80 smile phrases to get your best version

80 smile phrases that are also very funny with which to get your best version and be the center of a conversation. 
80 smile phrases to get your best version

Humor is a tool that can allow us to open many doors in life , being a person with the gift of people often implies knowing how to develop a mood that makes us be the center of a conversation.

In addition, it is an inexhaustible source of happiness: the more we know how to laugh at ourselves and the circumstances, the more pleasant our existence becomes.

To show others that we are a sociable and endearing person, it may be very good for us to know what to say at the right time, so in the following article we will show you 80 smile phrases that are also very funny with which to get your best version and be the center of a conversation.

1. The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.
It is not possible to achieve success without having worked before to achieve it, who achieves it knows it very well.

2. Down with drugs! ... Sincerely, Those in the basement.
A funny phrase that said in this way has a different meaning to the classic motto.

3. Are you happy? Not married.
Marriage can be a very difficult task to carry out, since coexistence between people can have ups and downs.

4. Why are all Asians suspicious?
A humorous phrase that uses one of the typical features of Asian people to give it a particular meaning.

5. Is a hard disk not a CD made of iron?
If it is hard it should be made with a resistant material, no doubt.

6. 1 feeling, 2 words; I'm hungry.
The need to eat can be something that touches our soul, it can also be an invitation in a group to go to eat.

7. Sometimes I forget my mistakes. Sorry, what was your name?
A funny phrase with a double meaning that will undoubtedly leave those who say it to him without words.

8. Before pointing at me, clean your finger.
Whoever is free from sin throws the first stone, this phrase is another way of saying it.

9. Before you seemed like a bad person, now I can confirm it.
When we meet someone is when we can attest to his personality. One of those phrases of smiles with which to sketch an ironic gesture.

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10. Looking for dragons to tame.
We all know that dragons do not exist, but it would certainly be a fun sea pet.

11. Shut up, you won't let me see anything.
Sometimes, when they talk to us, they don't let us focus on what we want to focus on.

12. Close an envelope is sucked.
A little humor that speaks of the classic gesture that we must make to close an envelope.

13. I think this eating so much shrinks clothes.
A good way of saying that we are in the growth stage, especially in terms of diameter.

14. When you feel sad, think about things that make you laugh: remember who tattooed your ex's name.
Making the mistake of tattooing the name of a person with whom you have had a relationship can eventually become a funny memory of our immaturity.

15. Be careful… Be Karate… and other oriental words.
Phrase with double meaning from which we do not expect the final meaning that makes it funny.

16. They say that the one who laughs last laughs better, it seems to me that it is because he thinks very slowly.
Laughing at the wrong time can be a sign of having taken the joke late ... who has not happened?

17. The advice for when you have to work and do not feel like going to work without desire.
A funny motivational phrase and no less certain, sometimes we have no choice but to work even if our spirits are low.

18. Money does not give happiness, but I would like to cry in a convertible.
I've never seen anyone crying inside a Ferrari, money doesn't give us happiness but it puts us on the road.

19. The problem with closed minds is that they always have their mouths open.
Without a doubt, the most intolerant people are those who boast most of their opinions.

20. Tobacco kills slowly, and I'm in no hurry to die.
A funny way to deal with the debate about tobacco consumption.

21. In life there are 3 groups of people, the smart ones, and people like me.
We all have among our friends someone who does not do very well with math.

22. In life there is nothing stronger than love, except the cobwebs that swung so many elephants.
Phrase that reminds us of the famous, well-known children's song that we all sang when we were children.

23. In bed I have no limits ... last night I fell twice ...
Overcoming our own brands can be a wonderful thing in life, as long as those brands are not making mistakes.

24. Wrong is human, but blaming a third party is intelligent human.
Funny phrase that also keeps some wisdom, the wisdom of the born traitor.

25. It is possible to live a better world, but not with my economy.
The economy of many of us can sometimes be somewhat austere, certainly you could live better but not with these resources.

26. The United States puts measures not to skip the traffic lights, apparently placing them at 6 meters high.
Surely at six meters high nobody skips them, it seems an excellent measure that other countries should certainly emulate.

27. Marital status: Tired.
The fatigue that we drag in our life can even be included in our identity card.

28. I make custom chairs, as I learn I will show you.
An ingenious phrase that nobody expects the outcome and we can use in any informal meeting between friends.

29. Blood group: Sometimes negative.
I didn't know that our blood group also talked about our personality.

30. I have understood over the years that pleasing everyone is impossible, that's why I anger them.
A good way to focus personal relationships, it is best to be ourselves.

31. Today I wrote you something very deep: "underground."
A phrase as deep as our personality and our personal humor.

32. People say you can't live without love ... I think oxygen is more important.
In my priority list is also before oxygen and water, without it we would last quite a bit.

33. Light travels faster than sound ... that's why people seem bright until they speak.
Sometimes it is better to shut up than to speak to be in a bad place, the wise speak when he has something to say and the ignorant because he has to say something.

34. The latest research affirms that the business that is most exposed to bankruptcy this year is glassware.
Glassware is one of the most delicate businesses I know ... why will it be?

35. Too bad that diabetic cannot go on a honeymoon.
Our honeymoon can be a very sweet moment and most likely not suitable for diabetics.

36. The craziest prices are those charged by psychologists.
Psychologists must face all kinds of crazy things in their daily lives, they lead a crazy life.

37. I love buying new things, but I hate spending money.
A funny phrase that can show others a somewhat bipolar humor on our part.

38. The first 5 days after the weekend are the worst.
We must be patient in those days and wait for the weekend with renewed hopes.

39. I will go on vacation to a cruise ship, I cross into the room, I cross into the kitchen, I cross into the bathroom ...
These are the cruises I make many times at the end of the year, sometimes I also cross the street.

40. I feel terrible, I think it's the fault of this chair.

Phrase with double meaning very good to break the ice or try to lower the tone of the conversation in which we can meet.

41. There is no worse failure than being afraid to fail.
We must have initiative and fight for what we want to achieve, without being afraid of not getting it at first.

42. My doctor got angry and that I met up to five diets at a time.
More than one do not follow diets to the letter ... is that why they do not work?

43. Not much early rises cows are seen in nightgowns.
A very funny phrase that gives a new twist to the famous saying: not much early gets up early.

44. I can't wait to wear glasses.
A phrase with double meaning that can also be a good metaphor for the life we ​​lead.

45. I hate that the song is wrong when I'm singing.
Who has not ever sung in English without having the slightest notion of this language?

46. ​​I hate being bipolar, it's so cool.
Being bipolar can give us a way of seeing life, perhaps somewhat peculiar.

47. For tired eyes, glasses with armchairs.
If the glasses were so safe we ​​would have a slightly more rested view.

48. What do you want to take your bags, and hit them on the head.
There are friends of those who although we get angry at times, we could not live without them.

49. Laughing at everything is fools; Not laughing at anything is stupid.
A very true phrase that speaks to us very well about people and their possible personalities.

50. The advantages of nudism are obvious.
The practice of nudism can provide us with some positive experiences.

51. If work is health, I want to live sick.
Excessive work can be detrimental to health, perhaps being sick in the long run will be healthier. One of those phrases of smiles that will delight those who like to sleep late.

52. If they speak badly about you, something you are doing well.
They have to talk about us for better or for worse, because that indicates that we are a relevant person in society.

53. If you can't convince him, confuse him.
Trying to confuse someone can be a very clever way to make him lose his conviction about something.

54. You are going to go to the ground to mature so much.
Sometimes, maturing too quickly can lead to the occasional blow in life.

55. I'm so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed.
More than one can be given just as good that fantastic task we call sleep.

56. Intelligence haunts me, but I am faster.
If we move fast enough we can get away from it, no doubt.

57. Having a clear conscience is a sign of bad memory
We have all done things in life that we are not proud of and if not, it will be because you do not remember them.

58. I am not afraid of death, only that I would not like to be there when it happens. ( Woody Allen )
A very ingenious phrase of this movie monster that is Woody Allen, his humor is undoubtedly a reference in the genre.

60. I usually cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to food.
More than one ends up drinking until the wine that was supposed to be cooking.

61. I don't believe in a life beyond, but, just in case, I've changed my underwear (Woody Allen)
We must be cautious and be prepared for everything that one day can bring us in our lives.

62. Absolute truth does not exist, and this is absolutely true.
The truth is only our perception of it from our point of view.

63. Since loving each other does not work out, why don't we try to love each other? ( Mafalda )
We must understand each other in one way or another, in the end it will be beneficial for both.

64. Better late, because in the morning I sleep.
How many of us like to get up at a reasonable hour? At 13h in the morning.

65. I can resist anything but temptation ( Oscar Wilde )
Temptation can be a very strong force in us and it can be difficult to stop it.

66. It is better to shut up and look stupid than to speak and clear doubts definitely. (Groucho Marx)
The great Groucho Marx leaves us this funny quote that also reflects a resounding truth.

67. Age is something that does not matter, unless you are a cheese (Luis Buñuel)
There are people who improve over time, as if we were a good wine.

68. There are two words that will open many doors: "pull" and "push."
We must write them down because they can be very useful in life, we have no doubt.

69. Children, have you struggled, and for what? Not at all. The moral is: Do not strain. (Homer J. Simpson)
Who does not know Homer or Homer in Latin America? His lessons have been with us for decades and still do.

70. I am so intelligent that sometimes I do not understand a simple word of what I am saying. (Oscar Wilde)
This Oscar Wilde quote shows us his great sense of humor and how he was able to laugh at himself.

71. Save water. Do not shower alone.
Showering in pairs is scientifically proven that it has numerous positive aspects in our life and in that of the planet.

72. You are not Google, but you have everything I look for ...
A funny and intelligent phrase that can also serve as an indirect towards the person we like.

73. There cannot be a crisis next week. My agenda is already full. (Henry Kissinger)
Henry Kissinger was a very busy man and also with a great sense of humor that surely helped him in many difficult situations.

74. Sex is the funniest thing you can do without laughing.
Sex is a very healthy activity both physically and mentally, as long as we take enough precautions.

75. I used to think that I'm undecided, but now I'm not sure.
A good phrase that will show others that in addition to being undecided we also have a great sense of humor.

76. Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I have done it thousands of times. ( Mark Twain )
A great phrase with a touch of humor to speak in the debate about tobacco consumption when we are in society.

77. I don't want to work as a bus driver, because I don't like passing things.
A good phrase with double meaning that undoubtedly gives us a curious vision about this type of trades.

78. My psychiatrist told me I was crazy; I asked for a second opinion and he said he was ugly too.
Sometimes staying with the first opinion can be more helpful.

79. Two things are safe: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure of the first one. (Albert Einstein)
Great phrase of the genius Albert Einstein who was also always loved for his great sense of humor. One of the phrases of smiles with which he delighted us in his lectures.

80. Children are smarter than any of us. Do you know how I know? I don't know a single child with a full time job. (Bill Hicks)
Sometimes knowing how to laugh at ourselves can show others that we are a very sociable person.

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