80 popular short sayings (with their meaning)

We compile a list of short sayings  and their meaning, with phrases, sayings and popular expressions about life and our traditions.

80 popular short sayings (with their meaning)
Sayings are an essential part of our popular culture and a trace of our traditions. At some point we have all explained or expressed an idea with the help of one of the short sayings he heard his mother or grandmother say.
In addition, they are very useful in transmitting teachings and values ​​to others in a pleasant and easy to remember way. To continue being part of your life, we have compiled the best popular short sayings in Spanish with their meaning .
Short and popular sayings with meaning
Sayings, also called proverbs, are those sayings or phrases that give us a teaching ; short sentences that sometimes rhyme and that we can easily remember, in which the raw material is the popular wisdom and experience of our peoples.
We use short sayings in contexts where we want to explain and learn or teach a lesson about something. The truth is that knowing and reflecting the short sayings of our language, we can learn and understand a lot about our culture , where we come from and what our roots are.
Short sayings have been transmitted from generation to generation for hundreds of years, and being part of the folklore of the people, finding their authors is almost impossible, so they usually remain anonymous. How many of them did you already know?
1. There is no harm that for good does not come.
We start with one of the short sayings that invite us to see the positive side of things, especially when things we consider negative happen to us. According to this saying, we can always get something good out of a bad situation.

2. Who sleeps a lot, little learns.
Popular saying that surely your mother used to see you sleep until late in the afternoon, because we stop learning new things in the extra time we spend sleeping.

3. Of such stick such splinter.
One of the short sayings that can not be missed is this that teaches us that each one has things where it comes from, that is, from our parents. Behaviors, tastes, affinities, talents or vices can also be inherited.

4. At the blacksmith's house, stick hoe.
And this is the saying for those people who do certain activities or jobs that later do not apply at home. A chef who does not cook at home, a seamstress who does not fix his own clothes or a doctor who does not visit doctors are some examples.

5. Those who do not want broth are given two cups.
A lesson for those people who avoid doing something at all costs, not because it is something bad for them, but for comfort or liveliness. In the end and by avoiding it, they may end up doing even more than they should.

6. There is no worse blind than he who does not want to see.
Many times we have the truth before our eyes and still we don't see it because we prefer to avoid it. This is what this short saying is about.

7. Your good night comes to every pig.
Although sometimes it seems not, for all there are opportunities in this life. This short saying can also be expressed as "Every pig gets his San Martin", meaning that in the end everyone ends up receiving the punishment they deserve.

8. He who does not run, flies.
This is one of the short sayings that we use to motivate, so as not to lose our enthusiasm and not let the opportunities escape us, but to go much faster after them. If we do not arrive first, another will arrive.

9. There is no harm that lasts a hundred years, nor a body that resists it.
Another of the short sayings that invite us not to give up no matter how hard the situations are, because sooner or later the bad times end.

10. Weeds never die.
With this saying we sentence people from bad behavior, with those we give at certain times and who seem not to disappear. But it is also a short saying that is used with humor among acquaintances.

11. The one that covers a lot of tightening.
For girls who accept without more all kinds of projects and plans, which are then overwhelmed by the lack of time and the amount of commitments. The lesson is clear: he who wants to do everything, in the end not long ago, it is diluted in everything and nothing.

12. In bad weather, good face.
Our grandmothers have always sought to show us the positive side of things with short sayings like this. Not to lose the smile despite the circumstances.

13. In the mouth of the liar, the truth is doubtful.
That is why it is better to always go with the truth and not allow people to doubt our word.

14. A good understandable few words are enough.
Those moments when you try to explain something but your words are locked , however you did understand your point. That is what this saying refers to.

15. To bread, bread and wine, wine.
With this saying we want to call things as they are, without detours or many turns.

16. Although the monkey is dressed in silk, Mona stays.
This is one of the short sayings that can be used maliciously, but which actually explains that although we try to appear otherwise, we remain what we are in our essence.

17. A gifted horse does not look at the tooth.
For people who don't like what they give and criticize everything they give them, the lesson of this saying is gratitude.

18. Wherever you go do what you see.
Now that we travel a lot more and know new countries and new cultures, this is a saying of yesteryear perfect for contemporary life . Well, it teaches us that we must respect the culture of each place we arrive and its norms while we are there.

19. To foolish words, deaf ears.
We must learn to receive the words that do us good and let go immediately those words that seek to harm us.

20. Full belly, happy heart.
Our grandmothers are faithful believers that people's hearts are won by the belly and happiness is achieved. Sample of that is this popular saying.

21. Big horse, walk or not.
This saying is useful in two scenarios: to exalt something for its large size, or to ridicule those who hold that things are better at larger size.

22. Five are not a lot, but seven are already.
And with this saying your mother would tell you that there is no need to abuse , as to arrive at a place with an extra one is not the same as arriving with your whole group of friends, for example.
23. Each madman with his theme and each wolf on his path.
This is one of the short sayings that are used to teach people not to get into the lives and things of others, especially when it is to criticize. To learn to live and let live in total freedom.

24. Raise crows and they will take your eyes out.
Being so traditional, there could be a saying about fatherhood and the good education given to children. Today many parents use it with humor.

25. Good and bad Tuesdays are everywhere.
Another of the short sayings that invite us to have a positive attitude in bad weather and to accept that life needs both good and bad moments.

26. The devil is pig.
The devil is the figure that is traditionally used as a synonym for evil, which leads us astray. In this popular saying it refers to the pitfalls that life leaves us so that we decide whether or not to fall right or wrong.

27. Create fame and go to bed.
For better or for worse, with a minimum act to speak, people may always remember you for that, without you doing anything else.

28. When the river sounds, stones leads.
Of the favorite short sayings of the grandmothers, for when we have a bad impression about something or someone, or when we intuit that something may be wrong in a situation.

29. Believe the thief that all are of his condition.
More than stealing itself, this saying refers to the things we have done that makes us think that others have done it too. That what we see outside in others, is because we have it inside us.

30. With time and patience science is acquired.
We want to have it and know everything immediately, and because of that we forget that it is with patience and effort that we learn new things and become experts.

31. When the cat leaves, the mice party.
Short sayings to talk about what we do when others are not looking. Classic example is when the teacher leaves class and students start talking.

32. The wasps are born from the enraged.
Some also say this saying as "the living lives of the fool" and refers to when people take advantage over others.

33. Better to be alone than in bad company.
This saying is very wise about choosing well the people we let into our lives.

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34. Where captain commands, no sailor sends.
A saying that we can use to refer to those situations of hierarchy, in which our parents or boss give us an order that we have only to fulfill it.

35. From saying to deed there is a long way.
It is no secret to anyone that actions are worth more than everything we have to say. Talking is very easy but we must act accordingly.

36. The eye of the master fattens the horse.
We must be vigilant, pay attention to our interests and work hard on our entrepreneurship, because no one but us can make the necessary effort to move forward. This is what this saying is about.

37. Money you lent, enemy you threw out.
There are those who say that debts with friends are the cause of the greatest economic losses and friendships.

38. At night all cats are brown.
One of the most traditional short sayings . It used to be used when selling products at night to hide its defects, but today we use it with much more humor.

39. The fish dies by mouth.

Another popular saying that teaches us to be prudent with our words and think before speaking.

40. The man and the bear, the uglier the more beautiful.
You have to judge people by what they have inside and not by their appearance.

41. The silent one grants.
When we don't give our point on some subject, we are letting others decide our position for us.

42. He who seeks finds.
To motivate us to keep looking for what we need, what we want or what we dream.

43. Where there was fire, ashes remain.
One of the short sayings most used to talk, for example, about meetings between ex-boyfriends in which love can resurface.

44. He who does not cry does not breast.
This saying is perfect for those times when we are tired of fighting and chasing people to achieve what we want. Also for people who want everything easy, because to achieve something you have to persist.
45. Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.

It is said that the people we surround ourselves show a lot about who we are, because we have chosen them for something. You'll want to hide some of your friends with this saying.

46. ​​Who makes the law, cheats.
It is usually a saying for people who include what they themselves promise . It is a bit about our own inconsistency, but some also use it to refer to politicians, for example.

47. He who laughs last laughs better.
Another of the short sayings that can be used with great humor or seriousness for those who celebrate early.

48. He who has a mouth is wrong.
This saying reminds us that we are all human and therefore, far from perfect.

49. The one who leaves and distributes keeps the best part.
As with birthday cakes, who can decide which portions to give to others and save the best for her.

50. On Tuesday, do not marry or embark.
There are several popular sayings that speak of Tuesday because it was once considered a day of bad luck.

51. Time heals everything, except old age and madness.
Of the short sayings that we can use for the sorrows of love and, in general, the moments of grief and despair.

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52. The one who has a store that attends it and only sells it.
Another saying that invites us to take care of our business, take care of them to give better results.

53. Rooster that does not sing something has in the throat.
When we are in a group actively participating in conversations and there is someone who is silent, it is thought according to this popular adage that this person is being affected by the conversation or that he has something to hide about that topic.

54. Do good and don't look at who.
Sayings also teach us to do our best always and be good people with everyone.

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55. Hope is the last thing lost.
Another phrase to keep us positive in the face of life's vicissitudes, which your grandmother probably used many times with you.

56. Please, please pay.
It is rather an invitation to always be open to help each other.

57. The happiness of the ugly, the pretty one wants her.
This is another of the most popular short sayings even if it is a bit sexist, due to the conditions of our society of yesteryear.

58. Genius and figure to the grave.
Use this saying when you want to refer to those specific characteristics of people. Of course, always with love and a little humor.

59. Clear beads and thick chocolate.
As long as the accounts are clear between the parties, there is no need for inconvenience. You can use this saying when you are splitting accounts between friends for example.

60. The polite does not take away the brave.
This is one of those sayings that can disarm people when they are not being very polite, because it speaks of good manners not taking away people's courage.

61. What doesn't kill makes you fat.
You probably remember this short saying from your childhood , when you dropped a potato on the floor and for not wasting it, you picked it up from the floor and immediately ate it.

62. The first impression is what counts.
One of the traditional short sayings that remains more in force than ever and that does not have to be explained much, because as its words say, it speaks of that there is no second chance for a first impression.

63. The promised is debt.
This is how we should treat our promises, as duties with which we are committed if or if, for example, how we take debts.

64. Borrowed, lost or damaged book.
For the eats books that treasure and hate to lend their books, we already understand why.

65. Laziness is the mother of all vices.
Our mother told us more than once when we didn't want to organize our room or do our homework.

66. The devil knows more by old than by devil.
Because true wisdom comes with years and experiences.

67. Bulls look better from the barrier.
It is one of the short sayings that can help you show humility and empathy when you are giving advice to a friend about a situation, as it is easier for the one who advises than for the one who is living it.

68. Bird is better in hand, than hundreds flying.
Sometimes by trying to address more things we do not do or have anything. That is why it is better to focus and have “a bird in hand” than thousands of projects that do not result in anything.

69. No one knows what he has until he loses it.
Another of the most popular short sayings that appears even in songs . We get used to the people around us, situations, things, etc. to which we do not give them the proper importance until we lose them and realize the great treasure we had.

70. Not everything that glitters is gold.
You knew words to teach us not to be dazzled by what we see on the outside, because not everything or everyone is what they seem.

71. Eyes that do not see heart that does not feel.
one of the most popular short sayings, perfect for those moments when you do something behind the back of someone who, not seeing it, will never notice it. (We talk about something pious, like eating a candy from a candy jar that isn't yours.)

72. Whoever is wrong is wrong ends.
We know what we are getting into each path we take. if we do bad things we will end badly as this saying goes.

73. Some are born with a star and others starred.
If you need short sayings for those inexplicable situations of life in which some seem to be all right as if by magic, while others go wrong, this is very appropriate.

74. Barking dog, little teether.
And this saying is the one for people who talk a lot but do very little, who say much more than they really are.

75. Where the heart leans, the foot walks.
This is one of the short sayings that teaches us to listen to the heart and that this is the compass of our path.

76. To the skinny dog, everything becomes fleas.
One way of saying that when things go wrong, everything tends to get worse.

77. In the absence of bread, good cakes.
It is used to express that when we cannot get something, we can settle for some alternative.

78. Hunger is a very bad counselor.
When we are hungry we can be more impulsive for example, when making the purchase. By extension, this saying shows us that guiding us through our passions or needs is not a good idea.

79. God raises them and they come together.
One way of saying that people with bad education usually make friends with each other.

80. Who had, retained.
Experience and talents never expire.

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