Air pollution: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions

Air pollution refers to air pollution; from foreign particles that lead to the presence of discomfort and health risks not only for the planet, but also for the rest of living beings.
Air pollution: What it is, causes, consequences and solutions
What is air pollution?
It is described as the presence of energetic material or forms in the air, causing a wide possibility of risks to be created on this surface; damages and also discomfort applied to the healthy conservation of the natural environment, both in accordance with the presence, visibility and even bad odors.

The change in the atmosphere began to be noticed with great intensity in the surroundings from the Industrial Revolution, in which the productive processes of the different factories began in the field of transport; followed by the fuel and other elements that in a short time were transmitting all its components to the atmosphere.

Each of these substances have been mixed with the other gases in the atmosphere creating not only the greenhouse effect; but also many types of conditions for the health of the human being and for the rest of the beings that inhabit each of the natural environments.

Equally; it is necessary to know that air pollution can be local; as well as linked to other global surroundings; but that will depend on the type of pollutant and its characteristics.

Causes of air pollution
Primary pollutants
They belong to those types of pollutants that are emitted directly by the atmosphere; in this class sulfur dioxide is described; which in addition to being irritating to the vegetation of all environments, they are also often irritating to the lungs and all their functioning.

Secondary pollutants
These types of pollutants belong to those substances originating in chemical procedures that act in conjunction with the primary pollutants and leave multiple sequels in the atmosphere.

These are part of the pollutants that have the greatest activity against atmospheric content; since they are formed from the oxidation of sulfuric acid and nitrogen dioxide.

The primary, both secondary are pollutants that are deposited progressively on the surface of the earth due to high rainfall and dry depositions; affecting not only the ecosystems of any environment; but also human beings, animals and aquatic environments.

Miscellaneous particles
Many particles are part of the pollutants in the atmosphere with a more complex description, since they can come from different origins; from dust given to mechanical decay, to gaseous particles; mists and also in aerosols. These describe the following causes:

They are thick pollutant particles that consist of a natural element whereby it is classified within the primary pollutants . These substances are generated after evaporation processes resulting in local minerals, aerosols, plant residues; as well as eroded asphalt and tire debris.

On the contrary, these are fine particles that have a toxic composition of anthropogenic origin; especially given by vehicle emissions when they have been completely formed by secondary pollutants; these being organic aerosols and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Knowing this; the World Health Organization advises to use based on air quality indicators; at concentrations of PM2.5 instead of those of PM10 that have a greater extent in air pollution.

Consequences of air pollution
These types of consequences have spread in all areas of nature and the truth is that it is a fundamental aspect that must be known to undertake the new way of care for the entire planet.

It should be known that air pollution; It is one of those responsible for the global warming and for all the climatic changes that have occurred so far and leave many consequences in the ecosystem. But what kind of direct consequences does this type of pollution leave?

Deforestation and forest fires
Due to the intensity generated in air pollution; global warming is becoming more intense given the break that is gradually created in the ozone layer; helping ultraviolet rays directly affect all environments on the planet, including those provided with abundant vegetation; being susceptible to forest fires, as well as garbage fires.

Pollution of the waters of the planet
With this type of air pollution; many problems arise in its wake; one of them the conjunction of the gases involved with the greenhouse effect.

The grouping of all of them contributes to the formation of clusters of acid gases that end up in precipitation or acid rain affecting all the regions where they fall; both in the seas and on land surfaces, where it favors poor plant nutrition and for a long time; successive deforestation.

Garbage cans not covered or open pit
These dumps reflect the factor directly associated with air pollution in the sense of global warming, since they are generating much more attraction from the sun's UV rays; creating the temperature rise globally and more likely to precede fires.

Destruction of flora and fauna
Both the vegetation and the different species on the planet are completely affected by the pollution of the atmosphere; since it is not only about the increase in temperature or the fixation of the greenhouse effect but about the long-term consequences that are implanted on the planet's surface, damaging the integrity of the vegetation, as well as the good health of the animals of all species; aspect that intervenes in the degradation of the food chain belonging to all the inhabitants of the world.

For all these consequences, the speed at which the pollution goes is really abysmal; urgently requiring care carried out by all inhabitants; in order to have a much longer duration preventing natural elements from deteriorating and subsequently the quality of life of those who inhabit the planet.

Solutions for air pollution
Reduce the use of fossil fuels
They are fossil fuels; the main responsible of the pollution of the atmosphere, as well as the aggravating one that has appeared over the years. This is reflected in the pollution emanated directly by the gases of all the number of cars that exist; as well as by airplanes and ships, among other means of transport that use oil and its gases for displacement.

The solution lies in starting to use public transport or electric cars with greater emphasis; trying to reduce air and atmosphere pollution from these types of gases.

Use renewable energy
From now on, the use of renewable energy has become very fashionable and in order to stay; especially in cars, being especially applied in electric cars; even in certain types of airplanes since in addition to having less noise in their operation they are accompanying their use with a minimum of pollution, being the only thing that the atmosphere needs to make a progress towards improvement.

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
This solution is mainly aimed at factories and industries around the world, as it is a good idea both for the environment and to reduce its consequences; use clean energy such as electric or wind energy, apart from the fact that they are cheaper and of course; less pollutants

Its use is recommended in modern factories, so that they are placed in the main part of their chimneys; specialized filters that reduce the emission of carbon dioxide gas and thus the atmosphere can have a greater degree of protection against the activities of man who day by day become more intense and impactful throughout the environment; all with the objective of having good activities, with less energy consumption.

Enter the world of recycling
Upon entering the novel era of a green planet; The main point is to know that for no reason should you contaminate the planet.

From the accumulated garbage; even fires, logging and burning are prohibited for any inhabitant; because it determines the severity of air pollution over time and with all the consequences previously assigned.

The solution to fulfill all the steps is to store the types of garbage according to their material, as well as to prefer elements with glass materials instead of plastic; because it is degraded faster than the second.

Equally; It is important that you use the recycling sheets as much as you can before wasting it, the trees will be able to thank you with more production and better quality!

An orchard at home
Grow a small garden inside a home space; Besides being able to have some fruit or plant that is your favorite, you will also be giving life to the entire planet.

Remember that each small plant is more breathing for the environment and for all the inhabitants that we live in all areas.

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