The 65 best famous quotes of Emma Watson

The 65 best famous quotes of Emma Watson. She was barely a girl with fluffy hair when Emma Watson fell in love with the world. His first appearance on the big screen was in the first installment of Harry Potter. 
The 65 best famous quotes of Emma Watson
After Harry Potter, Emma Watson played great roles. He made important works in various films, the most recent hit was the Disney live action "Beauty and the Beast", but still has much to surprise.

However, Emma Watson is not only a beautiful actress. He surprised the world when in 2014 he appeared before the United Nations assembly as spokesperson for the HeForShe movement and gave a speech on feminism. In addition, in 2014 he announced that he had graduated from the degree in English Literature.

1. Young women are bombarded by ideals of perfection that no human being can really achieve.
Emma Watson has stood out, among other things, for being critical about the stereotypes imposed.

2. Seduces a hint much better than a spectacular free physical sample.
A tip on seduction that must be taken into account.

3. I don't want to look like everyone else. I don't have perfect teeth, I'm not thin as a stick.
No one is perfect and we must accept and love ourselves as we are.

4. I don't want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide for myself.
Women must be aware that they have the power to decide about their lives.

5. My idea of ​​being sexy is based on "less is more". The less you reveal, the more intriguing you become.
This fashion tip to look sexy is one of the most successful you'll hear.

6. If I had a daughter, I would like to teach her that she is a force that deserves to be taken into account, and never underestimated.
This phrase is shocking and a lesson to apply in raising girls.

7. In my moments of doubt, I firmly say to myself: If it's not me, then who? If not now, then when?
Emma Watson said she felt very nervous to give her speech to the United Nations.

8. In Hollywood for some reason they often insist that female characters have huge boobs, they are outdated.
Someone had to speak out about the rigid beauty stereotypes in the film industry, and although Emma Watson is not the first, her voice is important for a new generation.

9. At the end of Harry Potter I decided to take my career calmly to focus on college, and I didn't care that many people reproached me. And I have always known how to protect myself from the environment as soon as I feel overwhelmed. I have facility to isolate myself.
Emma Watson decided to take the time to complete her studies. He graduated from the degree in English Letters.

10. If men did not have to be aggressive to be accepted, women would not feel compelled to be submissive. If men did not have to control, women would not have to be controlled.
One of the most forceful phrases of Emma Watson concerning feminism.

11. I really think you have to earn things. I don't feel comfortable unless I have really worked hard.
We must learn that to get something we must be willing to work hard.

12. If I must be a princess, I would like to be a warrior princess, definitely.
Emma Watson has never liked to be encased in roles of weak women.

13. Don't feel stupid if you don't like what others pretend to love.
We have to be true to ourselves and our preferences.

14. If you are a woman and have heard in your head a voice that tells you: Who are you to say something? Remember that you are a human being who can change the world.
Many women do not dare to excel at the belief that what they have to say is not important.

15. Feminism means equality: political, cultural, social and economic. It is quite simple to understand.
Although many feminists have criticized Emma Watson, the truth is that her speech has also been welcomed by other feminist groups that have found a spokeswoman in her.

16. I would like to be a woman of rebirth. I want to paint, write act and do everything.
From a very young age Emma knew that she liked and inclined to the arts.

17. Unfortunately, I can say that there is no country in the world where all women receive their rights with total equality. No nation has yet achieved gender equity.
The delay in gender equity is still very noticeable.

18. It may sound like a cliché, but I learned that you will not fall in love with the right person until you love yourself and feel good about yourself.
Before loving someone, we must learn to love ourselves.

19. I know how to take care of myself, how to be alone and how to deal with stress. If I had not learned that, I would not have come here. I never knew I had limits.
To achieve great things we must not get carried away by external or internal limits.

20. My teachers did not assume that I would go less far because of the possibility that at some point I will become a mother. They may not know it, but they are the ambassadors of equality that help change the world. We need more people like them.
Emma Watson always knew that her role as a woman and mother should not impede her personal development.

21. Men also do not have the benefits of equality. We get used to talking about them under pressure from gender stereotypes. When they are free, things will also change for women as a natural consequence.
The lack of equity also affects men.

22. All I can do is follow my instincts because I will never be able to please everyone.
We only have to please ourselves and not others.

23. When I was younger I did not necessarily have in mind acting as a vocation, but I have always loved presentations, always. I loved poetry from a very young age and did poetry recitals when I was 5. I also loved the debate and did theater regularly. So I guess you can say that I have always loved acting.
Although she did not intend to devote herself to this, her path was already written.

24. We are all different. What is really important is to be healthy.
You have to assess really important aspects, such as health.

25. Life is a journey, and you can only learn from experience, so you have to go out and make our own mistakes to learn.
We must not fear mistakes because they are the ones that give us experience.

26. It is time that we see gender as a spectrum instead of 2 opposite ideals.
If we see men and women as equals, everything will be better.

27. I felt myself with that haircut. I felt brave and powerful because it was my choice.
When Emma Watson left her hair very short, everyone was surprised and criticized, but she felt very happy.

28. I want to be a person who feels good about his body, who can say that he loves him and doesn't want to change anything.
All women should continue with this advice.

29. I faithfully believe that beauty comes from within. You can look really beautiful if you feel beautiful inside and that is reflected in the face, the way you move and the way you handle yourself.
This is the concept of beauty that we should all focus on.

35. When it is well seen that men are the ones who stay at home taking care of children, things will change for women as a natural consequence.
Equity favors everyone to perform the tasks that belong to us all.

36. With 15 years I saw how my friends stopped practicing their favorite sports because they didn't want their body to be very muscular. A few years later, at 18, I realized that my male friends were unable to express their feelings. For these reasons I decided to be a feminist.
Emma Watson has been very aware that the differences between men and women have limited us as humanity.

37. We need to try to urge men and boys, as much as possible, to be promoters of change.
Equity begins to be promoted from childhood.

38. I think that sometimes women are afraid of feeling strong, powerful or brave. There is nothing wrong with being scared. It is not about the absence of fear but about overcoming it. Sometimes you just have to have faith.
Women do not want to feel strong or brave because they believe that could take men away.

39. All I can do is follow my instincts because I will never be able to please everyone.
We must put aside the need to please everyone.

40. I guess there are many different types of love and you receive different types of love from different people.
This is the definition of love for Emma Watson.

41. If we stop defining ourselves for what we are not and start defining ourselves for what we are, we can all be freer.
We have to focus on what we are and what we do have to end the security in ourselves.

42. I don't want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what really matters to me.
We must not let fear stop us from moving forward.

43. I think it is right that I be paid the same as my fellow men. I think it is right that I can make decisions about my own body. I think it is right for women to be involved in the policies and decisions that affect their lives. I think it is right that socially I have the same respect that men have.
Emma Watson has spoken again and again about the importance of achieving equity.

44. I want men to commit themselves so that their daughters, sisters and mothers will be free from prejudice. Also so that your children feel allowed to be vulnerable, human and a more honest and complete version of themselves.
Men must be present in the dissemination of equity and upbringing from the youngest childhood.

45. I am interested in women who are not perfect. They are more convincing.
Perfect women are not real.

46. ​​The saddest thing for a woman is to play dumb to get a man's attention.
It is certainly one of the worst things women can do.

47. Stockholm syndrome, I don't think it's Belle's case, she never stops fighting with the Beast to maintain her independence. And, after all, one of the reasons she falls in love with the Beast is that the Beast sets her free even though it causes her a lot of pain.
When asked about possible incongruities of her role as Bella and her feminist discourse, Emma Watson reflected on her character's true motives.

48. I love Twitter because it is a way of communicating things about me and my choices, sharing my news in a way that is straightforward. There is no person involved.
Emma is one of the celebrities who most uses and values ​​this social network.

49. The worst problem that women face today is that some believe that we live in a post-feminist society, and we do not. When it is said that we no longer need feminism, that we are well and that we have rights, women blame themselves when they are treated differently. And that is terrible.
The feminist movement still has many aspects to fight for.

50. Promoting the passing of egalitarian laws is of vital importance, but even more important is changing the way people think, and in that sense Hollywood's power to influence the public is unmatched. Without going any further, there are millions of Hollywoodenses who will never hear a speech from me at the United Nations Assembly, but who will see "Beauty and the Beast."
Each woman can, from her trench, work to expand the message of greater equity.

51. Feminism has been confused as hatred of men. But, by definition, it is the belief that men and women have the same rights and opportunities.
Feminism is not the opposite of machismo and does not promote hatred towards men. Emma Watson has been very interested in spreading this.

52. Men believe that feminist is a word only for women. But what it really means is to ask for equality. If you are a man and you are in favor of equality, I am sorry to tell you that you are a feminist.
Feminism is a movement that interests everyone.

53. Children who smoke and drink since age 14; they believe they gain maturity, which comes alone and have actually lost childhood, which never comes back.
You have to value childhood and do everything in due time.

54. I have realized that fighting for women's rights often makes us synonymous with that we hate men. I only know that something is true: we need to stop these thoughts.
We need to spread the true feeling of feminism to stop the idea that it promotes hatred for men.

55. Love is everywhere and I don't think everyone should sit down and wait for him to be with a person. I think you can love many different people in different ways.
We must not sit and wait for the prince charming, on the contrary we must realize that we have many people around us to love.

56. We fight for the word unification but the good news is that we have a unified movement
The feminist movement must be unified to achieve its objectives.

57. When you are young you hardly perceive fear. You have the confidence of youth, so you don't think so much about nerves.
Youth is a time that allows us to take risks because fears do not win at our will.

58. I think schooling is so important because I have received a lot from using my mind and my brain. Having another part of me means that I not only feel valued by the way I look, and that has been one of the great luxuries of playing Hermione, she is not just a pretty face.
Continuing to study can give us a lot of certainty, in addition to helping us value everything we have to offer the world beyond superficial aspects.

59. I do not feel that I am leaving Hermione behind because it is a very large part of me. I grew up playing it and we have many characteristics in common, so I feel like I'm taking a lot of it with me.
Although it was difficult for Emma Watson to get rid of Hermione's role, in the end she succeeded but admits that the essence of her character always accompanies her.

60. It is important to see your work and try to be objective about it because that is how you learn and improve.
In whatever our profession, objectivity about our work will help us to perform better.

61. I would love to do theater. I think that performing live and getting that energy is a very special experience.
Emma Watson has stated that she would like to expand her work as an actress and talks about the differences and advantages of working in theater.

62. My studies have been very important to me because I feel they have protected me. They have been a very pleasant escape, because although the film industry is incredible, there are aspects that are very superficial and crazy.
The importance of continuing with studies has repercussions in several areas of life. In Emma's case they have been a counterweight to the crazy life of Hollywood.

63. I have always loved the idea of ​​having a fragrance that you always use and people identify you with it, so I love to put on a boyfriend or friend's sweater and know that it smells like them.
Perfumes keep a very special magic.

64. I find the night very romantic. It is the time of day when you can light candles and the light seems so soft and warm. Somehow everything looks prettier at night.
The night has always been very attractive to romantic people and Emma Watson feels a weakness for her.

65. I have always been a romantic loss. I think ... Why not? It is nice!
Contrary to what many think because of her strong feminist speeches, she is a romantic person who believes in love.

30. Women have chosen not to identify themselves as feminists. Apparently I am among women whose expressions are seen as too strong, too aggressive, insulating and anti-men.
Emma Watson is aware that taking on a feminist puts her in a position that is not very popular for some sectors.

31. In life you make good and bad friends and you have to understand it. You realize you can't do everything right.
We will not always like everyone or win everyone's affection.

32. Young women are led to believe that they have to be some kind of princess, delicate and fragile, and that is stupid.

Emma Watson does not like the role of a fragile woman and has repeated many times that she prefers to be remembered as someone strong.

33. I think that, socially, I deserve, like all women, the same respect as a man.
His speech has become increasingly feminist.

34. How can we make a change in the world when only half are invited or feel invited to participate in the conversation?
This phrase is an important part of the speech he gave at the Assembly of the United Nations and of which he has taken up the most to spread it.

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