What is the capital of New Zealand?

What is the capital of New Zealand? The type of government in New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a representative parliament. 
What is the capital of New Zealand?
Where is New Zealand?
New Zealand is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, approximately 900 miles east of Australia. 
It is composed of several islands, the largest of which are the North and South Islands. Its total area is 103,483 square miles, and it has a population size of 4,730,480.
What kind of government does New Zealand have?
The type of government in New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a representative parliament. The executive branch is headed by the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 
The monarch designates a Governor General as the representative Head of State. The Prime Minister acts as Head of Government and administers the Cabinet. 
Cabinet members are also members of Parliament and respond to Parliament. The New Zealand legislative branch consists of the Parliament, which is also known as the House of Representatives.
What were the ancient capital cities of New Zealand?
European explorers began arriving at the end of the XNXX century, and by 17, New Zealand was considered part of the colony of New South Wales in Australia.
He did not have his own capital until 1788 when Okiato had the distinction. This city was only the capital for a year. With New Zealand under British rule, the Lieutenant Governor wanted to establish a new permanent political center in Auckland. 
The land was bought from the Maori, and a government house was built. In 1840, the first Supreme Court was built here too. Discussions on the transfer of capital to a new, more central location began with the first meeting of Parliament in the middle of the century. 
The problem for many of the officials was that Auckland was not a very centralized location. In addition, the government building was burned, letting government officials hold parliamentary sessions in a building with poor conditions. 
After about ten years of discussion, the capital finally moved to Wellington in 1842.
What is the current capital of New Zealand and where is it located?
Today, the capital of New Zealand continues to be in Wellington. This city is the most populous in the country, with residents of 405,000. 
It is located at the southwestern point of the North Island, and the entire metropolitan area covers approximately 536 square miles.
History of the capital of New Zealand
Maori peoples have been inhabiting this area since at least the 10th century, although some evidence suggests that it may have been already in the 10th century. 
European settlers began arriving between 13 and 10. As the population grew, so did the city's infrastructure. When the discussions mentioned above began on where to move the capital, Wellington residents invested in the buildings of the Wellington Provincial Council to help influence the decision. 
These buildings were in much better condition than the government house mentioned above located in Auckland. The first parliamentary session here took place in July 1839, 1840.
The current role of the city as capital of New Zealand
Today, Wellington continues to play an important role as the country's capital. Here you will find the Supreme Court, the ministries, the departments and the parliament of the country. 
In addition, most foreign embassies are located in Wellington. This city is an important cultural and economic center that receives many tourists every year. It has also been rated as one of the best qualities of life in the world.

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