The 75 best phrases of Coco Chanel

We review the best famous quotes and reflections of this couture designer. Gabrielle Chanel, better known by her pseudonym Coco Chanel, was a French haute couture designer born during the year 1883 in the town of Saumur, France.

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The 75 best phrases of Coco Chanel
This particular designer is considered one of the most influential people of the 20th century, because her particular philosophy of life and deep-seated values, demonstrated what an ambitious woman who did not set limits to herself was capable of.

Coco Chanel was a woman fully ahead of her time, founded the eponymous clothing brand and forever changed stereotypes from the past that limited people's clothing.

The best famous quotes of Coco Chanel

Would you like to know the best phrases of this fashion legend?

Below we show you the 75 best phrases of Coco Chanel, a benchmark of personality and good taste that we should all emulate.

1. I did not like my life, so I created my life.
We all have the ability to create the life we ​​always dream of.

2. The bravest act is to think for yourself. Aloud.
Saying what we think will make us honest people.

3. If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.
We should not set limits to ourselves, we are capable of much more than we think.

4. Difficult times awaken an instinctive desire for authenticity.
It is during difficult times that great people manage to highlight. We must be persistent and fight for what we want.

5. During my childhood I only longed to be loved. Every day I thought about how to kill myself; although, deep down, she was already dead. Only pride saved me.
We should never underestimate ourselves, we are all perfect in our own way.

6. If you're sad, put on more lipstick and attack.
A positive attitude will allow us to be happier within society. Positivism calls for happiness.

7. Keep your head, heels and high principles.
As we can see, Coco Chanel encouraged all women to feel proud of themselves.

8. You can be beautiful at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.
A woman is capable of everything, she should not feel influenced by the stereotypes that society wishes to impose on her.

9. Elegance is not about putting on a new dress.
Elegance is an attitude, not just the clothes we wear.

10. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
To be more beautiful, we must be faithful to our own way of being. With this trick we will be more unique and original.

11. Nature gives you the face you have at twenty years old. It's up to you to deserve the look you have at fifty.
We must take care of ourselves to reach old age in the best possible way, rest, eat well and exercise daily.

12. Be elegant. I know anything, but don't be crappy.
It is better to be original than not to be seedy and vulgar. Attitude is very important.

13. A woman without perfume is a woman without a future.
The perfume perfectly complements any outfit we wear. Without a doubt the use of this is essential to be able to give a good image.

14. I imposed black. It is still a strong color today. The black destroys everything that is around him.
Black is usually the color that most favors everyone, use it whenever you need it.

15. A fashion that does not hit the streets is not fashion.
The real fashion is one that is visible on the streets, the street largely dictates the fashions that work and those that do not.

16. Women think of all colors except the absence of them. Black has it all. And also white. Its beauty is absolute. They represent the perfect harmony.
Black and white can allow us to dress in a very elegant way, undoubtedly they are colors that usually favor everyone.

17. Find the woman in the dress. Without a woman, there is no dress.
In order for a dress to truly stand out, the woman beneath it must also stand out.

18. A woman should wear perfume where she wants to be kissed.
Where to put the perfume is a fundamental aspect of its use, Chanel explains it to us in this quote.

19. Beauty should start in the heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless.
The true beauty resides in our personality and feelings.

20. A nice dress can look good on a hanger, but that doesn't mean anything. It needs to be seen over the shoulders, with the movement of the arms, legs and waist.
In order for a dress to be seen at its best, it must be seen in an anthropomorphic body. The use of mannequins is essential in the fashion world.

21. Simplicity is the key to true elegance.
Keeping a simple and simple outfit will give us the opportunity to dress very elegantly.

22. A woman in good shoes cannot be ugly.
Shoes are an accessory that can improve our appearance or make it worse, we must know how to choose them very wisely.

23. Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes if fashion achieves both.
In this appointment, Chanel shows us two great keys to the world of fashion, it must be comfortable and attractive.

24. Dress vulgarly and they will remember the dress. Dress elegantly and they will remember the woman.
How we dress will have a great impact on the society around us, both for good and for bad.

25. Fashion claims the individual right to value the ephemeral.
Beauty is totally ephemeral and fashion takes advantage of this particular fact in addition to highlighting it.

26. I don't know why women are interested in having what men have, when one of the things that women have is men.
Women are of great importance within the male psyche, they will always be fundamental in their lives.

27. There have been many Duchesses of Westminster. Chanel there is only one.
Claiming our originality will allow us to highlight where we are.

28. There is time to work, and there is time to love. From there, there is no time for anything else.
Work and love were the two great aspects that guided the life of this fantastic designer.

29. Passion passes. Boredom remains.
Life can be really boring if we do nothing to change it.

30. Youth is something very new: twenty years ago nobody mentioned it.
When we lose youth is when we long for it the most, the best moments of our lives will be lived during it.

31. Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion that accompanies death.
We must not blame ourselves, we must live life to the fullest and take advantage of every second of it.

32. Great loves must also be endured.
Great loves enter our life like a blizzard and leave it leaving everything messy. As Chanel says these must also be supported.

33. Women have always been the strong ones. Men look for them as a pillow on which to rest their heads. They always yearn for the mother who had them as children.
From the figure of our mother, women will always be fundamental in the life of all men.

34. A woman does not have to be beautiful, she has to believe it.
Attitude is essential, to be beautiful or beautiful the main thing is that we create it ourselves.

35. If you want to be original, then wait to be copied.
That person who stands out for his originality, will always be hopelessly emulated by the rest.

36. The best things in life are free. The second best are very, very expensive.
A great quote that tells us a great truth, the best things in life are usually free.

37. Luxury is a need that begins when the need ends.

In order to allow ourselves some luxury we must not have needs, but when we do not have them, they become a necessity.

38. Only those who have no memory insist on its originality.
Our actions say who we really are, the words rarely agree with them.

39. Some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.
Luxury can allow us to express ourselves in a much stronger and more attractive way, to be able to transmit a much more powerful version of our own.

40. I am not young but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. I feel like life is a wonderful thing.
We are as old or as old as we feel, age is just a number and each person gives the importance that he or she wants.

41. It is not the appearance, it is the essence. It's not the money, it is education. Its not the clothes, is the class.
We cannot buy what will make us stand out in society with money. We can improve our appearance, but not buy our attitude and values.

42. Good taste does good to certain authentic spiritual values: like taste itself.
When we show that we have good taste, we let others know that we are much more intelligent people than they may have thought.

43. Often, those who succeed are those who do not know that failure is possible.
In order to achieve professional success, we must be determined and persevering.

44. There are people who have money and people who are rich.
Being rich is an attitude, a way of being that is not simply having money.

45. A woman can give everything with a smile and later recover it with a tear.
Emotions play a fundamental role in the life of any person, many times it is they who direct our life.

46. ​​You only live once. Make it fun.
A fun life will undoubtedly be much happier. We must learn to have fun.

47. Women need beauty so that men love us; and stupidity, so that we love men.
As this designer tells us well, we should not be carried away by the canons or stereotypes that society wishes to impose on us.

48. I never wanted to weigh more on a man than a bird.
We should not be a drag on others, we are able to fend for ourselves. The life we ​​lead depends only on us.

49. There is nothing worse than loneliness. It can help a man to fulfill himself, but he destroys a woman.
Loneliness can affect us in very different ways, but what is certain is that nobody wants it for himself.

50. Men always remember a woman who caused them concern and discomfort.
Those people who did us the most damage often mark us forever. The difficult situations we go through will always be remembered.

51. If you know that men are like children, you already know everything.
We should not assume that other people are smarter than they really are.

52. I don't care what you think of me. I don't think about you at all.
What others think of ourselves should not matter to us, they do not direct our life or have decision-making power in it.

53. Finding a man who loves you does not make you a hunter of men. If you really hunted him down, he will stop being a man and transform into a fox, and tomorrow he will open a hole and run away.
Personal relationships can be really tortuous, but we must learn to let go of those people who are not really for us.

54. Coquetry is the triumph of the spirit over the senses.
A flirtatious woman can deeply impact the mind of any man.

55. One cannot always be innovating. I want to create classics.
Classics are fundamental in fashion, with them we will always be well dressed.

56. Elegance takes place when the interior is as beautiful as the exterior.
Our values ​​and feelings are more important than any garment we can wear.

57. Luxury must be comfortable; otherwise it is not luxury.
Luxury clothing should always be comfortable, this shows that comfort is not at odds with good taste.

58. The perfume announces the arrival of a woman and lengthens her departure.
Perfume has a great impact on our environment, we must know how to choose it very well because it will represent us when we leave.

59. Fashion happens. Only the style remains.
Fashions can change, but people with great style will always be well dressed.

60. The best color in the world is the one that favors you.
We can use all the colors we want, as long as they fit us well.

61. Fashion is not something that only exists in dresses. Fashion is in heaven, on the streets. Fashion has to do with ideas, with the way we live, with what is happening.
Fashion is always present in all spheres of society, it transmits to others who we are and where we come from.

62. Ornaments, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!
To be really elegant we must have the right attitude for it. It is not about dressing elegantly, it is about being elegant yourself.

63. Dress today as if you were to meet your worst enemy.
How we dress can increase our self-confidence, and allow us to do things that otherwise would not have been possible.

64. Fashion is architecture, a question of proportions.
Fashion is a science where its creators are almost like architects, they must design authentic works of art with shapes and figures.

65. There is nothing as comfortable as a caterpillar and nothing as adorable as a butterfly. We need dresses that drag and dresses that fly. Fashion is both a caterpillar and a butterfly. Butterfly at night; caterpillar in the morning.
Fashion is present throughout the day and each moment must have its own particular fashion.

66. Elegance is not a privilege of those who have overcome adolescence, but of those who have taken possession of their future.
To be elegant, maturity is totally essential. We must be aware of who we are and what we want.

67. Elegance implies renunciation.
To be elegant we must renounce certain attitudes that we could normally use at other times.

68. Arrogance is in everything I do. It is in my gestures, in the hardness of my voice, in the brightness of my gaze, in my vigorous, tormented face.
Being arrogant can convey a more powerful image of ourselves, self-confidence is very important.

69. I do not understand that a woman can leave the house without getting a little groomed ... If only for education.
For Chanel, dressing correctly is a matter of mere education. We should not be slovenly through life.

70. A woman is the age she deserves.
The punishments we exert on our own body will wreak havoc on it.

71. A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.
Back then, a woman couldn't cut her hair freely, but thanks to women like her, those standards are long gone.

72. A woman should be two things: elegant and fabulous.
Just like this designer did, no woman should set limits for herself.

73. There are no ugly women, but lazy women.
Every woman can be really attractive if she sets her mind to it.

74. Freedom is always elegant.
Individual freedom is essential for anyone to flourish.

75. You succeed with what you learn.
With what we learned one day, we will be more successful in the future.

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