Phrases to fall in love: 60 short phrases to conquer

We collect the best phrases to fall in love and conquer the loved one, with beautiful messages to dedicate that express love and that will steal your heart.
Phrases to fall in love: 60 short phrases to conquer

If you are looking for romantic words to dedicate to the loved one or send a romantic message to your boyfriend, we leave you a few ideas of phrases that will make you fall in love.

We have selected 60 phrases to fall in love and conquer a man, so you can express how you feel with beautiful short and simple love phrases.

We collect the best phrases to express love and conquer the beloved person, with which you can get what you feel with romantic words.

1. I love you, do you understand or I explain it to you with kisses?
A phrase to fall in love, original and direct, with which you will surprise your boy or your conquest.

2. I dream of you, then I exist.
This other short phrase simulates the famous Latin phrase "I think, then I exist", but transformed in an original way into a phrase of love.

3. Another night without sleep because of coffee ... your eyes.
This tender and original phrase can be used as a good morning message for your boy. Of course, only if you have dark eyes!

4. Thinking about you every morning has become my favorite moment of the day.
Even better those moments when we can wake up next to the loved one.

5. Come to sleep with me: we will not make love. He will make us.
The Argentine writer Julio Cortázar left us this beautiful and romantic phrase to make anyone fall in love.

6. Have a nice day; Mine already is with just remembering you.
This other phrase is also ideal to dedicate the person during the morning and wish him a good day.

7. I fall asleep early to dream you more time.
And that without counting what we daydream about with that person during the day...

8. How long will you stay with me? It is to know if I prepare coffee or prepare my life.
A fun and original phrase about expectations in a relationship. But be careful not to tell him on the first date or you can scare him.

9. My body may only have it in this short life, but I assure you that my whole soul has it for eternity.
With this reflection we can dedicate a beautiful message of eternal love to the beloved person, who will conquer his heart.

10. You are nothing from the other world, you are the best of this.
This is a phrase to fall in love short, but very original. It is ideal to use as a whatsapp status or as a dedication.

11. In a kiss, you'll know everything I've been silent.
This romantic phrase belongs to Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilean poet who dedicated many poems and reflections to love.

12. Tell me if you dream of something impossible, that I want to teach you that the impossible does not exist for either of us.
Sometimes we meet people who make us feel invincible and with whom we can face anything. We can dedicate this phrase to them.

13. I love you, not only because of who you are, but also because of who I am when I am with you.
There are people who make the best of us. This is what this phrase belongs to the poet Roy Croft.

14. Let's kiss good night and good kiss nights.
With this fun word game we form an ideal phrase to conquer a man.

15. I want you to go crazy with laughter, drunk with nothing and to walk slowly in the streets, yes, holding hands, or rather... from the heart.
The poet Mario Benedetti left us this phrase that reflects what it is to be in love and in a couple.

16. Since I know you, I sleep less but I smile more.
Another short but original phrase to dedicate to the person who falls in love.

17. I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me as much as seeing you happy.
Romantic phrase that belongs to George Sand, a pseudonym that Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin used to write his novels.

18. When I see you and see me, I have the strange but wonderful feeling that I have loved you since before I met you.
This phrase to fall in love describes that feeling of love that we can feel for someone with whom we are so comfortable.

19. If you loved me and I loved you, how would we love each other!
Original and ingenious phrase by Paul Géraldy, that we can dedicate to someone to express in a fun way that we want to be with the other person.

20. Why all my love will come at once when I feel sad, and I feel you far away.
Pablo Neruda wrote this tender phrase, with which we can express what we feel when the other person is absent.

21. If when I love I am happy, then you are my happiness.
This other phrase is shorter and simple, but just as romantic.

22. If you have seen the sky above and imagine that it is magnificent, wait to see the top of my love for you.
If the love you feel for your boy is as high as heaven, tell him with this beautiful phrase.

23. If I could take a step for every moment I love you, would there be anyone who stopped me?
And if there wasn't, how many times would he go around the world?

24. On the one hand I like you, and on the other too.
Fun and original love phrase ideal to send in a dedication to the boy we like.

25. If we are going to fall, let it be in temptation.
This is a phrase to fall in love short, ideal to share on social networks or use as a special message to conquer a man.

26. Your only flaw is not to wake up next to me.
And it is one of the few flaws that we can see when we are so in love.

27. You crossed my path and forgot where I was going.
A romantic and fun way to let the other person know that you have disrupted our world.

28. For the world, you are one more person; But for me, you are the world.
This is one of the most beautiful and romantic phrases we can dedicate to that person who has become someone so special.

29. There is no one who takes possession of a person when they have already taken over their heart; Do you want to know who took over mine?
There are people who steal our hearts, and this is the phrase you can dedicate to them.

30. I have learned that after you there is nothing more to lose; You are my bliss, my illusion and my desire. There's no one like you.

A very nice and romantic phrase that we can dedicate to our partner, to let him know how much we love him.

31. I don't pretend to be your whole life, just your favorite part.
If you are looking for a short but original phrase to fall in love, this may be the ideal one.

32. You don't know how happy it makes me know that I have you, that you are the one I want to kiss and that you are the person that fills my day with emotion.
Again a simple dedication, but that expresses the love we feel for the other person.

33. I love you with every one of my smiles, with every word I say, with every tear that comes out of my eyes and with every time I breathe.
A different way of saying "I love you" in a special and romantic way.

34. I urgently need to kiss you, are you coming or going?
This other short phrase is also to get to the point and express what you feel.

35. Your skin and my lips have an appointment, caresses and a pending life.
A declaration of intent, ideal to conquer a man and make him fall in love.

36. You want to not be with anyone else.
Another short phrase to make a man fall in love and let him know that he is the only one in our life.

37. You have an I don't know what, that puts me I don't know how, but what I like you don't know how much.
A phrase that says nothing, but says it all, and that is a fun way to express how much we like the other person.

8. Distance means nothing when you mean everything.
And this message is ideal to dedicate to your partner if yours is a distance relationship.

39. Not even on a hot and bright day will the warmth of your arms and the brightness of your eyes be over. I love you to infinity.
And it is that no matter how hot it is, there is nothing like being hugged to the person we love .

40. I love you more than my own skin.
Frida Kahlo left us with this short but beautiful phrase of love.

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41. Are we going today for a good couple of kisses? I invite!
Again a short and direct way to conquer a man, with this fun and original phrase to make him fall in love.

42. Make me a space in your night, I want to dream about you.
This is another original way of expressing that he is the person of our dreams.

43. I know why the sea is salty; because you took everything sweet.
And he also took this phrase to fall in love, only suitable for the most sugary.

44. We are one breath away from finding ourselves and a heartbeat away.
A romantic way to confess your love to another person is to dedicate this message.

45. Marital status: completely happy with you.
Original phrase to dedicate to our boy and let him know how happy he makes us.

46. ​​Last night, when I was returning home, I thought about what my day was over, but I saw you open the door and I understood that it had just begun.
This is one of the most beautiful and romantic phrases we can dedicate to our partner.

47. I can see many stars in the sky every day, but none have seen my eyes that shine as brightly as you.
A romantic way to tell our boy how special he is and conquer him.

48. I always take you with me; not too close but deep inside.
Message to dedicate to the person we carry in our hearts and who has conquered us.

49. You are not google but you have everything I look for.
You can also dedicate one of the phrases to fall in love with more fun short films.

50. With you I want to reach beyond love, will you accompany me?
A phrase to send to the person with whom we want to share our love.

51. If you are going to be walking all night through my mind, at least get dressed!
This is another funny love phrase, to dedicate to the boy we can't stop thinking about... naked or not!

52. I feel happy because every day I find the love of my life in the same person: you!
And this other message is ideal to dedicate to your partner if you have already spent time together.

53. Only you provoke that stupid smile on my face with just one message.
And there is nothing more beautiful than the smiles that causes us to be in love.

54. If I could have a power, I would choose to be with you always.
Another original way to dedicate a message of love to conquer the boy you like .

55. I love you but it is not so much, it is forever.
A declaration of eternal love, summarized in a very tender way in this short phrase to fall in love.

56. It's not what I want to feel, it's what you make me feel unintentionally.
We cannot control what we feel, but in love the beautiful thing is to get carried away.

57. You have three options… I kiss you, you kiss me or we kiss.
Another phrase to get straight to the point and let you know the desire you have to kiss him.

58. And the more I know you, the more I love you with you.
Ideal phrase to express how much that person we are meeting is falling in love with.

59. You're still the first thing I think when they tell me to make a wish.
And this phrase is perfect to dedicate to our partner, so that he knows that it is still our desire.

60. Let yourself fall in love that I take care of making you happy.
We finish the list of phrases to fall in love and conquer someone with this beautiful message to dedicate.

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