.
As we see in this quote, Euripides had at that time, a very particular vision of women.

54. When a people works, God respects them. But when a people sings, God loves them.
Work and leisure must be valued equally, we all need leisure time in our lives. Leisure allows us to de-stress and relax.

55. Never call a mortal happy until you have seen how, on his last day, he descends to the grave.
Happiness is something that can really last very little, the really difficult thing to achieve is being able to be happy in the long term.

56. It would be advisable for mortals to procreate children by other means, and that there were no women, thus they would be free from all evil.
Euripides thought that many of society's problems were given by women themselves.

57. Count yourself among the blessed, the one to whom nothing bad has happened throughout the day.
In our day to day we all go through some difficult or merely unpleasant moments, nobody is completely exempt from them.

58. A woman should be good for everything inside the house and useless for everything outside her.
The role of women in society at the time was basically as a housewife, outside of this role, women were not viewed favorably.

59. Those who do not have children are freed from many sufferings.
Fatherhood can entail certain sufferings, because as parents, the daily sufferings of our children are also their own.

60. Man does not live on bread, but on truth.
The truth is something that we all must seek in our lives and know how to promote, we must banish the lie from our society.

61. The rich cannot buy the privilege of dying old.
Wealth will not allow us to live longer, time is one of the few things that we cannot buy.

62. Be happy: there are no friends when you are miserable.
We must be happy and value what we have, you never know if things can get worse tomorrow.

63. What is forced is never shameful.
When we have to do something forcibly, there is no disgrace in having to do it.

64. I do not applaud envy; but I would like to be envied for some good deed.
We should not envy anyone, we are totally perfect just as we are. Valuing those aspects that are positive of others is something that we should do.

65. Even misfortunes must be felt in moderation.
We must take the misfortunes with calmness and aplomb, with time we will be able to get out of them.

66. Just as our bodies are mortal, anger should not be immortal. This is how the wise speak.
Past water does not move mills. What one day caused us discomfort or some anger, we should not take it into account after a while.

67. By maintaining that there are gods, is it not that we deceive ourselves with unreal lies and dreams, since only chance and change itself control the world?
Believing or not in a superior being that controls the climate and what happens to us in life, depends only on us wanting to do so. According to science we are nothing more than a mere coincidence in the universe.

68. Poorly made gains report losses.
If we achieve something unfairly, it will not last long in our possession.

69. Oh, precious balsam of sleep, relief from evils, how I thank you for coming to me in times of need.
Rest is one of the greatest pleasures that we live as human beings, in addition to being a key aspect for our own health.

70. The best decoration of a woman is made up of silence and modesty.
A restrained woman was well regarded by the men of old, the men of that time wanted a woman who was strictly limited to certain household chores.

71. The man who asks the gods for death is a madman: there is nothing in death as good as the misery of life.
Valuing life is something that we must all effectively do, we only have one and the time we have in it is quite limited.

72. No mortal is happy until the end; there have been none now who do not know pain.
We all suffer during our lives a lot of misfortunes and other painful moments, no one lives a life free of both physical and emotional pain.

73. Who wants to propose to the people a useful decision for the community? He who wants to do it takes the glory, he who does not, is silent.
Politicians make decisions that affect the whole of society, it is up to them that those decisions are correct.

74. It is a happy misfortune not to have children.
Not having children has always been viewed as a negative thing since the beginning of civilization.

75. The best prophet is the one who calculates best.
Knowing how the stars move in the universe or how nature develops, we can make predictions with great accuracy.

76. It is easier to give advice than to suffer adversity with strength.
As they say, bulls are best seen from the sidelines. Adversities seem more difficult to overcome when you must do it yourself.

77. Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.
When we were successful in our investigations, we showed the public that we were correct in our hypotheses.

78. Question everything, learn something, but don't expect any answer.
In order to learn some truth, we must sometimes discover the truth for ourselves.

79. Now that I have reached old age, how I detest her!
Old age is a stage that no person likes to experience, during it we must be positive and know how to take advantage of our free time.

80. Youth is the best time to be rich, and the best time to be poor.
When we are young, life is viewed from a very hopeful prism, but over the years, that naivete gradually disappears.

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