Light pollution: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions

Light pollution results in a reflection of artificial light which is intervening negatively in the health of ecosystems; as well as in any natural state worsening when any type of auxiliary measures are not adapted.
Light pollution: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions

What is light pollution?
This is the type of pollution given in light emissions from artificial forts used during night hours at high intensities; addresses, spectral ranges and unnecessary schedules in which any type of activity can be done without the use of it.

It has also been defined as the brightness of the night sky generated by poor quality lighting in each of the cities; both developed and underdeveloped.

The meaning of the sky lit at night determines the light that is reflected from the upper parts of the city to the sky.

Not only is money wasted in cities; but also energy, progressively deteriorating the habitat of both nocturnal and migratory animals that pass through the luminosities of the city.

Light pollution as it appears is progressively decreasing the visibility of celestial bodies; which worsens with the intensities of light, misuse and poor quality lighting.

It is generally perceived in urban areas; suburban and industrial and key measures are doing everything possible to find actions that leave the skies darker; as they were since the beginning of the earth.

Causes of light pollution
Use of luminaires
The luminescent sources that cause light pollution can be street lamps; spotlights, among other light elements. Equally; They are the ones who are causing poor quality light with their reflection towards the sky due to an unfavorable placement.

High intensity
The lighting of the cities; the more intense they are, the more loss of natural light they generate; This happens due to the reflection it transmits to the ground and other types of objects.

High lighting regions
The areas that have an excessively high luminosity make the different areas close to their surroundings simulate the intensity; becoming known as a chain reaction that worsens conditions as the number of lights increases.

The problem is getting worse when the bad location begins to occur in all lighting sources and the sky is gradually showing; all the consequences in its long extension.

Lack of sensitivity
The lack of sensitivity occurs directly in people who totally lack responsibility related to the environment. Usually; everything proceeds to the lack of information that has allowed to move to the advance of this natural inconvenience and that today has left many sequels generating problems in all habitats.

Being a type of communication in which only man is guilty, successive methods to avoid it are fundamentally based on the creation of awareness and responsibility for the care of the environments and even the heavens; trying to avoid by all means the appearance of light pollution .

Consequences of light pollution
Astronomy affectation
This is one of the consequences of light pollution that is one of the most important; This is because it is one of those that can be seen quickly with a first view of the sky.

The consequence is taking place in which the amount of celestial objects that increase the illumination of the sky by itself is reduced up to 90% . Likewise; The visibility of observation is limited by professional telescopes, since it requires light blue to appreciate.

It is well known that telescopes are instruments that require some exposure time to observe a particular celestial body; However, when light pollution is present, the time is much greater to see the details.

Likewise, it contaminates the spectra of astronomical objects ; checking through the light they emit many times as mercury lights; since they are decomposing in colors and thus their chemical composition is demonstrated, as well as distance and speed of the objects.

Waste of energy
Estimates refer to more than 50% of the lighting being used in areas that are not required; as well as unnecessary schedules; contributing in this way not only to the darkness of the natural sky; but also to the strenuous energy expenditure that is generated strictly in misuse.

If this aspect is fought by itself, a great advance is made trying to save more than what is expected from artificial light; using completely necessary quantities in addition to the strict schedules that this deserves.

Many people do not realize the long-term damage that this generates but the earth and its entire constellation has repercussions as we misuse energy and artificial lights.

Apart from that; It implies an accessory expense when you have the opportunity to save a little more than usual in your monthly consumption.

Personal glare
The light that is projected from the lamp to the eyes of the human being; It is proceeding at an intensity that progressively becomes greater and is much deeper than that emitted to the ground, causing a large number of consequences both at an early age; Like when we are much older.

What is known as glare usually causes visual fatigue as a result of the long emission of light from an artificial source; making perception by both near and far elements more complicated.

In the case of vehicles this can directly affect ; since it would be a high possibility of having a traffic accident when you can avoid it; either by not seeing another car, a pedestrian or many times when it is not possible to distinguish an animal that is in the middle of the road.

Solutions for light pollution
Use the necessary
To begin with, it is necessary to be clear about the common sense with which you will decipher whether or not it is necessary to use artificial light. It may sound very simple; but sometimes it is difficult to put it into practice and turn it off when necessary.

When you use lights in the day without it being necessary, you are being part of one of the main pollutants, making everything translate into worsening the situation and aggravating the quality of the sky over time. If, on the other hand, you turn them off when you don't need them, you will be saving up to 90% of energy against the planet and in your utility bill.

Enough spotlights
It is not necessary to look for those light bulbs that only emit intense light; when you have available the light bulbs not so powerful but effective for the lighting of the rooms, collaborating with the health of the planet and your pocket.

Prefer the bulbs with the least number of watts and you will see that in addition to lighting any area of ​​the house; You have the power to contribute to the quality of heaven and the entire planet.

Outdoor areas
When you want the bulb to illuminate another type of surface than floor or wall; A great idea is to use screens or other elements that help block the light by pointing directly down or wherever you want; without getting lost in the surroundings.

Fast activities
Keep in mind and think about whether the activity you want to do even if it is night, requires strict lighting or not. If you only intend to go out in the dark for a moment without requiring the visualization of the entire field; You will only need one minute for your eyes to adapt to the area and do not need accessory lighting.

If you do this you will not only prevent the worsening of light pollution; but you can also have the full perception of the constellation and enjoy all the stars of the sky.

Industrial solutions
In the industry it establishes the use of low pressure lights since they are the ones with the lowest probability of contamination due to their low electromagnetic spectrum; being as efficient as LED lights which are known for their high polluting power.

It is also recommended to install moldings on public lights which are directed towards the ground; this will not let it escape to other directions especially if they are really wide spaces.

Nothing is better and more motivating than teaching others how to care for the environment, because both inside and outside the home; the light pollution can take place without limitations.

Educating and making known all the solutions that are available for the care of the environment and the sky give greater economic and astronomical benefits; since it will be then when more stars begin to appear in the sky for the enjoyment of all who live on Earth and also; of future generations.

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