Environmental pollution: What it is, types of pollution, causes, consequences and solutions

The pollution environment is a result produced by the different activities generally created by man; which have had an impact on the physical integrity of the environment and that over the years has worsened; having the need to continue with the campaigns of environmental protection and healing of the natural environment until having a green planet again.
Environmental pollution: What it is, types of pollution, causes, consequences and solutions
What is environmental pollution?
Environmental pollution refers to the presence of external agents of origin, whether physical; chemical or biological, which threaten the integrity of nature, becoming harmful not only to the environment, but also to the living beings that live in it.

Likewise, when environmental pollution is established, the well-being of the population is also affected; progressing in many cases to be harmful not only to human life, but also to animal life and the existence of flora species.

The mechanism of production of environmental pollution is associated with the incorporation of bodies that attract solid substances; liquid and soda, including the combination of all of them; altering the natural conditions that have proven it since its origins as an ideal environment for living beings.

As man acquires more power in nature; the chances of worsening the environmental situation increase if no action is taken on time; as many of the activities carried out by this population deteriorate the conditions that integrate the ideal environment.

The social behavior of man in conjunction with his culture always adapts the environment according to his needs, and many times these requirements are not compatible with the ecological balance; what makes the human population look for the means to stay in comfort, whether or not it is good for the health of the ecosystem.

Types of environmental pollution
Water contamination
It occurs when it is integrated into the water; foreign components, such as microorganisms, chemical waste, industrial waste, as well as other wastewater; leading to the disintegration of pure water and leaving the water without purification quality, unusable for drinking and other utilities.

Air pollution
It is the type of pollution that occurs as a result of the issuance of smoke from industries, factories, as well as fossil fuels discharged from cars; since they are those that accumulate in the extension of the atmosphere progressing to a continuous contamination; removing in the same way that happens in the water, the purification to the air essential for the life of all living beings.

Soil pollution
It occurs when a group of foreign substances, such as solid waste; Toxic and different chemical products causing the complete imbalance that affects all species of living beings equally.

Noise pollution
It is the pollution generated by excessive sound; taking place especially in those open places where the volume of the sound, exceeds the distances in all its dimensions.

Causes of environmental pollution
Occasional causes
Among the specific causes of environmental pollution are those that come specifically from a specific point; that is to say, of more polluting geographical areas, for example in industrial areas, clinic areas, toxic waste storage areas; among other similar sites, creating changes that completely disturb the integrity of a healthy ecosystem.

Diffuse causes
On the other hand, diffuse causes that identify environmental pollution are established when the components that affect the natural environment come from disaggregated sites compared to location and also with geography. Within these causes, the destination of agricultural products, as well as mining and urban products, is implied.

Consequences of environmental pollution
Within the most important consequences of environmental pollution; there is the modification of the ecosystem where all living beings live; growing and developing deteriorating the quality of life with which the earth as a planet is fully identified.

When suffering a series of alterations in the whole natural balance, many of the species are directly affected in both plants; as in animal species, because it is causing climatic changes that are not consistent with multiple types of fauna.

Similarly, with the dispersion of polluting waste , the environment is affected throughout its length, regardless of the type of soil or climate, of homes or seas; all are being altered become irreversible modifications with totally harmful effects and not only for plants and fauna, but also for human beings; because they leave consequences of different diseases; of the airways, cardiovascular and many more, especially in the long term, not to mention the consequences that it brings with respect to climate change, causing irreversible situations for all life on the planet.

Solutions for environmental pollution
Organize efficient public transport networks; in order to have a lower expedition of carbon dioxide circulating in all cities; despite the amount of cars on track.
It uses electric cars, as they are the ones that do not release fossil fuels harmful to environmental integrity and structure, as well as being of good duration for any time you need it.
Keep the car in good condition; which means that it does not work in a bad way, because with it there is a lower risk of contaminating the air and the whole environment.
Preferably, use means of transport that do not involve fuels such as bicycle, skateboard, or just walking.
When shopping, carry your cloth bags; This will prevent the use of plastic bags that are polluting the environment, taking much longer to disintegrate.
To protect animals in danger of extinction; It begins by respecting the closures, this is done in order to guarantee the reproduction of species, so that they are available for the future.
Change your routine of littering on the beaches and let the cleaning be part of them.
By throwing the oil down the drain; You are directly contaminating all sources of water, so it is better to throw it in a garbage bag and avoid water pollution in its entirety.
The lifestyle and its relationship with the environment
Do not waste water, close all the taps while you are not using them, remember that in the future if you do not take care of yourself; It may be a natural element that the inhabitants of the time are wishing on demand.
If at home you have a space to create an orchard, you will already be contributing to the environment. However, avoid using fungicides or pesticides;  choose to use the subscription itself and so you will have another contribution to the natural environment.
Do not burn the trash, do not throw it in the street or in dumps, direct it directly to the trash cans according to the type of items you want to throw; because each type of material must be collected in different packages, guaranteeing the care of the environment, preventing damage caused by some elements when they disintegrate.
The classification of trash cans is made by material such as organic, metals; Plastics, toxic and glass.
Make your family and friends aware of the risk caused by environmental pollution, spreading all the ways they have to take care of the natural environment and thereby guarantee life for thousands of years.

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