The 50 best Japanese Proverbs (and meaning)

The best Japanese proverbs and sayings to reflect from another point of view. For this reason, Japanese proverbs provide many teachings for everyone and invite us to know the corners of their culture, traditions and customs.
The 50 best Japanese Proverbs (and meaning)

The West's fascination with Japanese culture is not new. Although everything related to the East ends up capturing the attention of the rest of the world, what has to do with this great nation is always a separate issue.

It is an age-old culture that has distinguished itself by its discipline, minimalism, simplicity of thought, and order, among other things. For this reason, Japanese proverbs provide many teachings for everyone and invite us to know the corners of their culture, traditions and customs.

Knowing the best Japanese proverbs is a way to discover this Asian country. His philosophy of life and his organization is a reference for the rest of the world, and we can certainly learn a lot from this culture to put some of his teachings into practice in our daily lives.

Reading these Japanese proverbs and their meaning gives us knowledge and a different perspective on life and how to deal with conflicts. This list we have prepared will help achieve this goal.

1. The frog at the bottom of the puddle knows nothing about the great ocean.
People who remain ignorant do not know what is outside.

2. Rain is only a problem if you don't want to get wet.
The problems, really, have to do with the way we react to them.

3. Try to make your words better than silence.
If we are going to talk it is to say something better to silence.

4. Sooner or later, discipline will defeat intelligence.
More important than intelligence is discipline and perseverance.

5. No one stumbles lying in bed.
When we try things, there will inevitably be a failure. It is part of the learning process.

6. Yield to fools and crazy people.
It is better not to deal with silly people and they do not contribute anything positive.

7. Pretty flowers do not bear good fruit.
This proverb is a reference not to rely too much on beauty or on things too wonderful.

8. To the house where they laugh, comes happiness.
People's attitude attracts the positive or negative.

9. Arrows are not thrown at the face that smiles.
If our position is optimistic, what happens around us will also be positive.

10. Do everything you can, otherwise trust destiny.
There are things that are in our hands, you have to do them. There are things that are not in our hands, there we only have to let fate act and impart justice.

11. If you already thought about it, dare; If you already dared, don't think about it.
If we want to do something, we just have to do it.

12. Deep rivers flow in silence.
People with deep and transcendent thoughts are not scandalous.

13. Even dust when it accumulates forms a mountain.
However insignificant it may seem, it can form a mountain.

14. The husband and wife should resemble hands and eyes: when a hand feels pain, the eyes cry; When the eyes cry, the hands take away the tears.
The couple must be a team to support each other.

15. To learn something the main thing is that one likes it.
Learning must be related to what we like and attract.

16. Poverty makes thieves like love to poets.
Circumstances influence people.

17. If a problem has a solution, why worry? And, if you don't have it, why worry?
There is no point in worrying, you have to take action.

18. Only in the activity will you want to live a hundred years.
If we keep busy, we stay eager to live.

19. A ship that has a hundred sailors can climb a mountain.
As a team you can achieve anything.

20. Snow does not break willow branches.
If we are strong, nothing beats us.

21. Meeting is the beginning of separation.
Everything has an end.

22. The time spent laughing is time spent with the gods.
Laughter and happiness are vital for a full life.

23. The house is not heated with promised firewood.
Promises do not work, materialization is required.

24. The nail always comes out of the hammer.

We must solve what hinders us.

25. There is no danger to the preparation.
If we stay prepared in our subjects, we minimize risks.

26. The fish that escapes always seems the largest.
Those who leave the established, are always the most prominent.

27. If nobody inhabits a house, it will soon fall.
That which is not used for what was created, soon deteriorates.

28. Those who cling to life die, those who defy death survive.
To escape death, you just have to live and flow.

29. With the first cup the man drinks wine, with the second the wine drinks wine, and with the third the wine drinks the man.
You have to be cautious in the way you drink.

30. If you are going to believe everything you read, you better not read.
We have to question what we hear and read.

31. You learn little with victory, however much with defeat.
Failures have a great value that is sometimes underestimated, but the ability to learn from them must be developed.

32. Even the distant road begins with a nearby one.
Although it seems very complicated, the first step brings us closer to the goal.

33. The thieves will have time to rest, the vigilantes will never.
Always keep alert.

34. Fast is slow but without pauses.
Doing things quickly does not work, if we want to go fast, we must move steadily but cautiously.

35. Exaggerated honesty borders stupidity.
Although sincerity is a value, being limitless can fall into imprudence.

36. It is from enemies, not friends, that cities learn the lesson of building high walls.
The enemies alert us and teach us about what we should take care of ourselves.

37. Even monkeys fall from trees.
Even if we are experts in something, we can fail.

38. Not so slow that death reaches you, nor so fast that you reach death.
You have to have a balance in everything.

39. Why do you worry about your hairstyle when you are going to cut off your head?
Sometimes we wear out paying attention to trivial things when we should attend to the important.

40. Don't say: "It's impossible." Say: "I haven't done it yet"
We cannot say that it is impossible if we have not even tried.

41. Studying the past, you learn the new.
We must know the history and the background to learn the new.

42. It may happen that a leaf sinks and a stone stays afloat.
Everything is possible.

43. Victory is for those who endure an hour longer than their rival.
Sometimes it is enough to be resilient to achieve success.

44. If a woman wants something, she will cross a mountain.
It is said that women have a greater effort to achieve what we propose.

45. It is better to be an enemy of a good person, than a friend of a bad person.
When a person is bad, it is best to stay away from him.

46. ​​Grief, like a worn dress, has to be left at home.
To move forward in this life, we must put aside the penalty.

47. The more is great because it does not despise the creeks.
Greatness is achieved in aid of what seems like small actions and helps.

48. Whoever drinks does not know the harm of wine; who does not drink, does not know its virtues.
You have to give yourself the opportunity to know all the faces of the coin.

49. A good word can give you warmth during the three winter months.
Good words and actions are always the best gift.

50. Don't stop who you want to go, don't run to who just arrived.
Undoubtedly a very significant phrase to reflect, especially in reference to social and couple relationships.

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