The 50 best rebellion phrases you should read

Famous quotes and quotes to exalt the rebel soul we all have. That is why we show you the 50 best phrases of rebellion, to better understand this position and encourage you to use it to change the world.
The 50 best rebellion phrases you should read

It seems that rebellion is an attitude that is not always well regarded by society. Maybe it's because it's disruptive and not everyone feels comfortable with it. But the truth is that rebellion is the generating principle of change.

The most important passages in history include rebel characters. Although they have tried to submit and align, irreverent personalities end up coming to light and letting themselves be seen.

These phrases about rebellion make us reflect on the importance of this way of acting in life and situations. It is the rebels who have changed the world. And his rebellion has really left us many teachings.

1. Rebellion can be a wonderful gift. It is rebellion that triggers creativity, exploration, progress and revolutions. (Lucas Leys)
Rebellion is an agent of change.

2. They will say that madness went out of fashion, they will say that people are bad and do not deserve, but I will continue to dream of mischief. Perhaps multiply loaves and fish. (Silvio Rodriguez)
Dreamers are rebellious people who want to see their dreams come true.

3. Thinking against the flow of time is heroic; Say it, crazy. (Eugéne Ionesco)
People who think differently have always been pointed out, and when they also manifest it, they have been persecuted.

4. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made.
Questioning the established, disobeying and rebelling is what has generated the change.

5. The intellectual tradition is of servility towards power, and if I did not betray it I would be ashamed of myself. (Noam Chomsky)
A hard criticism of Chomsky about the servitude of some, an attitude that definitely does not go with him.

6. Someday the anvil, tired of being an anvil, will become a hammer. (Mikhail Bakunin)
Rebel people get tired of submission and seek to change.

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7. Rebellion is the original virtue of man. (Arthur Schopenhauer)
Man by nature seems to be rebellious.

8. If they give you a patterned paper, write from behind. (Juan Ramón Jiménez)
You have to take the counter a little (or a lot) to detonate the rebellion in us.

9. The rebellion consists in looking at a rose until the eyes are pulverized. (Alejandra Pizarnik)
Being rebellious implies a lot of observation and reflection.

10. Seek happiness in this life, therein lies the true spirit of rebellion. (Katherine Pancol)
In the search for what makes us happy, we will surely be pointed out.

11. Society does not tolerate private matters if they show signs of rebellion. (Sándor Márai)
Although it is about our private life, if we act against the rules, society recriminates us.

12. My life has been to challenge authority, which I was taught as a child. Life is pure noise between two abysmal silences. Silence before birth, silence after death. (Isabel Allende)
Isabel Allende was a woman of a rebellious nature.

13. Do we not have in us a perpetual inclination, despite the excellence of our judgment, to violate what the Law is, simply because we understand what the law is? (Edgar Allan Poe)
Our rebellious nature also makes us function in society.

14. A rebel is someone who does not react against society, who understands the whole game of it and simply slips away from it. Society becomes irrelevant to him. It is not against her. And that is the beauty of the rebellion: it is freedom. The revolutionary is not free. He is continually struggling with something. (Osho)
Rebellion is freedom, isn't it?

15. Thinking against the flow of time is heroic; Say it, crazy. (Eugéne Ionesco)
Saying what we think is an act of rebellion.

16. The people, fire and water can never be tamed. (Focílides)
The people must be of a rebellious nature to never be tamed.

17. We walk together, we die together, rebels forever. (Will Smith)
Thus we must remain.

18. I'd rather be a rebel than a slave. I urge women to rebellion. (Meryl Streep)
A call to women to get away from the submissive role and be rebellious women.

19. Young people today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, devour their food and disrespect their teachers. (Socrates)
It seems that some things never change.

20. If the rebels could succeed they would discover that they had destroyed themselves. (Clive Staples Lewis)
Sometimes the controversial characters end up fighting other rebels.

21. A little rebellion from time to time is a good thing. (Thomas Jefferson)
To generate change, rebellion is necessary.

22. Rebellion is the daughter of experience (Leonardo Da Vinci)
Experience leads us to rebellion.

23. Passivity and meekness do not imply goodness, as rebellion does not mean savagery. (Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero)
That people are passive does not mean they are kind, just as rebellious people do not always manifest themselves with violence.

24. Rebellion is life: submission is death. (Ricardo Flores Magón)
A great definition of the importance of rebellion.

25.…And above all, always be able to feel deeply any injustice committed against anyone anywhere in the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary. (Ernesto "Che" Guevara)

One of the most emblematic revolutionaries of recent times talking about rebellion.

26. If we took power, we would have the task of cleaning it from the bourgeoisie and keeping people in a revolutionary state of mind. (John Lennon)
The relationship between rebellion and revolutionary personality.

27. What is a rebel? A man who says no. (Albert Camus)
To say that it is not in itself a rebel act.

28. Learning is always rebellion. Every bit of new truth discovered is revolutionary with respect to what was believed before.
Each learning collapses the previous one and with this it is already being rebellious.

29. Sow a small seed of rebellion and determine a harvest of freedoms. (Práxedis G. Guerrero)
Rebellion is freedom.

30. As long as the world exists, there will be injustices. And if nobody objected and nobody rebelled, those injustices would last forever. (Clarence Darrow)
If no one rebels, injustices continue to exist.

31. The rebel will save the ship, when everyone has agreed to die. (Analy Zarraga)
Rebel people are the hardened ones that save the situation.

32. The mere act of dreaming is the greatest rebellion. (Citlalli Vargas Contreras)
To be a dreamer is to be a rebel.

33. I love you because your mouth knows how to shout rebellion. (Mario Bennedetti)
One of the most beautiful phrases about rebellion.

34. Rebellion is the unconscious act of making your dreams and ideals come true.
Everything we dream, when we try to make it happen, implies rebellion.

35. To be a rebel is to show that you live with your heart. (Fate Avalos)
A latent heart is rebellious.

36. Rebellion is the animal instinct in the reflection of man. (Julio Martínez)
The nature of man is to be rebellious, that is why it generates changes.

37. Rebellion is the daughter of a determined mind (Giancarlo Piza)
When we have an objective and we are ready to fulfill it, the rebellious nature of every human being has emerged.

38. The rebellion will close doors but open many minds. (Daniel Olguin)
There are times that only innovative thinking can awaken sleeping minds.

39. To rebel is to give light and form to the cry of new ideas. (Joe Ar)
New ideas are always a form of rebellion.

40. The rebellion before the unjust is the highest of the virtues.
The best rebellion is that exercised in the face of injustices.

41. Rebellion is the only refuge worthy of intelligence against imbecility. (Arturo Pérez-Reverte)
An intelligent person is almost always eager for changes.

42. Being like everyone is being nobody.
There is no originality in being a copy of others.

43. When born poor, being a scholar is the greatest act of rebellion against the system.
If we have had the misfortune of being poor, filling ourselves with knowledge is a way to rebel against the situation that touched us.

44. Insist, persist, resist and never give up.
A great phrase that represents the answering spirit.

45. Thinking differently is not a crime.
Although many people think so, being a rebel is nothing negative.

46. ​​Night and rebellion always return.
There will never be people who will try to change the world.

47. In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Revolutionary acts have their origin in rebellion.

48. Let it be noticed that you are different, not because of your wallet or your clothes, but because of your heart.
To be different, to rebel at what is established, is to let the heart speak for us.

49. The one who does not move does not listen to the noise of his chains.
If we get stuck we don't realize that we live in slavery.

50. Do not adapt your mind, the fault is in reality.
The rebels know this very well.

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