Jules Verne's 80 best quotes

Author of emblematic works such as "Around the world in 80 days". We review your famous quotes. Jules Gabriel Verne, also known as Jules Verne, is a French writer, poet and playwright born in the town of Nantes in 1828.

Little-Known Facts About Jules Verne
Jules Verne's 80 best quotes
This exceptional playwright is possibly the father of science fiction that we all know today. In his novels, Verne fantasized about the arrival of man on the moon, the submarines and the discovery of lost civilizations, being able to reach a very diverse audience.

We have all read some of his works or at least seen a movie influenced by them, that is why today he is one of the most loved writers by the general public.

Jules Verne's best phrases and reflections

Would you like to know the most interesting phrases of this fantastic writer?

Here we present a selection with the 80 best famous phrases of Jules Verne, a true visionary of the 19th century.

1. It seems wiser to assume the worst from the beginning and let the best come as a surprise.
We must know how to prepare for the worst, in this way we will always be more effective in the face of uncertainty.

2. The opportunity that may seem lost now may come at the last moment.
We must never lose hope, things can always turn in our favor.

3. There are no impossible obstacles; there are only strong and weak wills.
With a strong will and our firm conviction, we will achieve whatever we set out to do.

4. Paying attention to the crazy people makes great discoveries.
Those who may appear not to be very sane may actually be misunderstood geniuses.

5. A superior force can demolish the best of arguments.
Religious beliefs can change our way of thinking and make something that is not possible seem possible.

6. Earth does not need new continents, but new men.
For society to evolve into the future, we must change with it.

7. While the heart beats, while the flesh beats, I do not understand that a being endowed with will is dominated by despair.
In order to find the solution to a problem, tranquility is essential.

8. An energetic man will succeed where an indolent man will vegetate and perish.
In order to do what seems humanly impossible, we must put all our efforts.

9. Reality provides us with such romantic facts that the imagination could add nothing to it.
Reality always surpasses fiction, reality is always harder, more cruel and more complicated.

10. Life, more intense than on the continents, more exuberant, more infinite, spreading throughout all parts of this ocean, an element of death for man.
Life in the ocean is everywhere, but as Verne very well tells us, that is not our habitat.

11. How many things have been denied one day, only to become realities the next.
We do not control the reality in which we live, what has to happen will happen, however much we do not want it.

12. It pays to pay for freedom.
Freedom is a very valuable asset, all men and women are just deserving of it.

13. What a great book could be written with what is known. Another much larger would be written with what is not known.
There are still many things to discover, to invent and to explore. Man is only found at the beginning of his civilization.

14. The future does not worry me; what is hard is sometimes the present.
The present can sometimes be very complicated, since we will not have the possibility of anticipating it.

15. I am not particularly proud to have written about the car, the submarine, the airship, before they were in the domain of scientific realities. When I talked about them in my books as real things, they were already half-invented.
Jules Verne knew very well where humanity was going, in this way he managed to anticipate in his novels the reality in which he lived.

16. Man is never perfect, nor sustained.
As men we are imperfect, we all make mistakes and we will keep making them.

17. The sea is only the realization of a supernatural and wonderful existence.
The sea is, without a doubt, an exotic and wonderful environment. We still have many things to discover in this particular region of the planet.

18. The great regret of my life has been the fact that I have never had any place in French literature.
Verne was undoubtedly misunderstood in his time, but today he is the most translated writer in the world after the great Agatha Christie.

19. Civilization never goes backwards, the law of necessity always forces us to go forward.
Human Civilization always seeks to improve in all aspects, we are deeply nonconformist beings.

20. Don't think I'm too optimistic; I know my country, and many others around it. But there are signs, there are signs.
This writer knew very well what the human being is capable of, perhaps he was already imagining the great conflicts that would come after his death.

21. The whales and I are old acquaintances, and I would not easily go wrong.
In Verne's novels, the ocean was always present, but the one we most feel that presence (as it cannot be otherwise) is in "20,000 leagues of underwater travel."

22. In the memory of all the dead, the chronological differences are erased.
For Verne death was something very special, he had a very particular vision of it.

23. Poets are like proverbs: you always find one who contradicts the other.
The enmities between poets used to occur in the middle of the 19th century, after all, all of them felt deeply misunderstood.

24. Why lower yourself to being proud for being American or British, if you can boast of being a man.
Who we are is much more important than where we come from. Our nationality is just a curious fact about our past.

25. He must have traveled everywhere, at least in spirit.
Using our imagination we can travel wherever we want, books can be the door that opens us to that wonderful world that, without a doubt, is the imagination.

26. Dust is but a thing of the past, and war is as primitive as the human race, somewhat unhappy.
Wars are never good. We must know how to banish them from today's modern society. Human beings are much more powerful when they act together.

27. We currently know that most things in this world can be measured, except the limits of human ambition.
Human ambition can be truly enormous, this is perhaps together with stupidity, the only two things in the universe that have no limits.

28. Once the mind allows doubt to enter, the value of the actions performed decreases, the character changes, we forget the past and fear the future.
When we doubt we lose effectiveness in what we do, we must trust our possibilities to be able to achieve success.

29. A true Englishman does not joke when he is talking about something as serious as a bet.
Verne had a formed opinion about the English and the values ​​that they had. The English and the French are undoubtedly very different peoples.

30. The wisest man could be a blind father.
Having a disability does not determine our intellect, we are much more than others may think.

31. The soul of the flowers is their aroma, and the flowers of the sea, however splendid they may be, have no soul.
A very poetic vision of flowers and their meaning in the ocean. Life on the surface, no doubt, is very different from that found in the deep sea.

32. However, everything has an end, everything dies, even the hunger of people who have not eaten.
As Verne very well tells us in this quote, everything in this life always has an end. Which is the end will depend exclusively on us.

33. The cold, increased by the tremendous speed, deprived them of the power to speak.
Weather conditions may not allow us to effectively carry out our work. In the novels of this fantastic writer, we can live a thousand adventures.

34. In Kiel, as anywhere, a day passes one way and another.
Verne's novels can lead to places we never would have imagined.

35. A well-used minimum is sufficient for everything.
If we have little of something but know how to use it efficiently, we will certainly have enough of it.

36. A friend always sacrifices himself for the other in friendship.
Friendship is something that this writer valued a lot, we should all value our true friends more.

37. If living in style is being eccentric, you must confess that there is something good about eccentricity.
Showing our originality to others will give us the opportunity to teach them who we really are.

38. I ask for nothing more than to live a hundred years more, in order to stay longer in your memory.
We all want to live as much as possible and be with our loved ones all the time. This is a very common wish for any of us.

39. If at any moment we can perish, then, at every moment we can be saved.

You never know what will happen tomorrow, we must hope for a better future.

40. Death, the beginning of eternal things, is only the end of earthly care.
Death may not be an end as such, perhaps this is the beginning of another type of adventure.

41. It is better for us to see the destination we want to achieve, than to see the starting point.
Having a clear objective will help us fight more efficiently to achieve it.

42. To move is life; and it is good to have the ability to forget the past and kill the present with continuous change.
Maintaining an active life will make us live many more years. We must be agile in order to make the most of the present.

43. When you have the approval of science, you can only hear and obey.
Science also creates in its development new dogmas that seem virtually immovable. Are they really?

44. You understand the feeling better when you are in tune with nature. You breathe it in every way!
Nature is wonderful and being in contact with it will allow us to live a much fuller life.

45. The truth is that inanimate objects around us put direct pressure on the brain.
We should not be carried away by materialism, material goods are not the most important in life.

46. ​​The consequence of inventing machines is that men will be devoured by them.
The development of technology can carry serious dangers for the human species. We must always maintain control over the machines. Another great writer, Isaac Asimov, talks about this in his books.

47. Before the great convulsions of nature, man is impotent.
Nature is unstoppable, the weather conditions we live in are completely beyond our control.

48. Where others have failed, I will not fail.
We must be determined and believe in our possibilities, in this way we will achieve success in everything we set out to do.

49. That terrible avenger, a perfect archangel of hatred.
Letting ourselves be carried away by hatred can get us into more than one problem, we must think calmly about all our actions in life.

50. Just wait a few minutes, our flashlight will shine and if you like illuminated places, you will be satisfied.
As a contemporary of Thomas Edison, Jules Verne saw society emerge from darkness. Electricity was, at the time, cutting-edge technology.

51. Walls were only invented to frustrate scientists. All walls should be banned.
We must not put limits to our imagination, if we can imagine we can also make it come true.

52. Yes, forgotten by all the others, but not by us.
Remembering our friends and family is something that we should certainly do, because the real death of a person comes with his forgetfulness.

53. An evil man is distrustful, and fear is commonly found in those who are able to inspire him.
As Verne tells us in this quote, evil people will take advantage of our fear to attack us harder.

54. I am the law and I am the judge.
In Verne's novels, its protagonists find themselves in frankly complicated problems.

55. Regarding the classification of the list of fables, the idea was out of the question.
Our ideas can take us very far in life, we should not waste any of them. When the time comes, we will have to put our riskiest ideas into practice.

56. Our principle is that books, instead of getting rusty behind an iron shelf, should be sold out under the gaze of many readers.
Reading is undoubtedly a wonderful activity that can greatly help us expand our minds.

57. The human imagination was soon caught up in the most ridiculous ichthyological fantasies.
Many of us do not use the full potential of our imagination, with it we lose a great faculty that could be very useful in life.

58. There are only a few weapons that serve the head. Is this not the true organization of the force?
Intelligence is the most powerful weapon that exists, in order to win any battle we must make use of this great weapon.

59. While there is life, there is hope.
We must never lose hope, with it we will succeed.

60. Distance is nothing more than a relative expression, and must end up being reduced to zero.
In today's world, distances have seemed to be shortened, new technologies allow us to move around the globe with great ease.

61. One of my goals is to learn more than is absolutely necessary.
Learning is a wonderful thing, throughout our lives we can always learn new things.

62. Only when you suffer can you really understand.
Suffering can put us in contact with areas of our mind that we did not know before.

63. I feel like we should always put some art in what we do. It is better that way.
Everything we do in life is a new opportunity to stand out, do not let the ideas of others limit you.

64. You are never rich enough if you can be even richer.
An excessive ambition can get us into more than one problem, settling for what we really need will be beneficial for us.

65. It is our homeland! Where should we live! We must die!
The place where we were born will always have a place in our hearts, that place will always be a fundamental part of the person we will become.

66. Understand that you will never be rich if you do not take advantage of it.
Being rich is more than a number, it is an attitude. You can have wealth or be really rich.

67. We must learn to do everything for others; because that's where the secret of happiness is found.
Creating a better society will give us the opportunity to live better in the future, human beings should all row in the same direction.

68. It was obvious that the matter had to be resolved, and the evasions were unpleasant to me.
Being clear and concise will reveal us to others as much more determined people.

69. Ah! Young women and girls, how incomprehensible their feminine hearts are! When they are not the shyest, they are the bravest creatures.
Women had a very specific role during the 19th century, luckily these social norms are no longer met today.

70. He wanted to be lost, but not lost. If I'm lost, they can still find me.
Keeping hope is totally necessary to be able to get out of the most difficult situations.

71. I dream with my eyes open.
Thanks to our imagination we will be able, as this writer tells us, to dream with our eyes open.

72. Music is no longer savored, now it is swallowed.
Music changes over time, musical styles change, disappear and are born.

73. If your destiny is rare, it is also sublime.
The rarest destinations are intended for the most innovative people. We decide where life will take us.

74. And while, once you walk, you can go so far that going forward is the only option.
We must not falter in our passage through life, our perseverance will allow us to achieve personal success.

75. Ah, sir, live in the bosom of the sea! Only there can be found independence. I don't recognize any teacher there! I am free there.
The deep sea is a remote place where people can still be free. Who knows if new cities will not be created there in the future.

76. The fog seems to have killed all the gratitude in the hearts of browsers.
The sea is a very hostile terrain, the camaraderie between boats is something that usually happens.

77. For an eccentric everything is possible, especially when he is English.
As we can see, Verne had a certain predilection for the conduct of English nobles.

78. It can be said that, as reckless as Americans are, when they are prudent, there is a good reason for this.
Americans are a proud people who do not set limits to themselves, thus becoming very adventurous people.

79. It really is very useful to travel, if you want to see new things.
Traveling is a wonderful thing, we can all learn a lot while traveling.

80. He would have exchanged a diamond mine for a glass of pure spring water.
In the most difficult situations we would all kill for a glass of water. Without it, the human being dies in a maximum of seven days.

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