The 85 best quotes about sunset

In the selection of phrases that we leave below you can enjoy the 85 best quotes about the sunset and how beautiful it is, written by great artists and philosophers or by unknown authors.
The 85 best quotes about sunset
The sunset is that moment of the day when it is coming to an end and many of us reflect, meditate and do a brief mental review of how the day went.

This moment of reflection can be one of the most pleasant experiences that we carry out daily, not in vain writers and thinkers have written or talked a lot about this moment of the day.

1. The more clouds you have in the sky, the more colorful your sunset will be. (Sajal Sazzad)
The views of each sunset will always be different, each day will have its own magic and will be unique.

2. When the sun sets, no candle can replace it. (George RR Martin)
Nothing we can do people equals the light of the star king, this always illuminates our lives.

3. The dawn comes slowly, but the sunset is fast. (Alice B. Toklas)
At dawn the sensation is that the sun rises slowly, but at sunset it seems that the opposite is true.

4. Trips are like sunsets, if you wait too long you miss them. (Anonymous)
Too many trips to a trip can make us miss the opportunity to do it, just as a sunset will happen naturally and will never wait for us.

5. Sunsets are just previews of the golden streets of the sky.
The sunset can offer us endless colors and nuances that no other time of day has.

6. Life is about enjoying each sunset and seeking the next sunrise.
We must enjoy every moment of our lives and those small pleasures that it offers us.

7. The sunset is the beginning of something beautiful: the night. (Juansen Dizon)
Each evening opens the doors of another facet of our life that can be nightlife.

8. Watching a sunset makes you feel stronger. (Anamika Mishra)
A sunset can bring us memories of what we have lived or have overcome and with them discover what we have learned over time.

9. Admire the efforts of failure, just as you admire the beauty of the sunset. (Amit Kalantri)
Even when we fail, we learn and thus improve as a person, just as a sunset can be seen as the end of one day or as the illusion of the next.

10. All sunsets are an opportunity to start over. (Richie Norton)
With each sunset our life restarts and the mistakes of the past remain in that, in the past.

11. Outside, daylight was bleeding slowly until sunset. ( Stephen King )
The colors that the sunset can provide us with is a very beautiful range of lights and shadows that are worth enjoying.

12. If you allow it, people are as wonderful as sunsets. ( Carl Rogers )
Every sunset just like every human being is different and unique, Mother Nature is great performing unique works.

13. I could lick the sunset, I bet it tastes like a Neapolitan ice cream. (Jarod Kintz)
The sunset is so beautiful that everything it offers us has something magical, we must take advantage of it and enjoy it as it deserves.

14. I want to be the sunset that makes you reflect on your life. (Benjamin Griss)
The sunset is a great time to reflect and meditate, have a coffee or read a good book.

15. The darkness that follows a sunset will never be so dark as to change the inevitability of dawn. (Craig D. Lounsbrough)
Life is wonderful with all its aspects, some happier, others sadder but all unique and memorable.

16. In the same place the woodpecker is stubborn at sunset. (Kobayashi Issa)
People live our day to day totally oblivious to the passage of time, many times we are not aware of the most beautiful things.

17. The sunset of great hope is like the sunset of the sun: with it the splendor of our life is extinguished. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
The sunset is an instant that can remind us of the toughest things we have been able to live and thus sadden ourselves, but we must remember that it is also the prologue of the beginning of something new.

18. Life is struggle and torment, disappointment, love and sacrifice, golden sunsets and black storms. (Laurence Olivier)
Life, like the different moments of the day, goes through many stages, all very different from each other.

19. You don't try to control a sunset. You watch it in amazement as it develops. (Carl Rogers)
We cannot control the weather or nature, and in the same way what has to happen in our lives will happen, we just have to sit and enjoy the show.

20. What a sensitivity of the sun! He blushes every night at the time he sets the night. (Fabrizio Caramanga)
A very poetic and at the same time very realistic way of explaining to us the beauty of the sunset, its colors and its windings.

21. I love to see the sunrise, the sunset, the sky and the birds. (Manisha Koirala)
Without a doubt, the sunset is a beautiful moment, as are many other moments in life.

22. The sun is setting in a burnt orange sky, the cliffs are black silhouettes, and the sea is liquid silver. (Laura Treacy Bentley)
A beautiful phrase by Laura Treacy Bentley that perfectly describes the sunset she is contemplating.

23. The sun is never alone as long as the light always stays with it. Even when he is hiding, the light sinks with him. (Munia Khan)
Just as the star king never loses his own light, we must always be authentic and consistent with ourselves.

24. The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower. (Roberto Bolaño)
The color palette of a sunset can be amazing, especially in autumn with its reddish colors and amber hues.

25. We always have only one day left, which always begins again: it is given to us by dawn, and it is taken from us at sunset. ( Jean-Paul Sartre )
Just as there will always be a new day, this will always be irretrievably led to its sunset.

26. Let's make sunsets something unforgettable, something beautiful in the morning, and something we always want to repeat at night. (Leo Romsog)
Every moment of our lives is equally valuable on the time scale, we must make the most of each and every one of them.

27. Endures pain at dawn, so that when the sunset comes, there are abundant gains. (Seyi Ayoola)
Fighting in our lives to reach our goals is something we all must do, fight for what we want and makes us happy.

28. The sunset is the most spiritual moment, where humanity meets the extraordinary spirit of the universe. (Mehmet Murat Ildan)
The sunset of the day is undoubtedly the best time to reflect and meditate on the existential drift we carry.

29. We see the orange and violet sunset light because it arrives too tired of fighting against space and time. ( Albert Einstein )
The great Albert Einstein saw the poetic of a sunset even with his vast knowledge about physics and astronomy.

30. Sunsets are my escape from the reality in which I constantly live. (Rachel Roy)
Taking advantage of the sunset to reflect with ourselves is something that many people do and that can certainly lead us to enjoy a more organized life.

31. There is a special quality to the solitude of the sunset, a melancholy much more disturbing than that of the night. (Ed Gorman)
With the sunset it usually happens to many people to get nostalgic, that is because at that time we become aware of the passing of time.

32. When you are so sad, you like sunsets. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
When we are in a stage of melancholy and we want to rejoice in it, nothing better than a rainy afternoon or a good sunset.

33. When a sunrise or a sunset causes us no emotion, it means that the soul is sick. (Roberto Gervaso)
The sunset, like the sunrise, are two moments of the day when people become aware of our passing through life and inevitably it causes us emotions instantly.

34. Observe the beauty of the sunset to enjoy the passion of life. (Debasish Mridha)
The sunset is a time to enjoy, alone or in company and which we should not give up.

35. I love that this morning's sunrise was not defined based on last night's sunset. (Steve Maraboli)
Every sunrise is a new beginning, every sunset is a new end and tomorrow is not yet written.

36. He climbed the mountains to see where the sun rests.
Sometimes we would like to know what makes this star so wonderful that the sun is when it hides behind the sky: Surely light a new day!

37. The sunsets are so beautiful that it almost seemed as if we were looking through the gates of heaven. (John Lubbock)
The pictorial beauty of a sunset is priceless, the colors and the meaning behind it are a masterpiece of nature.

38. The sun had set, but a faint pastel mist remained in the mid-summer sky. (RJ Lawrence)
At all times of the year we can enjoy a great variety of sunsets, each of them can be unique and different from tomorrow or yesterday.

39. Gently the night came with the sunset. (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
The night is one of those moments in which people enjoy many other pleasures of life and this would never come without having a sunset before.

40. The beautiful gathering of the sun, the sky and the sea, brings with it a perfect moment of love, peace and happiness. (Umair Siddiqui)
The sunset in some places of the world can be without a doubt spectacular, since the orography of each place is totally different and with it its sunsets are also.

41. Climb a hill at sunset. We all need perspective from time to time, and there you will find it. (Rob Sagendorph)
Giving that moment for us at sunset to meditate can be a very healthy habit.

42. Sunsets are one of those things in this life that you don't expect.

Without a doubt, a sunset will arrive in its moment, not a second before nor one after.

43. Imperfect and everything, there is no west so beautiful that it could not be more. (Fernando Pessoa)
Every sunset is beautiful and unparalleled, we must be aware that what we are contemplating will never be repeated. One of the best phrases about sunset.

44. Even the longest day ends in a sunset. (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
We must be patient in life and also in our day to day, in the end everything will come in time.

45. Never turn your back on the sunset because you owe the sun thanks for lighting your day. (Mehmet Murat Ildan)
Let's enjoy life more and be more natural. Take advantage of every moment of the day!

46. ​​It seems that there is more interest in sunsets than in sunrises. This is perhaps because we innately fear the dark. (Richelle E. Goodrich)
Both sunset and sunrise are two wonderful moments of the day but lived in very different ways.

47. The sun of dawn is always a promise. The noon, relentless, judges us. And that of the sunset, hopelessly, has already condemned us. (Lorenzo Oliván)
A phrase that sees the similarity between the passing of the day and how we perceive our life.

48. Life does not come with an accompanying instruction that describes how to live it, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day. (Debbie Shapiro)
Enjoying life is something we should all do, because the only sure thing we have in it is now.

49. In the light of day I belong to the world, and at night to sleep and eternity. But at sunset I am free of both, and I only belong to myself; and you. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
Taking advantage of the sunset to find ourselves is something very positive and we are sure to take advantage of it.

50. The funny thing about sunset is that we don't really want the sun to go down, we want it to stay just above the horizon, neither below nor above it. (Mehmet Murat Ildan)
The vision of the sunset is so wonderful that we would like for a moment time to stop.

51. The sunset shows us that life is too beautiful to cling to the past, so move on to the present. (Jennifer Aquillo)
Just as the days go by without delay, we must face our life and always move forward in it.

52. The dark sunset soon arrived, a purple sunset over the tangerine and melon fields; the sun the color of pressed grapes, [...] and the fields of the color of love (Jack Kerouac)
Poetic phrase that perfectly describes the wide range of colors that a sunset can offer us.

53. What is life? It is the flash of a firefly at night. It is the breath of a buffalo in winter. It is the small shadow that runs through the grass and is lost in the sunset. (Proverb)
Without a doubt, a great phrase that shows us how life is only fleeting in the sands of time and the fragility of its existence.

54. It's amazing as every sunset, the sun is a different color. No cloud is in the same place. Every day is a new masterpiece. A new wonder A new memory (Sanober Khan)
Each sunset is a unique moment that will not be repeated and that we can only enjoy once.

55. Both sunrise and sunset are friends of the sun. One opens the door to a new day, and another closes it to welcome the darkness of the night. (Munia Khan)
Both sunrise and sunset give way to new stages of the day, as these can discover new experiences in our lives.

56. Sunsets are generally superior to sunrises. With the sunsets we appreciate the images extracted from the faded peace and glory. (George Stillman Hillard)
No doubt a sunset can offer us unique nuances that we can hardly find at any other time in life.

57. The sunset had turned the blue sky into a bright orange and then a faint pink; the purple velvet of the night had left the east, dotted with stars. (Paul Gallico)
This phrase describes very well all the stages of a sunset and how with them the colors of the day change radically.

58. The clouds are floating in my life, not to continue bringing rain or to escort the storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. (Rabindranath Tagore)
Any climate change can offer us a different sunset and with totally unique sensations.

59. The sunset is a time where all emotions are experienced: melancholy, wonder, intoxication, casuistry, admiration, love and sadness. (Mehmet Murat Ildan)
Certainly with the sunset our being can feel endless sensations and emotions, we should use them to reflect and focus on something constructive.

60. Light and darkness touch each other for a few moments. [...] Before I wanted the sunset to last longer, but its speed seems to make it special. (Regina McBride)
The brevity of the sunset is part of the magic that makes it so special, we all know that the good if it is short is doubly good.

61. Watching a sunset is connecting with the divine. (Gina De Gorna)
Many people compare the sunset with something magical or divine, as this is undoubtedly a unique and special moment of the day.

62. You remind me of the sunset, so beautiful but so sad. (Shweta Grewal)
The sunset can be very beautiful and that's why with it we show our feelings so skin deep.

63. The sky broke like an egg to the maximum splendor of the sunset, and the water caught fire. (Pamela Hansford Johnson)
Sunsets are a feast of light and shadow that can be described in a thousand different ways.

64. Sunsets, like childhood, are seen in amazement, not only because they are beautiful, but because they are fleeting. (Richard Paul Evans)
During all the stages of our life we ​​can always assess the beauty of a sunset seen from different perspectives.

65. The sun illuminates the clouds beneath it, as if they were and the water was burning in fire.
A sunset on a beach can be one of the most beautiful sunsets that we can contemplate without any doubt.

66. The sunset is my favorite color, and the rainbow is the second. (Mattie Stepanek)
The whole range of rainbow colors can be made visible in a beautiful sunset.

67. The most beautiful sunset is when you spend it with the one you love; The same goes for sunrise. (Galina Nelson)
Enjoying these beautiful moments with the person we love makes us enjoy them with much more intensity.

68. Twilight fell: the sky was tinged with a dark purple light, covered with small silver stars. (JK Rowling)
Even the great writer JK Rowling also talked about a sunset in her famous literary works.

69. Find a part of yourself hidden in the twilight. (Fennel Hudson)
The sunset is the ideal time to have a conversation with ourselves and get in touch with our own thoughts.

70. Never waste your time doing something important when there is a sunset under which you should be sitting. (C. Joybell C)
The sunset is a fleeting moment of the day that if we get lost we will lose sight of forever.

71. Meditate at sunset, looking at the stars and stroking your dog. It is an infallible remedy. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Undoubtedly this is an infallible remedy to fall asleep at bedtime.

72. At the end of the world, the sunset is like a child tearing a pack of crayons against the face of God. (Craig Stone)
The infinity of colors that a sunset shows us is undoubtedly spectacular, even touching the chaotic.

73. There is no way in which a man can earn a star or deserve a sunset. (GK Chesterton)
The sunsets are a gift of life that each of us will enjoy in a certain number.

74. Change, like sunlight, can be a friend or an enemy, a blessing or a curse, a sunrise or a sunset. (William Arthur Ward)
How we face each sunset with nostalgia or hope will help us continue to face our lives.

75. Twilight lowers the curtain and fastens it with a star. (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
A very beautiful phrase without a doubt that tells us how nature closes the curtain of each day.

76. When the sun is setting, stop doing whatever you are doing and watch it. (Mehmet Murat Ildan)
At the right time of sunset we can take a little break in our busy life and for a second become aware of who we are.

77. The sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end in a beautiful way. (Kristen Butler)
Each day begins with a sunrise and ends up presenting the night with a sunset, life in the same way always offers us a new beginning.

78. Outside, the air is full of the sound of crickets, while the sun was reddening in its descent. (RJ Lawrence)
The sunsets of a summer day are undoubtedly a moment of maximum relaxation and even a bucolic character that we all always remember.

79. The meadow is cloudy and the waters remain silent. It is the sunset. (Yosa Buson)
The sunset without hurry but without pause always comes, every day they come to an end.

80. Golden pops on lavender, melting into saffron. It is the time of day when the sky seems to have been painted by a graffiti artist. (Mia Kirshner)
The spectacle of light and color that a sunset offers us is incredible, something wonderful that Mother Nature offers us.

81. The sunset in spring walks on the tail of the golden pheasant. (Yosa Buson)
A poetic phrase that tells us about sunsets in those spring days, when the weather is mild and these can be greatly enjoyed.

82. One does not try to control a sunset. You watch it in amazement as it develops. (Carl Rogers)
As a sunset happens it cannot be controlled, we are very small in the universe around us.

83. Don't forget, beautiful sunsets require cloudy skies. (Paulo Coelho)
For many people the best sunsets are those that have clouds in the sky, because they modulate the light that the sun gives us.

84. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset to culminate a healthy day. (Rachel Boston)
Enjoying a beautiful sunset at the end of the day is undoubtedly something we should all take advantage of.

85. The sunsets are proof that the finals can also be beautiful. (Beau Taplin)
Just as a sunset is the end of a day, many things in life are ephemeral and no less beautiful.

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