75 loneliness phrases: sad reflections for when you feel lonely

Selection of the best 75 phrases of loneliness and sadness, to express and share with beautiful messages, quotes and reflections when we feel alone.

75 loneliness phrases: sad reflections for when you feel lonely
There are moments in life when for some reason we need to be alone , either by choice or because life has made us alone. For some, these moments of solitude are cause for absolute panic, for those who have learned to accompany themselves, it is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

The truth is that while we feel alone, somewhat isolated from the world and ultimately, in solitude, thousands of ideas, thoughts and feelings pass through our heads that we do not know how to express. Luckily, philosophers, artists, writers and thinkers have gone through it and have left us their best phrases of solitude that we have selected for you .

We have compiled for you the best phrases of loneliness written in our history, to accompany you and help you express your emotions in the moments of loneliness .

1. I don't know about birds, I don't know the history of fire. But I think my loneliness should have wings.
We begin with this beautiful poem by Alejandra Pizarnik about loneliness.

2. The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their world crumble, and all they can do is stare.
The most difficult moments are those in which we see that everything collapses and we cannot do anything about it, it is there when we feel lonely. Phrase of loneliness of F. Scott Fitzgerald

3. Music was my refuge. I could slide into the spaces between the notes and bend my back to loneliness.
Nothing better to deal with loneliness than artistic expressions , for Maya Angelou, music ..

4. To enjoy intimately and to love you need loneliness, more to get out airy you need to live in the world.
The writer under the synonym Stendhal, the one who went through life dazzled with beauty, ensures that loneliness is a tool to love.

5. Hell is all in this word: loneliness.
For Victor Hugo, loneliness is the worst thing that can happen to a person.

6. In the middle of loneliness, searching is a three-shift job.
Xavier Velasco gives us this phrase of loneliness and talks about the triplicate weight that is trying to get out of loneliness.

7. The worst thing about keeping memories is not pain. It is the loneliness of pain. Memories must be shared.
Lois Lowry says that in moments of solitude, memories hurt more because we can't share them, but for other people, memories may be the best company .

8. I feel lonely, but not everyone is enough. I don't know why some people fill the gaps and others emphasize my loneliness.
People are also mirrors of our own life and although some make us feel better, others remind us of our loneliness, Anaïs Nin says.

9. It is easy to live in the world according to the opinion of the world. It is easy to live in society according to your own opinion. But the big man is the one who in the midst of the crowd preserves the independence of loneliness with perfect sweetness.
A very beautiful and different reflection is that Ralph Waldo Emerson makes about the independence that solitude gives us .

10. Love your loneliness and endure the suffering that causes you.
Rainer Maria Rilke invites us to love our loneliness over all things.

11. I felt the loneliness of death that comes at the end of every day of life that one has wasted.
Normally when we are alone, we do nothing but reproach what was not, wasted time and think about what could have been. At this time we must stop thinking about the past and focus on what we do today with our loneliness. Phrase "Paris was a party" by Ernest Hemingway.

12. We are all so close together and yet we are all dying of loneliness.
Albert Schweitzer speaks in this phrase of loneliness that being accompanied and surrounded by people can also be synonymous with loneliness.

13. All big and precious things are lonely.
Beautiful comparison that makes John Steinbeck with the greatness of nature to strengthen the spirit in moments of loneliness.

14. Loneliness pierced my heart. The water he drank, even the air he breathed, came loaded with long sharp pointed needles. The corners of the pages of the book that I held in my hand threatened me with a white flash like razor blades. At four in the morning, when everything was silent, I could hear the roots of my loneliness grow.
This is an excerpt from one of the books of the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. A few words that describe how lonely moments sometimes feel.

15. A warrior of light uses solitude, but is not used by her.
“The manual of the warrior of the light” by Paulo Coelho teaches us to use solitude in our favor instead of succumbing to it.

16. There, in the center of that silence, he found not eternity, but the death of time, and a loneliness so deep that the word itself lost all meaning.
Beautiful words of the writer Toni Morrison in her book Sula, which express what many of us feel when we are alone .

17. The eternal pursuit of the individual human being is to destroy his loneliness.
Norman Cousins ​​says that that's why we came to the world, to fight to end our loneliness.

18. The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of not being loved.
This correct phrase of Mother Teresa of Calcutta is one of the phrases of loneliness that shows that we all need to feel loved and accompanied.

19. Pay attention: a lonely heart is not a heart.
Or at least, that's what the Spanish poet Antonio Machado thinks.

20. A person can feel lonely, even when many people love them.
Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who hid during the holocaust of the Nazis, also wrote this phrase about loneliness in her diary.

21. We look away from our loneliness, from ourselves, and do not support others or ourselves, and others do not support us either.
Herta Müller gives us these words that explain what happens when we try not to accept our loneliness and hide from it and from ourselves.

22. There are two possibilities: that we are alone in the Universe, or that we are accompanied. Both are equally scary.
Arthur C. Clarke believes that it is just as scary to be alone or accompanied , in terms of the great universe of which we are a part.

23. If you feel alone when you are alone, then you are in bad company.
Jean-Paul Sartre reminds us with this phrase of loneliness that we ourselves can be our worst or our best company.

24. Better to be alone than in bad company.
And this popular saying could not be missing in this list of loneliness phrases.

25. Loneliness is a comfort for a sad soul, who hates those around her like a wounded deer leaves her flock, to take refuge in a cave where it will sound or die.
Reflection on the solitude of Gibran Jalil Gibran

26. Loneliness is the most difficult way, but it is the only and legitimate mother, because it contains not only the love of what exists but also the love of what does not exist.
Roberto Juarroz says that from solitude comes true love for what we know and what we don't know. This is an excellent solitude phrase to reflect on.

27. Negative emotions such as loneliness, envy and guilt, have an important role to play in a happy life: they are great signs that something has to change.
Gretchen Rubin makes this wonderful reflection on loneliness: we must see it as an indication of something we must change, a lesson to improve.

28. Loneliness is very beautiful ... when you have someone to tell.
And this is the only way that Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer could make sense of loneliness .

29. Loneliness: A moment of fullness.
Loneliness can be a moment of reflection, of having new ideas, of listening to ourselves and therefore of fullness. phrase of Michel de Montaigne.

30. Hear me now: look in your solitude for a sleeping bee, which makes its honey without joy in the dream.
Beautiful phrase about the loneliness of Sara de Ibáñez.

31. Loneliness is antihuman and causes suffering, cancels the possibilities of evolution. You have to have a very powerful spirit to endure it.
Ricardo Garibay. The truth is that we are all brave and powerful, enough to learn from loneliness and emerge victorious from it.

32. Why, in general, does loneliness refuse? Because there are very few who find company with themselves.
Carlo Dossi tells us the absolute truth in this phrase of loneliness, what really scares us, is being our own company.

33. Nothing makes us more lonely than our secrets.
Because when we have secrets we cannot share, we have to deal with it alone; That's what Paul Tournier refers to with this phrase.

34. Our great torment in life comes from the fact that we are alone and all our actions and efforts tend to flee from that loneliness.
Guy de Maupassant French writer, believes that our passage through life and what we do is she is trying not to be alone in this phrase about loneliness.

35. So alone you have not left me, that I am with me and it is enough for me, just as I have always been.
Concha Méndez talks about loneliness in a positive way , highlighting that she is her own company no matter who enters or leaves her life.

36. There is no loneliness higher, more cruel and closer than that of two bodies that love each other, their ivy confusing, their saliva and their dreams, their breath stunned, their bones and their death.
Luis Cardoza y Aragón talks about the loneliness that occurs in couples.

37. A man can be himself while alone; if he does not love loneliness, he will not love freedom; because only when you are alone is you really free.
The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer teaches us that it is in solitude that we learn to be free and that is why we must love it.

38. Loneliness is the empire of consciousness.

Another of the phrases of loneliness spoken by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer about his positive influence on our conscience.

39. Loneliness is admired and desired when it is not suffered, but the human need to share things is evident.
Carmen Martín Gaite talks about the fact that we humans always need to share, even if by our own decision we live alone and without suffering it .

40. Soledad asked you and loneliness you gave me, and this is the joy of my sad existence.
Excerpt from a poem by the Guatemalan César Brañas about loneliness.

41. All human beings look for a place where no one can attack us, and that happens in solitude.
Alicia Giménez Bartlett talks about our human need to just embrace what brings us joy and not allow ourselves to be vulnerable to others, for her, this is obtained in solitude.

42. Loneliness is what I like least about life. What worries me most is simply being alone without someone to care for or someone to take care of me.
The famous actress Anne Hathaway also spoke about her great fear of loneliness: that we need each other.

43. People who live alone always have something in their mind that they would be willing to share.
This phrase of loneliness of Anton Chekhov can be an invitation to look with compassion on those we know are alone.

44. The worst loneliness there is is the realization that people are idiots.
Maybe we would not say idiot, but if when you realize that your level of consciousness is very different from that of the people around you. Phrase of loneliness by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester.

45. No one ever discovers the depths of their own loneliness.
Georges Bernanos considers that we do not investigate enough in our solitude .

46. ​​We are all predestined to loneliness, but there are those who reach it without it still corresponding and then it is very hard to accept it as it should.
A phrase about the loneliness of the book “The record of the castaway” by Luis Mateo Díez, to reflect on the moment in which it arrives.

47. Pray that your loneliness can encourage you to find something to live for, big enough to die for.
Former United Nations secretary Dag Hammarskjold makes a very successful and positive pun on loneliness.

48. A man's worth is measured by the amount of loneliness he can bear.
Because for many, dealing with loneliness is only for the brave. Friedrich Nietzsche phrase.

49. Alone I am someone. In the street nobody.
This phrase of the Spanish poet Gabriel Celaya explains in his short words the feeling of loneliness that occurs when we are surrounded by people and at the same time very alone.

50. But the silence is true. That's why I write. I am alone and I write. No, I'm not alone. There is someone here who trembles.
Another of the phrases of loneliness of the Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik in which she reflects on her own loneliness, when it is seen and not seen in it.

51. I had felt alone for years: but now I discovered that there had to be two to really feel what loneliness is.
This phrase from "The Memories" by David Foenkinos expresses how loneliness feels when we have already had someone by our side.

52. Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what I tell you, it is not because you enjoy loneliness. It is because they have tried to mix with the world before, and people continue to disappoint him.
Jodi Picoult, on the other hand, considers that it is the world that disappoints loners and that is why they prefer to be alone. Do you agree?

53. Writing is an antidote to loneliness.
Steven Berkoff and many other people have talked about how writing and reading are the great escape from loneliness .

54. Loneliness is to the spirit what the body diet.
It does not help cleanse the spirit, take away the excess weight and be healthier. Phrase about the loneliness of the Marquis de Vauvenargues.

55. My problem with loneliness is that the company of others has never been a cure for her.
Joseph Heller reflects on his own loneliness and realizes that it is oneself and not others who can cure loneliness.

56. That hard drug is the loneliness that does not allow you to keep your eyes fixed on the TV or the world under your feet.
Fito Paez, the Argentine singer also wrote about the weight of loneliness in life.

57. Does anyone know what true loneliness is? It has nothing to do with the conventional sense of the word: it is naked terror. Even before the lonely appears with a mask. Even the most miserable of the outcasts embrace a memory or an illusion.
Joseph Conrad makes this interesting reflection about what loneliness really is and if we are really able to recognize it.

58. When we are more alone is when we embrace the loneliness of the other.
This phrase of loneliness written by Mitch Albom to reflect on whether we are living our loneliness or someone else's.

59. Love, how many paths to a kiss, what wandering solitude to your company!
And we could not leave out a phrase of loneliness that refers to the love of a couple like this, by Pablo Neruda.

60. Nothing has happened but loneliness, perhaps too daily to tell.
Emily Dickinson also wrote about loneliness.

61. Remember: The moment you feel alone is the moment when you most need to be with yourself, the cruelest irony of life.
This wonderful phrase of loneliness by Douglas Coupland teaches us that the only way to face loneliness is to be with ourselves , on our side, ironic as it may sound.

62. I paint self-portraits because I am alone for a long time.
This is how Frida Kahlo justifies her art, but it could also be right to say that more than alone, she is in her own company.

63. Loneliness is sometimes the best company, and a short retreat brings a sweet return.
Because loneliness is a feeling that is lived in moments to reconnect with ourselves and then return to the world. Phrase of loneliness of John Milton.

64. We have to live with our loneliness and the destiny that drives each person to the order of things.
Loneliness is also part of destiny , a beautiful reflection on the solitude of Cécile de France.

65. The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude.
This is how Voltaire considers that we live with loneliness.

66. There is a loneliness that can be swayed. Arms crossed, knees raised; keep this movement, unlike that of a ship, serene and contains the rocking chair. It's something inside ... Tightly wrapped like skin. And there is a loneliness that wanders. The swinging fails to retain it. Has a life of its own. It is a dry and expansive thing that makes the sound of one's feet leaving seem to come from a distant place.
Beautiful words from the book "Beloved" by Toni Morrison, in which he reflects on two types of loneliness we can feel, and describes very eloquently with his words how we feel them.

67. When you are at night in your bedroom, even when you have the doors closed and the light is off, do not say that you are alone: ​​you are never alone.
The truth is that we have a whole universe that always accompanies us, that's what Epictetus was referring to with this phrase about loneliness.

68. I want to be able to be alone, find it nutritious, not a simple wait.
This is the lesson that we should all learn, be able to be alone , live with ourselves. Phrase of the writer Susan Sontag.

69. The eagle flies alone; The crow in flocks. The fool is in need of company and the wise, of loneliness.
This phrase of loneliness by Friedrich Rückert shows us another vision of loneliness, in which we sometimes need and decide to be alone to find our greatness.

70. I live in complete solitude, but I don't feel alone.
This is how we should feel when we are alone. Phrase from the book “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami

71. There is no other true loneliness than inner loneliness.
Phrase of loneliness of the book "Seeds of contemplation" by Thomas Merton and talks about true loneliness, which is when we abandon ourselves.

72. My colleagues, lately, have found fellowship through intoxication - it makes them sociable. I, however, cannot force myself to use drugs to deceive my loneliness - it's all I have - and when drugs and alcohol dissipate, it will be all that my classmates also have.
Franz Kafka prefers to embrace her loneliness than to disguise her as others do, to meet her again when the effect of the costume ends.

73. In solitude, nobody escapes memories.
Because there is nothing and no one who can take away our memories, we live in them, especially in moments of loneliness. Beautiful phrase about the solitude of the author of the little prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

74. Connection is life; The disconnection, the death.
Because connecting with other people makes us happy, that's why the moments of loneliness make us so difficult .

75. I just feel that I am terribly alone and yet, as I know that someone, somewhere, is experiencing the same as me, I have the impression of not being alone. I am unable to say if that is a good or bad thing. I just observe. I just feel
We all accompany each other in the certainty that there are more people who feel alone. This phrase from the book "Memories of a dead end" by Banana Yoshimoto is an excellent reminder of that, that in solitude we are also all together.

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