The 45 most popular Russian Proverbs and sayings

Russian proverbs and sayings are a reflection of the culture of this European country. We have selected 45 of the most popular. Surely if you are visiting this region of the planet you have already heard several of these that we list below.
The 45 most popular Russian Proverbs and sayings
Russia is a great country, not only for its extension but for its history and culture. No doubt it is a nation with a unique and recognizable personality throughout the world. His philosophy reflected in proverbs and sayings, give a good account of it.

This compilation with the best known Russian sayings, is full of wisdom for life. They are a way of transmitting teachings in a simple way and have passed from generation to generation, that is why they will never go out of style.
Throughout the world, proverbs are a way of transmitting life lessons. The cultural seed of each people is expressed through these ancient and popular formulas. They are also a way of explaining phenomena of all kinds, although mainly they have to do with coexistence, values ​​and social norms.

1. Misfortunes never come alone.
This saying is somewhat pessimistic and somewhat realistic, it means that when something bad happens, usually, many other bad things happen later.

2. For a poor naked man, preparing for a trip means sticking to himself.
This saying is used to refer to someone with few financial resources.

3. Without cat, the mouse is free.
If the authority is not there, the subordinates do what they want.

4. Take care of your clothes since they are new, take care of your honor since you are young.
This Russian proverb teaches about the importance of taking care of every step we take at an early age.

5. Pray to God, but keep your judgment healthy.
It is the equivalent of the Spanish saying: "To God begging and with the mallet giving."

6. Better a heir in the hand than a crane in the sky.
It will always be preferable to have the certainty of one thing even if it is small.

7. Uninvited guest is worse than a Tartar.
You have to be cautious when you arrive and stay visiting someone's house.

8. Eat bread and salt, but release the truth.
Always be honest, no matter what.

9. What you will sow, you will reap.
No doubt a proverb full of truth and certainty.

10. Effortlessly can not get the fish out of the pond.
All work requires an effort to achieve the purpose.

11. When the masters fight, their servants are creaking.
This proverb was widely used when talking about war conflicts between governments and kingdoms.

12. The grandmother says two things: it can rain or snow or neither.
Nothing is certain or certain in this life.

13. It is easier for the mare when the woman gets out of the car.
If everyone cooperates, the work is over and made easier.

14. Appetite comes during the meal.
You have to do things and the results will emerge.

15. The "maybe" and the "somehow" will do no good.
Do not worry about things that did not happen or do not know if they will happen.

16. The alien monastery does not meet its standards.
It refers to the rules of the places where we go.

17. Trust but verify.
You have to be confident, but do not go beyond confidence.

18. If you feel a pig at the table, he puts the legs on the table.
You cannot expect things outside the nature of people.

19. A pig finds crap.
People's abilities, defects and qualities always lead them to find the same situations.

20. God protects those who protect themselves.
This proverb is a lesson that if we want to be protected by our divinity, we must do it ourselves and take our precautions.

21. It is easier for the mare when the woman gets out of the car.
If we work as a team, we end up faster and better.

22. To miss the past is to run after the wind.

It makes no sense to miss the things that are in the past.

23. Pray, but don't stop rowing towards the shore.
You have to have faith, but at the same time you have to act.

24. A kind word is better than a big cake.
The best gift is the kindness of people.

25. The wolf is not afraid of the sheepdog but his collar of nails.
The appearance and attitudes of people are what keep the rest away.

26. The heart is a child: wait for what you want.
Although we go in the opposite direction, our heart always remains faithful to our purest desires.

27. Marrying young is too early and getting married, too late.
There is no ideal time to do things.

28. Your mother will cry to you until the end of her days, your sister until she puts on her wedding ring, your widow until the dew of dawn.
This proverb is an exaltation to the unconditional love of mothers for their children.

29. Every man who enriches himself in a year should have been hanged twelve months before.
Sudden wealth is always suspicious.

30. He does not die twice but escapes death once.
A Russian saying about the value of death and life.

31. Never try to teach a pig to sing. You will waste your time and annoy the pig.
You have to have the expertise to understand when a goal is useless and will not pay off.

32. A big "thank you" is not stored in your pocket.
Thanks should never be hidden.

33. If you walk quickly you reach misfortunes; If you go slowly the misfortune is up to you.
You have to keep a balance.

34. It is not the law that scares, but the judge.
Justice is blind, but those who exercise it are not.

35. The tears that fall are bitter, but even more so are the ones that don't fall.
If crying is usually sad, not expressing our feelings can be even worse.

36. The heroes who know how to sacrifice themselves best are the ones who know best to kill.
People who are good at something also know how to defend themselves.

37. The more you walk through the forest, the more firewood you find.
If we want to achieve something, we must strive more and more.

38. After the storm, the wind will blow in your favor.
This proverb is full of hope and optimism, it warns us that after passing some grief, something good for us will come.

39. Telling the truth is like writing well, you learn by practicing.
You have to be honest even if it is hard for us to do it.

40. The hands work, but the head feeds.
Physical work is not more important than intellectual work.

41. A man is saved from a shipwreck on the high seas and drowns on the beach.
When your destiny is such, you cannot avoid it.

42. The origins themselves are an indelible mark.
Our roots mark us for a lifetime.

43. No one has ever been hanged with money in his pocket.
This proverb talks about the corruption generated by money.

44. He does not die twice if he does not escape death once.
One of the most popular Russian proverbs among its population.

45. Stagnant water soon becomes impure.
Not being in action not only leaves us without growing, but makes us sick.

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