Radioactive contamination: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions

Radioactive contamination is also called nuclear contamination and it is that which occurs from radioisotopes; which can be natural or artificial, leaving endless consequences in the surroundings in which they are established.
Radioactive contamination: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions

What is radioactive contamination?

It is that type of contamination that occurs due to the presence of a host of radioactive substances; which are in a certain environment and may have different sources. In the history; the first radioactive contamination discovered was the one that occurred in the earth's crust under the creation of the planet.

Likewise, the contamination specifically took place through the action of cosmic rays; which were found in high amounts within nature; being able to describe among them the isotopes like radon; Be, K, Po and U.

The origin of this contamination can also be generated with artificial radioisotopes such as Co; Cm, Pu and Am; knowing that these properly originate after human activity and are not established spontaneously in the Earth's crust as it happens with natural radioisotopes.

Long-term contamination

Generally, outdoor exposure to ionizing radiation is often confused with what is radioactive contamination; but the latter must be distinguished in that it results in the same as filth; but this time the type of contamination can be reduced and even eliminated using decontamination techniques; while the outdoor exposure has no reduction possibilities.

For his part; the levels that identify this type of contamination are not only covering risks for human beings, but also for everything around them; even food and all objects that have contact with these radiation.

The moment the radio elements adhere to the body; They are having completely dangerous effects, getting much worse if they stay in it and are not eliminated naturally as it usually happens, either by sweat; urine and feces.

In any situation, the effects depend on the amount of radioisotopes contained in the body; tending to damage cells and get them to intervene, damaging many physiological processes; including giving rise to tumors; especially if there is a carcinogenic genetic predisposition.

Given all the possibilities, it is important to know the origin of the radioisotopes in the elements in order to achieve a better result within its few solutions.

Causes of radioactive contamination

It has been possible to describe a wide list of sources that generate radioactive waste that are causing many consequences. Within the list of causative agents are the following:

- Nuclear fuel

- Potential nuclear explosions

- Uranium mining

- Use of radionuclides from industries for different applications

- Nuclear experiments carried out by military and defense personnel.

- Dumping of nuclear waste in different natural environments.

Nuclear plants

It is one of the sources with radioactive elements that emits malignant substances into the entire environment; despite being below legal limits. Likewise; This type of waste generates long-term contamination and with different consequences; both in the environment and in the human being.


Many of the tests involving the main radioactive contaminating sources are objects with military functions and it is from them that a release is achieved are limits; of which a residual harmful substance is left in all types of ecosystems.

The radioactive agents that are consecutively generating this type of pollution can also be generated from human accidents involving nuclear material from; up to the unaccounted for and managed disposal of waste that is highly radioactive.

They are also causing contaminating effects from this type of agent; nuclear tests that are operating in the open air and that are considered as dangerous because the gases emanating from these substances remain suspended in the middle of the atmosphere.

One part is suspended in the atmosphere, but another large part falls to the ground; coming to alter both the land surface and the water of all the ecosystems that surround the planet.

The causes that have greater emphasis when it comes to radioactive elements in a certain city, may be due to an inadequate treatment of material waste that includes them; respectively.

Consequences of radioactive contamination


The consequences of radioactive contamination have major effects at the level of human health, being one of the main effects that are generated. This is how radioactive particles leave a low or medium level that accumulates on the skin and in its organic part giving rise to carcinogenic lesions; as well as degenerative effects and in many cases; hair loss as a result of cancers.


Because they are radioactive agents; the main consequence that is generated in all skin types; are the burns. However, these will also depend on the closeness with which they have had contact and also according to the intensity of the agent with which they have had exposure; certainly. In later steps, the consequence proceeds to cancer and visible lesions result in the first instance.


As there is more and more contact with the radioactive elements of nature that are of any origin, the cells destroy themselves; for not supporting contact with such substances.

This is because it is creating free radicals from the ions, appearing slowly and with progressive changes in the membranes; nucleic acids and also in proteins, which prevents many of the body's natural processes from being limited.

Residues in soils

As well as damaging health, radioactive elements have important consequences at the environmental level; being one of them the damage in the soils due to the fact that the radioactive agents penetrate establishing themselves in the deep surface of these; even making them infertile for a long number of years.

Deterioration of flora and fauna

All these elements full of radioactivity are altering both the fauna; like the food chain. From herbivorous animals that feed on flowers and any type of plants; Even those predators are victims of the consequences that radioactive elements leave over time, reducing the food chain and little by little it will end life on the planet.

Solutions for radioactive contamination

Nuclear power plants

Each of the nuclear power plants must be far from any urban center or city; Thus, the results of damage will be less for both humans, animals and the environment as a whole. The solution in these cases lies in keeping the distance of these elements 300 kilometers around where they are located.

Nuclear energy

Caution must be exercised when it comes to transforming nuclear energy into electrical energy, as it can lead to many consequences in all aspects. Prevent the amount of nuclear energy in the environment; It is the best alternative that exists to reduce of all the surroundings.

Decreased wars

By decreasing the chances of war; the emission of bombs and radioactive elements will be much less, which generates less damage to the different ecosystems. This is one of the primary sources when it comes to preventing the consequences of radioactive contamination and it is with good possibilities that it helps to help the planet's environment.


There is nothing more essential than providing education around the problems that radioisotope elements leave with many consequences . Regardless of the origins of the elements that carry radioactivity.

It all starts with the study and the great education of what it means to be at the top and close to all these components; as a product of past wars . Nuclear bombs and many similar elements are what have left many results of their flammable and harmful components for all the surroundings.

What benefits are obtained with solutions to this type of contamination?

In the short term it helps to avoid many types of accidents around you; In addition to that it usually allows young people to take care of the environment without having contact with this type of elements that do nothing but leave injuries and consequences that are often irreparable because they are within radioactive zones.

In the long term, the solutions described to reduce this type of contamination are working to avoid radioactive accidents that affect all types of people and of all ages.

The sources of employment multiply when trying to avoid the presence of elements at any price, since they destroy all ecosystems, without the possibility of recovering them, except that preventive measures are chosen rather than reparation.

Easily, it is possible to transform nuclear energy into wind energy allowing the environment to be much more natural and purified, this being the goal of all human beings.

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