80 phrases about mistakes and bad moments of life

Famous quotes to understand that life is a roller coaster. In this article you can find a list of inspiring phrases that talk about the mistakes and bad moments of life. But remember that, in reality, they are unbeatable occasions to grow and develop.

80 phrases about mistakes and bad moments of life

How to forgive you the worst mistakes of your life in 11 steps?

Learning to forgive yourself is one of the lessons that costs us the most.
And interestingly, we find it easier to forgive others than ourselves.
The guest author of the week, Edith Gomez explains in a very practical way 5 tips to forgive you the worst mistakes you have made in your life.
I know it's not easy, but you must try.
I leave you with her!
We have all made mistakes in our lives, but there are some that mark us more than others.
Sometimes we feel bad about what has happened and we can begin to feel that we are a failure and then we have to improve our self-esteem .
In any case, the most important thing is that you give yourself the opportunity to forget the past to get ahead.
How to leave the past behind
Self-improvement is about growing as a person. Both in your professional life and in your personal life, but for that you must know how to take your mistakes and see the positive side of what has already happened.
Sounds easier than it really is, don't you think? It is not a simple process but in the end it can be achieved if you take the time to look back and see things from a different angle.
In addition, being fixed in the past is associated with depression. 
It is time for you to know how to forgive yourself and overcome the mistakes you made in your life.
Error committed, error not repeated
May your mistakes be a life lesson to know that you do not have to repeat them, if not remember because they were a mistake and what consequences they brought.
Once you learn to identify something as a mistake, this means that you must understand that what you have done is not right, and therefore, there is something to change to improve.
Take the mistake as a way to remind yourself that you should make an effort to be a better person every day.
Assume the consequences
Many times people often ask for forgiveness and think that everything has been amended.
The truth is that when mistakes are made, damages and consequences are also faced.
This is perhaps one of the most important points in overcoming your mistakes.
If you can not take the result of your actions then you never know grow and leave behind your faults.
Instead of pretending that a simple " sorry" make all the difference, make an effort to change and put aside what hurt others.
By really facing the consequences you give yourself an opportunity besides living more in peace with the past.
Don't justify the past
It is one thing to know how to accept your past, and another to justify something that is wrong.
Don't fall into the trap of wanting to justify something you've done in the past just to make you feel better
In the end, all you can do is cheat yourself and put aside what it really means to be a more honest and correct person.
If you think it is necessary to justify a mistake, then you have not yet done the process of leaving it behind and dealing with the consequences it has brought you.
Nobody is perfect
If you pretend to be perfect and never make a mistake, you will never live fully.
But you will also take several surprises in life. It is inevitable that people make a mistake, but ... What if you live with the constant fear of making a mistake?
The reality is that you would never do anything. But you wouldn't know how to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made.
If you pretend to be perfect and never make a mistake, you will never live fully.
Understanding that no one can ever be perfect is an essential part of the process of accepting and overcoming your mistakes.
These types of individuals will help you behave better and stay online when you need it most. Well, they are the ones who help you leave behind the things you can't change, but remember what lessons are worth keeping in mind forever.
Another option is to think positive things that help you better fit the current circumstances. If you want ideas here I leave you 50 positive thoughts to revive you when you are in shock.

80 phrases about mistakes and bad moments of life

1. We used to commit our worst weaknesses and weaknesses because of the people we most despise
When we feel like revenge, we can make the mistake of losing the papers.

2. People who are not willing to make mistakes or have made mistakes and have not yet learned from them, are those who wake up every morning and continue to make the same mistakes
Not learning from mistakes is negative for our well-being.

3. Learn from the mistakes of others: you can't live long enough to make them all
It is also possible to learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid us from committing them.

4. Each failure teaches man something he needed to learn
The mistakes we make in life are opportunities to grow.

5. The biggest mistake you can make is to believe that you are working for someone else
Thinking about not following your dreams is the biggest mistake of your life.

6. The biggest mistake we make is trying to square the way we feel today with the way we felt yesterday. I shouldn't even worry about doing it. You should only find out what you feel today and if it is similar to what you thought yesterday. If not, life goes on
Living from the past is a serious mistake that we must avoid.

7. Many of life's failures are from people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up
The biggest mistake is throwing the towel halfway.

8. My biggest mistake: not helping myself to think that I am happy, that change will come without really trying to change or want to change. Procrastinate the change. I really want to change
Loving oneself is the best virtue that human beings can possess.

9. If there ever was an inappropriate name, it was the one of "exact science." Science has always been full of mistakes. Today is no exception. Our mistakes are good mistakes; because they require genius to correct them. Of course, we don't see our mistakes
A quote from Edward Teller about science that invites you to reflect deeply.

10. Those who do not make mistakes are making the greatest of all: do not try anything new
Staying in the comfort zone may seem safer, but in the long run it prevents us from growing.

11. The biggest mistake you can make is to listen to people who have given up their dreams
There is no greater error than neglecting one's desires.

12. If you close the door to all errors, the truth will also be left out
Wrong can hurt, but growing up is even worse.

13. One of the biggest mistakes girls can make about their romantic life is to sit and wait for their prince to find them, instead of going out and finding it for themselves.
The love of movies is unreal and causes a lot of suffering to people.

14. The biggest mistake is believing that there is only one right way to listen, to talk, to have a conversation or have a relationship
It is a serious mistake to believe that what you think is absolute truth.

15. Every failure is an opportunity to grow
When we fall, it is necessary to get up and move on.

16. From everything that has happened to me, I have learned a lesson: that there is no such thing as 'the biggest mistake of your life', nor that of 'ruining your life'. It turned out that life is quite flexible
Sophie Kinsella gives us this phrase about how we can learn from mistakes.

17. I have learned that mistakes can often be good teachers of success
Negative experiences help us learn from life.

18. The biggest mistake is sometimes to play very safe things in this life, which end up being moral failures
Not risking or chasing one's dreams ends up being a bad option.

19. The biggest mistake people make is not making a living doing what they like best
We spend many hours at work, not enjoying it makes us unhappy people.

20. The biggest mistake a woman can make is not to be herself in public or in private
Letting yourself be influenced by the opinions of others is not a good choice.

21. My own success was assisted along the way by a good number of failures. But I refuse to make the biggest mistake of all: worry too much about making mistakes
Before succeeding, many people have had to suffer before.

22. Experience is the name that everyone gives to their mistakes
Experience is a good opportunity to grow.

23. I hope God allows me to turn my biggest mistake into my biggest success
A religious quote about life's mistakes

24. Trying to avoid mistakes is the biggest mistake of all
Not making mistakes is unreal and, moreover, and it is a mistake in itself as this phrase states.

25. The biggest mistake any of us can make is to think that love is a feeling, that it is an emotion. It is not that at all. It's an action
Love is demonstrated every day with actions, not with words.

26. One of the biggest human mistakes is to believe that there is only one way
Alternative paths are those that help us learn from experience.

27. I think the biggest mistake is giving up too quickly
If we throw in the towel too early we can make the serious mistake of achieving success.

28. If you fall seven times, get up eight
A very popular saying that comes to say that we must recover from failures as soon as possible.

29. People often avoid decisions for fear of making a mistake. Actually, the inability to make decisions is one of life's biggest mistakes
Facing reality can cause some people anxiety.

30. You build on your failure, use it as a trampoline. Close the door to your past. Don't try to forget your mistakes, but don't live in them. Don't let them have any of your energy, your time or your space
Living far from the present is not a good option and causes a lot of pain.

31. Win in wisdom and you will not make the same mistakes
If we reflect deeply on defeat, it is possible to achieve victory.

32. If we do not know our own history, then, we will simply endure the same mistakes, the same sacrifices, the same absurdities over and over again
Both self-knowledge and self-reflection are keys to learning from experience.

33. Who never made a mistake, never made a discovery
Delicate situations can be unpleasant, but that displeasure can help us learn a lot.

34. I like my mistakes, I don't want to give up the delicious freedom to make mistakes
Mistakes are key in our own personal development.

35. A realist is a man who insists on making the same mistakes his grandfather made
It is unreal to believe that everything in this life will be perfect.

36. Take risks, make mistakes. This is how you grow up. The pain nourishes the courage. You have to fail to practice courage
Personal growth is determined many times by the negative experiences that mark us.

37. You can always find contradictions and hope in desperate circumstances, and a sense of redemption in someone who makes the same mistake over and over again
Almost everything in this life has a solution. If this is not the case, then there is acceptance.

38. A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to take advantage of them and strong enough to correct them
Some wise advice from John C. Maxwell on how to learn from the experience.

39. Disputes would not last long if the error were on one side only
An ingenious date with a touch of irony.

40. He ridicules himself who is eternally repeating the same mistake
Making a mistake is not a problem. The bad thing is to do it again and again.

41. The main trick to make good mistakes is not to hide them, especially from yourself
Making mistakes is normal, therefore we should not hide reality but face it.

42. Who little thinks much errs
A quote from Leonardo da Vinci with a very pedagogical meaning.

43. Instead of denying when you make a mistake, you should become connoisseur of your own mistakes, circling your mind as if they were works of art, because somehow they are
It is no use hiding from reality, because it will not disappear.

44. If you are not making any mistakes, you are not innovating. If you are making the same mistakes, you are not learning
Making mistakes can lead us to be creative and look for innovative solutions.

45. A life dedicated to making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life employed in doing nothing.
Sometimes we are wrong to fight for what we want with our soul.

46. ​​Freedom is not worth it, if it does not mean freedom to err
Mahatma Gandhi did not leave this great date to remember.

47. Errors are a way of reacting
Boundary situations can make us better people.

48. It would be a shame to stop now that I have begun to make good mistakes
On the road to success there can always be ups and downs.

49. The biggest mistake of man is that he thinks he does not deserve the good and the bad of his life
A quote from the well-known Paulo Coelho. People sometimes look worse than we are.

50. Avoiding situations in which you could make mistakes may be the biggest of all mistakes
We cannot live in the comfort zone constantly, just because we don't expose ourselves to failures.

51. Geniuses do not make mistakes. Their mistakes are always voluntary and originate some discovery
An appointment that, with a touch of humor, treats the learning of mistakes.

52. Half of our mistakes in life are born that when we should think, we feel, and when we should feel, we think
Sometimes we want to have everything under control when we only have to live the present.

53. There is not a single mistake that your followers have not had
John Locke leaves us this deep reflection full of meaning.

54. The biggest mistake is being too scared to make one
Anticipating defeat leads to immobilization.

55. Woe to those who are never unreasonable! They are always wrong
Those who believe they possess the absolute truth are always wrong.

56. Your best teacher is your last mistake
There is no better teacher than the failures we can commit in our lives.

57. Making a mistake and not correcting it is another mistake
Even in those things that go wrong we can find great learning.

58. Errors obviously show us what we need to improve. Without mistakes, how would we know what we have to work?
If we accompany our failures with self-reflection, it is possible to learn from them.

59. Enforce your right to make some mistakes. If people cannot accept their imperfections it is their fault
We must not complain when things do not go as we wanted, because it is possible to get good things out of these unfavorable situations.

60. Make mistakes faster
A quote from Andy Grove that invites us to make mistakes.

61. Every time I make a mistake I seem to discover a truth that I still didn't know
It may happen that our mistakes are a consequence of our limiting beliefs.

62. Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes
A great Oscar Wilde quote that highlights the importance of making mistakes.

63. The error is a scribbled sheet that must first be deleted
An ingenious reflection of Charles C. Colton comparing errors with a scribbled sheet.

64. Unfortunate thing is to walk so without light in the proceeding that the successes due to the case are, and natural thing, the errors
It is not always possible to succeed with everything in this life, but it is possible to improve little by little.

65. A failure is not always a mistake. It can simply be the best that can be done in those circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying
Failure is sometimes inevitable; but it is possible to learn from him.

66. I have also learned that the best lessons came from my biggest mistakes
A big mistake can be a big and positive change.

67. The shame of confessing the first mistake makes many others commit
Not wanting to acknowledge that we were wrong can be negative for ourselves. Even worse than the mistake itself.

68. The one who is lost is the one who finds the new paths
Mistakes can help us find the right path.

69. When you grow up, you will discover that you have already defended lies, deceived yourself or suffered from nonsense. If you are a good warrior, you will not blame yourself for it, but neither will you let your mistakes be repeated
The great Pablo Neruda reflects on the mistakes we make in life and affirms that we do not possess the absolute truth.

70. Don't waste a good mistake, learn from him
A way of saying that you should not waste the setbacks of life, but use them in our favor.

71. A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new
Leaving the comfort zone is the only way to achieve new things.

72. I have not gained wisdom, insight, or serenity. Today I would make all the same mistakes again
A reflection of Woody Allen, very true to his style.

73. An honest hand and a sincere heart can be wrong; and the damage taken can be harder to cope with than the work of an enemy
We can become very hard on ourselves when we want something with all our strength.

74. No one should commit the same nonsense twice, the choice is wide enough.
Jean Paul Sartre. It is very complicated to do the same things wrong always.

75. The antidote for error is experience
Experience is what can help us not to make the same mistakes, because we have all made them sometime.

76. When you realize that you have made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it
Instead of being sad after an error, it is much better to take action about it as soon as possible.

77. No one is guilty when everyone rails
When we are all wrong, it seems that the error is minimal.

78. The biggest mistake in the teaching of past centuries has been to treat all students as if they were just variants of the same individual and therefore feel justified in teaching all the same subjects in the same way.
Howard Gardner , the defender of multiple intelligences, gives us this great phrase that speaks of his theory.

79. A minimum error at the beginning may be maximum at the end
What started as a small mistake can become big if we don't remedy it.

80. History repeats itself. That is one of the mistakes of history
Charles Robert Darwin philosophizing about the history of living beings and our world. 

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