Endangered animals: Causes, consequences and list of endangered animals

The animals in danger of extinction, are the consequences left by the activities of man with all its actions; since these are the ones who have been paying the consequences of the destruction of the ecosystem; causing various species to die and with it the food chain of all beings deteriorates in the same way.

Endangered animals: Causes, consequences and list of endangered animals
It is extremely difficult to create an orthodox opinion about endangered animals, but despite this; What has been known is that despite the adaptation of the animals' survival elements; these have been reducing their number, as a result of the effects of the work done by man; according to the industrial field.

The different species of animals in danger of extinction are estimated to disappear from the planet progressively, without any future opportunity to reappear; since those who are at current risk; they are in constant anxiety according to the loss of the habitat where they are.

In addition to the industrial activities carried out by man; the climate changes, hunting and disease, they also have a large stake in whet the endangered species are disappearing gradually of their ecosystems.

Causes of endangered animals

The diverse causes of animals in danger of extinction are usually identified according to the origin and type of activity that generates the degrading effects for the species; knowing that the action of man is totally undeniable in all categories of animal loss.

Biological or natural causes

Within the natural processes that have caused the disintegration and extinction of different animal species and that put many at risk today; they are usually the age of life or aging; the diseases that may appear in them; parasitism and even competition with other species in different types of activities.

Natural disasters

From fires to droughts, volcanoes and hurricanes are catastrophes that despite being initiated by nature; they are leaving an important consequence in the animals and it is their extinction by elimination of complete families during the events of massive catastrophes.

Although they are usually rare events because they do not happen every day; if they are serious due to the immense number of species that it eliminates from a single moment; Taking away any opportunity to perform the function of reproduction and combat extinctions.

Causes generated by human activity

They are the causes that cover the majority of those originating from obtaining endangered animals; being those such as stalking the environment by pollution activities; no recycling; overexploitation of natural resources, as well as forest exploitation.

Each of these activities; it has an impact on the health of the environment and with it the living beings that are in the middle of each one of the ecosystems ; having greater consequences of danger; animal species.

With all this, hunting is very punctual when you want to find a culprit in relation to endangered animals; because it is the majority cause that man generates directly to end species and that is fully intentional.

This is how it has been determined that the person most responsible when it comes to talking about endangered animals is man; since it is at all times altering the integrity of habitats; wet or dry and in any season; bringing as a consequence the decrease and loss of many important animal species for the conservation of the food chain in all its ranges.

Consequences of endangered animals

Among the important consequences of endangered animals are considered the imminent changes in the ecosystem as a whole; bringing up the imbalance of other species thereby reducing the quality of the food chain; which involves all types of animals found in different habitats.

It is known that once a species becomes extinct, the entire ecosystem is gradually affected, causing those that remain in the environment; they are affected in all its aspects, not only by the feeding that the chain entails in each species; but also due to the changes that take place at the level of the surrounding resources and the maintenance of the vitality of each one. Among the consequences of endangered animals are:

Loss of genetic diversity

This aspect has an authentic relationship regarding the increase in the vulnerability of the species; as well as all the animals and other components of the habitat when it comes to aspects such as hunting; sudden population changes and much more.

It is the increase in the vulnerability of the species; what causes that the different types of elements that compose the atmospheres feel fully withdrawn before the risks that the hunting implies; the elimination traits of species not only for plant components, but also for fauna.

Complete extinction of species

With the passing of time and the damage caused to the environment; the species plus their extinction are taking over those areas where biodiversity is most involved among the different processes that affect the environments , from hunting; even cutting and burning in many cases, limiting the vitality of each of the beings that are part of the trophic chain of life.

Human evolution

Anthropogenic processes are part of the consequences generated by endangered animals; because it is one of the means that makes every human being take possession of knowing the different processes of evolution to subsist through food difficulties; as well as continuing to anticipate the development of all humanity without being limited by the precarious appearance of species used for food throughout the years.

Rapid destruction of the ecosystem

Regardless of which ecosystem it is; the direct affectation as a product of the animals in danger of extinction and its partial or total absence; what it will create is that diverse environments are formed throughout the world but with little biodiversity; limiting the vital capacities and the optimal characteristics that make the planet have life within it.

It is a situation that can generally be seen in the tropics much more than in the other regions and at the same time it has had a much greater advance in a period of 20 to 30 years; respectively.

List of endangered animals worldwide

Nowadays, not only are animals in danger of extinction those that have a coat or a structure that is exotic to the human eye; but also include common species that have been an important part of the food chain; among all the species on the planet.

Polar Bear

He is the one who has been notoriously the most imposing among the endangered animals; for its so important scarcity in all the habitats to which they belong. 

It is estimated that its species could completely disappear in an estimated time of 50 years; if the ice sheets belonging to the Arctic continue to decrease.

Bengal tiger

This belongs to the second animal threatened with extinction. This inhabits mangrove-populated ecosystems within India, it is one of the largest species but currently it has been the most attacked from different surroundings.

As a very attractive feline, it has been a tireless victim of poaching, generating not only an imbalance in the food chain, but also environmental changes that are reflected in the consequent fragmentation of the population and its deterioration within the habitat.

grey Wolf

It is also recognized as the key predator because it is the subsequent of the common species of wolves. It is hunting that has managed to reduce the number of wolves of this species; becoming an aggravating factor within the ecosystem in which they inhabit.

The cycle of life takes it as a relevant part of its conservation, since they are those that consume deer, small mammals; among others that by not being present, they also alter the food chain between animal species, ending life within the planet after hundreds or thousands of years.


These beings who are truly amazing on the planet for jumping and running with very high speed; they have been victims of natural hunting of other species; especially the cats around them and therefore today they live hidden within their own environment for the protection of everything that wants to harm them.

Apart from hunting implied by wild species, kangaroos have also been disappearing due to climatic changes; that generate many alterations in their body, making them die more easily and making the conservation of their species more difficult.

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