The 70 best Tom Hanks quotes

One of the most respected actors in Hollywood. We know his famous quotes. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, better known as Tom Hanks, is a famous American actor whose popularity makes him one of the most beloved actors today.

The 70 best Tom Hanks quotes
Hanks was born in the state of California in 1959 and lived a modest childhood, being the son of a divorced marriage was something that deeply affected him. Throughout his youth, Hanks tried to rid himself of a feeling of loneliness that overwhelmed him , and acting was the escape route this celebrity found.

During his professional career, this actor has played numerous characters, and some of his films have been truly famous, a clear example of which could be: "Forrest Gump", "Castaway", "Captain Phillips" or "Saving Private Ryan".

Great quotes from Tom Hanks, a unique actor

Would you like to know his most iconic phrases and quotes?

Below you can enjoy the 75 best phrases of Tom Hanks, perhaps one of the best actors in the history of cinema.

1. Nothing has a precedent, until it happens the first time.
Hanks' roles always hold deep wisdom to themselves.

2. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what is going to touch you.
One of the best quotes from the legendary movie "Forrest Gump", without a doubt this is a movie that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.

3. - Private Gump, what are you here for?
To do whatever you command, my sergeant.
Hell Gump! It is the best answer I have ever heard in my life.
The role of this actor in "Forrest Gump" captivated the audience of the moment and continues to do so today.

4. Logic told me that I would never see this place again and that is what I did, I survived, I kept breathing. And one day that logic turned out to be wrong because the tide brought a sail with which to sail. And here I am, back in Memphis, talking to you, I have ice in my glass ... And I have lost it again, I am very sad for not ...
Emotions are really important in the roles that this actor plays. Knowing how to connect with the viewer (as he does) is something really difficult to do.

5. That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go running. I ran to the end of the road, and when I got there, I thought maybe I could run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I could run to Greenbow County. I noticed that if he had gotten that far, maybe he could run through the great state of Alabama ...
We should all go as far as we can in our lives. Without a doubt, this is a nice metaphor that we should all remember.

6. Fool is one who speaks nonsense.
This is the best known phrase from the movie Forrest Gump, and it is also a great truth.

7. - You are a mom, Jenny.
Yes, I am a mom. His name is Forrest.
Like me...
His name is just like his father.
Is your dad also called Forrest?
You are his father Forrest.
Certain things in life can be difficult to digest at first, and this can be a clear example of this.

8. Every inch of this beach is a target. If you stay here, it is to die.
The first scene of "Saving Private Ryan" happens during the Normandy landing, perhaps one of the hardest moments of World War II ...

9. Mom said that you can know a lot about people by the shoes they wear.
Our shoes can indicate many things about us such as: what we do, how much we earn, how much we walk each day, etc.

10. I hope that Ryan is worth it and that when he returns home he will cure some illness or invent a new long-lasting light bulb.
In order to rescue the famous soldier Ryan, many other men died in their search.

11. I walked a long way, for a long time.
All of us during our personal life, we walk our own ways.

12. - Camarlengo: Do ​​you believe in God?
Langdon: Father, honestly what I believe is that religion ...
C: I am not asking you if you believe what man says about God, I am asking you if you believe in God.
L: I am a teacher. Reason tells me that I will never understand God.
C: And the heart?
L: That they haven't done me for that. Faith is a gift that has not yet ...
In The Da Vinci Code saga, Hanks plays Professor Langdon. In this saga he talks about very diverse topics in his films such as religion, the occult or history.

13. I am pleased that I have never fought in a war. I'm glad I didn't pick up a gun. I am pleased that I was not killed or have killed someone. I hope my children enjoy the same lack of manhood.
Wars are something that all men should avoid, because wars are never sufficiently justified.

14. We do not allow ourselves the luxury of losing track of time.
Knowing how to disconnect is something that not all people know how to do, we must live the moment more in order to be happier.

15. You never know what the tide can bring you.
Life, as another role of this actor would say, is like a box of chocolates. You never know what will happen in the future.

16. I don't know much about almost nothing.
Being aware of our limitations is the first step to overcome them.

17. Only our lies can get us into trouble.
Lies are really negative, we should never lie. The truth, in the long run will say much more about us.

18. I have carried a million passengers... for more than 40 years in the air. But in the end, I will be judged for 208 seconds.
In the movie "Sully," Hanks played the captain of an airplane who had to crash-land. This is a really recommendable film and one that we should not miss.

19. - Mary Poppins is not for sale, I will not let it become one of your stupid cartoons.
Says the woman who sent a flying babysitter with an umbrella who talks to save children.
This actor also played the animation genius Walt Disney, undoubtedly a role that came as a ring to his finger.

20. If it wasn't difficult, everyone would. It is the difficult thing that makes it great.
The most complicated things to carry out are also the ones that will give us the most glory.

Freedom of expression is, without a doubt, a fundamental right for any of us. We should defend our freedoms at all costs.

22. When we reach our best version, the possibilities are endless.
Being the best version of ourselves, we will be able to do whatever we set out to do.

23. - I just realized, just now ... For the first time, that there were ... 155 people on that plane, and you were one of them ... We almost lost you.
Yes, but you didn't lose me. I am right here.
The roles Hanks plays many times contain a great emotional charge.

24. - Yesterday they celebrated something there.
It is where they do the executions. Do you want us to see if there are any now?
The realism that we can feel during his films will always be very high, without a doubt this actor knows how to choose his roles very well.

25. You have to be strong to survive today.
In order to overcome the greatest difficulties that life can present to us, we must certainly be strong in spirit.

26. - We took food to Africa, including Somalia.
They like to give us. Their boats go to our waters, they remove our fish. So what do we fish for?
The political content in the films Hanks plays is usually quite high. We must be more aware of the world in which we live.

27. Listen everyone, we have been approached by armed pirates. If you find them, remember, you know the ship, they don't. Stay together and we'll be fine. Good luck.
During the movie "Captain Phillips", the entire crew of the ship that this actor captains struggles to save his own life.

28. - There has to be more than just being a fisherman or a kidnapper.
Maybe in America, Irish, maybe in America.
In certain regions of the world, the people who live there go through a thousand calamities. A great quote, without a doubt, from the great movie "Captain Phillips".

29.- The king has not come for a long time
This has you very worried, right?
I am concerned about many things.
The roles that this actor has played, usually show deep and thoughtful characters.

30. Now I know why I am in Florence.
In many of his films, Hanks travels assiduously around the globe.

31. I firmly believe in the perfectibility of the human being.
The human being is perfect as he is, we ourselves usually set our own limits.

32. If we do not publish, there is no longer a newspaper.
Freedom of the press is essential for the proper functioning of any newspaper.

33. - Sam: Maggie .. my wife. She made everything beautiful.
Doctor: Do you think there is someone you can fall in love with?
Sam: You see Dr. Marshall. That is hard to believe.
Doctor: What are you going to do now?
Sam: I'm going to get up every morning and breathe, in a while I won't have to remember that I have to get up and breathe and in a while I won't have to think that there was a wonderful and perfect time.
Overcoming the loss of our partner can be really very difficult, but we must know how to overcome and recover our personal life over time.

34. - Divorce is complicated in this country.
Divorce is complicated in all countries.
This actor is, in fact, the son of divorced parents, his parents were pioneers in carrying out this practice.

35. But they were clearly instructed to ... return to the airport immediately after the bird strike. They were not given time for analysis and decision making. In these simulations, they are pulling ... all of humanity out of the cabin. How long did the pilots prepare for ... this event? For these simulations? You seek human error. So make it human. This was not a video game. It was life or death.
In the movie "Sully", its protagonist struggles to prove his own innocence before a jury that tries to put him in jail.

36. You can be a source or a friend, you have to choose one of the two.
The social relationships that we live depend to a great extent on our actions. We must know how to discover what others want from us.

37. - One day is like a flea of ​​hope.
Yes, and it is not easy to get rid of fleas.

The days can be difficult, being successful depends on what we do during them.

38. The mind sees what it wants to see.
The mind can trick us more than once, being realistic in certain situations is not an easy task.

39. Logic told me that I would never see this place again and that is what I did, I survived.
If we put all our efforts, we will be able to overcome the most difficult situations.

40. People rarely see what's in front of them, don't you think?
The most obvious things in life can be overlooked on more than one occasion.

41. The truth, although I was always running, I never thought that would get me anywhere.
The pleasure of running is something that many of us can share, simply running without a fixed point and as far as we want.

42. Because tomorrow the sun will rise, who knows what the tide will bring?
The future is uncertain, we must be careful to expect the worst and be prepared for it.

43. Well ... I don't know. Sometimes it would stop raining for a while for the stars to come out, and that was nice. It was like just before the sun went down over the canal. There were always a million sparks in the water like that mountain lake, it was all so clear Jenny, it seemed as if there were two heavens, one on top of the other. And then in the desert, when the sun came up, I couldn't tell where the sky ended and the earth began. It was so beautiful.
Without a doubt, a great description, where this actor shows us all his abilities for acting.

44. We live or die by the clock, that is all the time we have.
Time is, during our life, a very important factor. We must never waste time.

45. - Have you been on a prawn boat?
No. But I've been on a people boat.
Forrest Gump is undoubtedly one of his best movies. This movie can go from drama to comedy really quickly.

46. ​​We were like bread and butter.
Who has not been like this with his partner especially in the first days of falling in love?

47. I don't know if Mom was right or if Lieutenant Dan is, I don't know if we all have a destiny, or if we are floating by chance as in a breeze. But I think it could be both, it could be that both are happening at the same time.
A great date where this actor speaks to us through his role as Forrest Gump, in which we can see the underlying intelligence that this character possessed.

48. It is curious what a young man remembers. Because I don't remember being born, I don't remember what they gave me for my first Christmas and I don't remember where I went for my first picnic. But I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the whole world.
Those things that mark us the most, we will remember them throughout our lives.

49. I may not be very smart, but I do know what love is.
As this quote very well tells us, love and intelligence are two different things.

50. It is easier for a terrorist to kill you than to find a partner at forty.
At a certain age, finding a partner is indeed quite complicated, in such a way that it is very unlikely to be able to find a partner.

51. It's just as difficult to stay happily married as making movies.
Maintaining a marriage over the years is quite complicated. In today's society, couples last less and less.

52. - Doctor: What was special about your wife?
Sam: How long is your show?
Like Hanks himself, the men he plays in his roles are also great lovers of their wives.

53. When you're a parent, you don't screw up, ”says Tom Hanks. You tell lies to your children. You avoid them. You raise your voice ...
We all make some mistakes in our role as parents, knowing how to give our children good values ​​is something that will take us a lifetime.

54. I had a happy childhood, I enjoyed each of its stages, but I did not like solitude. In every place we got to, I made friends; I made others laugh, I gave the note, I said funny and quirky things, so getting on stage was natural.
Loneliness was something that this relevant actor never liked, fighting to get her out of his life was always a clear goal for him.

55. I did not understand that Clint offered me this role. For starters, I don't have white hair, like the pilot in real life, nor do I physically look alike.
In the movie "Sully", Hanks worked under the orders of the great Clint Eastwood, one of the most established legends in the cinematographic world.

56. What happens is that over time you become a kind of figure that is the sum of all your previous roles ... Even the movies that were a box office failure. In the end, it all adds up.
For every great actor all his roles are just as important, as they have all taken him to where he is today.

57. I would say that from then on they began to offer me more interesting and committed roles.
All the actors have lived their own moment of consecration, that crucial moment in which they felt that their career changed forever.

58. Times when the rules on behavior at work were different.
The world of cinema, in the past was very different from what it is today, the rules by which it was governed have undoubtedly changed for the better.

59. There were moments of utter terror, but it gave me responsibility. Now that there are four of us, I must earn enough to take them to the dentist, fix my car, medical insurance…. This was life. And thanks to that I avoided all the traps. He couldn't lose control.
When we have a family to feed, we must know how to focus on our work and give our best.

60. Life is about making choices, but you must know that they have consequences. I was an idiot for not taking care of myself and not eating well, he says in reference to his diabetes.
We must know how to choose our choices in life and also be consistent with them.

61. My two older children remember when we lived in normal houses and I didn't always have a job. Anyway, our home was relatively modest, for someone who works what I work for, until the children grew up. It was a conscious decision. The money is great, but both Rita and I pass on to our children that we do what we do for pleasure.
Money is not everything in life, learning to live without it can help us enormously to know how to overcome the adversities we find ourselves with.

62. As a young man, they wanted me to be a simple, funny and nice guy, and I had to make an effort to find more demanding roles, which had a purpose beyond linking to the blonde on duty, initial premise of a lot of movies of the time . Over time I learned what I didn't have to do.
During his career, Tom Hanks has been able to evolve enormously, both in his profession as an actor, and in his personal life.

63. When we did Cast Away, Bob (director Robert Zemeckis) and I argued a lot about what you would miss most if you were on a desert island.
What would you take to a desert island? This is a great question which does not have two equal answers.

64. We decided that, in addition to the company, (what I would most miss would be) a sound that was not that of the ocean, air or birds, some type of man-made sound, some artistic representation that reached your ears directly .
The sounds of the movies are also really essential, these help us to get a deeper connection with their characters.

65. That concept marked me that there is a place that only belongs to you, even if you are a 7 year old and you have to share your bedroom.
We all must have our vital space, a space where we feel safe and can rest.

66. My parents were pioneers of the California dissolution of marriage law ... Their marriage lasted 11 years, in that period they realized that they had absolutely nothing in common and they separated.
Choosing our emotional partner is something really complicated. Finding the right person is almost a lottery.

67. But my mother could not support four children. The youngest had just been born. So my father took the other three children to live with him.
When a marriage breaks down, children must necessarily adapt to the current situation.

68. We were never victims of any physical abuse. But we were confused because nobody ever explained anything to us about what was happening.
As the son of a divorced marriage, Hanks did not understand what was going on.

69. When you are 8 years old and live in a house full of people you learn to govern yourself. I started to see examples of the human condition that had a great impact on me.
Childhood is undoubtedly a stage that marks us all as individuals, how we overcome it will greatly determine how the person we will be in the future will be.

70. That was a flash, and I thought, 'That's what got me here.'
Unconsciously, this actor sought through acting, to feel surrounded by people and to be the focus of his attention.

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